Man Says Woman is Too Sneaky (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Man Says Woman is Too Sneaky (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Sousis v. Payne: An emotion 19 year old claims that her ex’s meddling mother has caused her son to doubt fathering her 10 month old baby.


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Man Says Woman is Too Sneaky (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Season 4, Episode 99

#PaternityCourt #LaurenLake

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88 Responses

  1. VintageSista says:

    Beautiful mother, father, and baby

  2. Lara_Taar says:

    Hey everyone! Happy Friday, I hope everyone have a bless and safe weekend ??

  3. Marina Anderson says:

    People don’t know what love and dedication is.. “he cheated, so why dont i”

    • C18 says:

      Exactly. If you really loved that person, you wouldn’t stoop to their level.

    • dsoprana says:

      Yes! Because what HE does is a reflection of who HE is. What YOU do is a reflection of who YOU are!!! This is not a game and you are not a toy!

    • Jibbie49 says:

      This is lust, really no love involved. He tells her what she wants to hear when he wants it, then he goes to some other girl or she goes to some other guy.

    • newbeauty80 says:

      They were/are children. They’re still learning, I don’t expect a 19 year old to know how to navigate love & life. That’s the whole point of learning & growing. With time & experience comes maturity. They’ll figure it out.

    • Haley Mohamed says:

      I would just leave them. Start fresh with someone better.

  4. Nekabeauty Amor says:

    For starters at least the LOOK their age. Lol I can’t say they act their age tho, or at least like responsible young adults.

    • The Oubre Life Chronicles says:

      Been with my husband since I was 16. I’m 23 and he’s 25 now. Had baby girl at 21… The arguments are a given.. we argue about who gets the last roll of toilet paper to who’s watching what on the TV… But that’s how our relationship always was and probably always will be… Honestly though he just got off of working shift work for 2 years last week… And already the arguments have gone down… The arguments are mostly driven from the stress he deals with at work. But hey what couple doesn’t argue? Every couple I have ever known has. His mother and father argue every day… I’m not even joking. If one of them don’t pick on the other then something is definitely wrong lol.

    • Cathi Carrillo says:

      They act their age, too. But omg YES!!! They are the first to look their age?

    • Sandra Williams says:

      Nekabeauty Amor yeah they act their age 19 and 20 – sounds about right –

    • Michantely Lisse says:

      The mom is 36.. he’s 20…?? She was 16?!?

    • NanaPearl pearl says:

      Nekabeauty Amor ????

  5. C18 says:

    I like his mom. She was mature about it and accepted the fact he wasn’t the perfect boyfriend to her.

  6. La W says:

    This is one of the first moms that has a lot of sense! I like her!

    • stephanie d says:

      I like her too. She was very mature. She defended her son without bashing the girl. They never said they didn’t think it was the son’s baby, they just wanted to be sure. In this day and age I don’t blame them. They need to start handing out DNA tests at birth like Oprah used to give out cars back in the day.

  7. VirtuousWmn84 says:

    It’s sad to see young adults going through this!
    The Mom reminds me of an older Keshia Knight-Pulliam.

  8. Lara_Taar says:

    Baby looks just like him! Just have her mom’s complexion

  9. VintageSista says:

    I like grandma. Shes not messy, she realizes what they both have done. I think tgis young mother is petty and even uses that same attitude when dealing with the baby. The girlfriend is petty. She hurt and needs to acknowledge it. She keeps spying she keeps her away, until she don’t want him to be.

    • stephanie d says:

      VintageSista I agree with everything you said. If someone is pushing you away it’s only so much trying you can do. She just seemed so angry, but she’s the one causing the confusion.

    • MM E says:

      VintageSista honestly it seemed like she had some sort of trauma in her life that isn’t even related to him, he just came along in his own immaturity and got caught up in it. I hope she gets to talk to someone, I’m rooting for both of them

  10. Saturn Ladee says:

    “I told you they don’t stick around”
    Girl, stop imposing your BabyDaddy pain on someone else. Teach your son to do better

  11. Nekabeauty Amor says:

    That baby is so gorgeous ❤

  12. Rimette Brunette says:

    Ohh that young girl is soo cute and lovely , and really hurt . i knew the baby and the dad look alike

  13. Judy Ughanze says:

    The boys mother seems genuine

  14. Mike & Fefe plus five The Lamb family says:

    Awe the baby is so cute ??

  15. Angie Lyn says:

    They still love each other, but the Judge is right – it’s puppy love. Real love takes real work, no matter how old you are.

  16. Erykah says:

    One of the better mother’s that have been on here. She seems to care for the girl.

    • MM E says:

      Erykah yeah, when she told her “they don’t stick around” I felt that because sometimes a mother connects with the gf over her own child because she’s been there before.
      It seems like the girl doesn’t have her own support system. Maybe that’s part of the reason she was (admittedly) promiscuous in the past. Wish them the best.

    • Jessica Ransburg says:

      I agree:) Very genuine and honest with the girl. It would be a tough position to be in wanting to love a child (or grandchild) but having to hold back until you know for sure. “Mommys baby, Daddy’s maybe”

    • JaMarcia Clay says:

      +jessey bks aa

    • JaMarcia Clay says:


    • Ayden_Chadway says:

      I love when the grandma don’t take sides. Good on you.

  17. Buick Regal says:

    At least this episode they ACTUALLY look the age they claim.

  18. Ricky Forever says:

    She’s lonely. She wants them to be her family and not come around temporarily.

  19. Sori Yazz says:

    Dude. That baby’s 1st picture was your twin

  20. TaylorTV says:

    I would love to see an update on them. It might be puppy love but if they can work out their differences they might be able to make it. I didn’t get the feeling that they no longer want each other. The girl needs counseling though. She seems to have some deep rooted issues that have not be addressed and worked out. Her past says she may possibly have had a troubled upbringing.

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