Man sings to 93 year old dying wife

Man sings to 93 year old dying wife

My grandparents Laura and Howard have been married 73 years. In this video Howard is 92 and Laura is 93. Laura (Grandma) is at a hospice facility making peace with her final days. I was lucky enough to capture this precious, heart-melting moment between the two of them. Howard (Grandpa) is singing to her their love song, the song that comforted her when he went away to fight in World War II. At family gatherings, it was not uncommon for the two of them to sing this song together, each taking a verse and serenading the other. In fact, after fifty years of marriage, they renewed their vows and performed this song as a duet for the entire family at the reception. Sadly, Grandma is now too weak to sing, but that doesn’t stop her from saying the words to him (see at 1:00). Howard then takes over for her and sings the rest of the song to her while stroking her face.

Moments before this video began, when Grandma heard that Grandpa was in the room, she asked if she could hold him. Grandpa cannot stand on his own, but he immediately pulled his wheelchair close to her bed ready to make it happen. My cousin, Serena, who is a physical therapist, helped him to his feet and held him up throughout the entire song.

You might notice above her bed there is a sign that says, “Patient Blind.” That is because she has macular degeneration, so she cannot see much of anything but shadows and light. That doesn’t stop her from looking deep into her love’s eyes. Grandpa, on the other hand, has lost most of his hearing, so you’ll notice us repeating things for him since Grandma is to weak to raise her voice.

The song used in the video is “You’ll Never Know” performed by Rosemary Clooney with Harry James. Our family prefers this version because everyone always said Grandma had a voice just like Rosemary Clooney.

After posting this video to Facebook, it began to go viral and all the outpouring of love lifted everyone’s spirits… including Grandma’s! Hospice eventually deemed her well enough to go back home to live out her remaining few days. As of this posting my beautiful Grandma Laura Virginia is still with us resting peacefully at home. Our family along with the wonderful people from hospice are taking care of her and making sure she remains as pain-free and comfortable as possible while she prepares for her nearing departure. We all thank you so much for the love and kind words.

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19 Responses

  1. Fra Totire says:

    thank you, sweet couple. you give us hope.

  2. Mr. Boogie says:

    The senseless people that could bring themselves to dislike this video,
    good luck to you in life…Geez.

  3. Mia says:

    Im crying… This was breath taking and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing
    this moment

  4. Jamey Watson says:

    That’s an awesome love they have

  5. Addison Maire says:

    Awe this is so sweet ❤️❤️❤️. That’s true love

  6. Pat Carlson says:

    That is incredibly beautiful. I’m glad your Grandma got to go home.

  7. Hani wanek says:

    I can’t remember last time i cried , but this video made me cry a river

  8. Troll Security says:

    No…No… I just have really sweaty eyes… :, (

  9. Sorcha Conway says:

    started crying even before the video started?

  10. AZ Yankee says:

    This is so sad and beautiful.

  11. KING OF GAMERS says:

    What a romantic moment i wish i have a wife like her and stay in love until
    the day we day future wife u better be good

  12. Mariann Sierra says:

    True Love. My heart swells… beautiful! thank you for sharing!!!

  13. Luca Gandolfo says:

    10 people after watching this video, hate the world… :D

  14. RSBritain says:

    Thank you for sharing this…i’m a guy and this made me cry…this is true
    love. A bittersweet moment.

  15. ljl1976 says:

    Aww so cute

  16. SUBJECTMattG says:

    I am not crying, there are just onions in the room. ;-;

  17. Josie Doll says:

    Lucky in love

  18. Roxanna Fraley says:

    So sweet,beyond words