Manchester United 0-2 Paris Saint-Germain: Champions League Recap, Highlights, Goals, Best Moments

Manchester United 0-2 Paris Saint-Germain: Champions League Recap, Highlights, Goals, Best Moments

PSG took control of their Champions League Last 16 tie with Manchester United, winning the first leg 2-0 at Old Trafford.

Presnel Kimpembe scored the opening goal, and Kylian Mbappe added a second, with both goals being set up by former Red Devil Angel Di Maria.

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79 Responses

  1. theUSAgamer says:

    Farmer’s league they said…

    • Grant Norman says:

      prem is a league of frauds, 4th best league in europe

    • Leo R. says:

      Manchester united Forever didn’t Lyon beat City in their own house– the team that won the league. Also, that farmers league is where the PL gets most of their star players. If English teams didn’t have that farmers league to poach players, the PL would be a farmer’s league

    • Leo R. says:

      Manchester united Forever PL is just a money league full of teams that have little history outside of England except for Liverpool

    • Nouh El Kawtari says:

      Leo R.
      I 100% Agree

    • Nouh El Kawtari says:

      York Niu
      Haha haha, Small teams don’t beat big teams? A couple of weeks ago Gunigamp, last place in France beat Paris 2-1 in Paris with Mbappe Cavani the good team, so upsets happen quite often in the French league, you just see the games you want to. Premier league isn’t the best because “Small teams can upset big teams”, anyone who says that has a basic understanding of how Sports management works. The PL is the best because it is financially backed with tons and tons of money, in the 80s England was just another average European league, no one went to England besides English, Italy was the best league because of the teams and its financial backing, everyone wanted to go to Italy, until the 2000s Italy started losing its touch and England starting getting players and money, England is loaded with players produced from “The framers league” bring only the French players who play In England back to France and already France would be 2nd best, if u bring French produced players from all over Europe; then easy 1st league in Europe.

  2. GO AT says:

    Mbappe is the fastest player in football. Unbelievable

  3. Solrac Daniels says:

    This was mbappes chance to shine ! Without Neymar or cavani

    • roberto5red5rocky says:

      Mbappe last two seasons 40 goals, 21 assist
      Neymar last two seasons 43 goals, 24 assist

      The difference is one plays better in the big games and one chokes in the big games. oh yea and one is 19 the other is 26. are we really debating whos better still? Theres no wonder Neymar is having issues with the club about being the number one focus smh. i swear people have to give black players the credit they are due like Kante.

    • roberto5red5rocky says:

      Messi is not always the best player on his team. so what whos been better the last two seasons? +Nadia B

    • roberto5red5rocky says:

      Ronaldo has a much higher skill set then Messi. does that make him better? Neymar and Mbappe have similar goals and assist the last two seasons, difference is Mbappe performs well in the big games CL and Internationally. +Amilcar Barrios

    • roberto5red5rocky says:

      They were not stacked like PSG just go look at the players on that PSG team and put them next to those teenagers at Monaco. if they are not similar in talent then why does Neymar and Mbappe have similiar goal and assist numbers? 40 goals 21 assist to 43 goals 24 assist Neymar. Yet Mbappe has performed better in bigger games CL and WC. oh and his 19 to a 26 year old Neymar. lol you have to admit they are at least very close.+Tyrone Millan

    • roberto5red5rocky says:

      Hate people that dont know shit about football saying its just his speed. there are hundreds of blazers in the football world that are shit. being fast doesnt make you get 40 goals and 20 assist domestic, international and CL’s. you gotta be a moron to think every fast kid in the world will accomplish what this kid has done for PSG, Monaco and France.

  4. Manchester united Forever says:

    I’m not one of those united fans who are gonna be salty. We didn’t play well at all, it’s a reality check no united fan expected to go far in the champions league anyway, it’s more about top four now fair play to psg, the tie is basically over so good luck to them mbappe is miles ahead of rashford. Pogba got unlucky today but one bad game doesn’t mean anything. The ref was poor for both sides, but it didn’t cost us the game, I don’t know why the fans were booing di Maria, absolutely disgraceful, hope lingard and martial are ok, on to the next game against Chelsea!!??

    • Manchester united Forever says:

      EPL Best league in the world you lost to red star Belgrade

    • Tuan Tran says:

      gotta say. everyone knows mbappe was so dangerous in all the counterattacks. the kid is fasttttt

    • Anthony Dominguez says:

      +valde madrigal yeah especially the pass he gave to Mbappe it was pretty hard to give such a perfect pass, the corner was beautiful too. I think Di Maria is so underrated

    • Dante Roa says:

      Are starting 11 (beside Ashley Young) was able compete with there team in the first half. What i found funny was are bench. Countless times under Jose, the bench would have some game changing players for the reason that jose never but the best 11. Are bench quality sucks, do you really expect Lukaku Sanchez or Mata to be a game changer. The answer is No. The players offer no pace, creativity. The wages there on is ridiculous. We need to strengthen are bench and are starting 11.

    • valde madrigal says:

      +Anthony Dominguez yeah bro he’s definitely underrated I hate that he is cause he’s been my favorite player since I was a kid and he still is hopefully I get to meet him someday

  5. Recency Bias Radio says:

    United bottled it tbh…Liverpool beat this same PSG team 3-2 at Anfield but with a healthy Neymar & Cavani. That Pogba red card pretty much guaranteed they won’t comeback in the 2nd leg either. Time to focus on Top 4 & the FA Cup.

    Di Maria got his ultimate revenge with a Man of the Match 2 assist performance. Ironic how United have no real wingers & they never replaced Di Maria when they sold him.


    Lmao Man U fans said they were going to thrash us ?????

  7. Lazio _7 says:

    Is that Alan Smith and Martin Tyler? Cause if it is what are they doing commentating this game and not fifa?
    Edit-Sounds like a game of FIFA.
    Thanks for all the likes!

  8. S1LVAW0LF says:

    Di maria on both assists as well. damn man, man u fans must be salty.

    • Dante Roa says:

      There was a couple of us who didn’t care about Di Maria but as soon as he was caught swearing we lost respect for him. He has always been a great player don’t get me wrong.

    • valde madrigal says:

      +Dante Roa of course he sweared at to man u fans he was disrespected and he disrespected the fans back

  9. Cameron says:

    This commentary sounds exactly like fifa

  10. Witness "DaTruth" says:

    Jesus Christ, PSG played all over ManU my goodness did you see the build-up plays out the backfield? ManU had zero answers SMH forget answers they had no clue what to do in the middle of the park, all done without Ney and Cavani.

    • Yoseph A says:

      everyone thought oh utd have an advantage in the midfield with pogba in it, and that psg’s midfield wasnt all that good , it ended with marquinhos whos a center back originally to be able handle pogba and veratti was excellent too, and utd couldnt get in the game

  11. Real Brethem says:

    Mbappè ran damn near 45 yards in like 5 seconds my god

  12. Jilshie says:

    Well this tie is already over… I didn’t think PSG had it in them since they were without Neymar and Cavani and they are a weak team in Europe, but they proved me wrong. I was never totally convinced by United, though. Their performance against Tottenham was cause for concern.

    • Been Cxzy says:

      Jilshie they’re coach made the difference in that team, tuchel is so good probaly 2nd best coach in the world, made dembouz so good too now mbappe….

    • WorldIsFilledB says:

      Jilshie weak team in Europe are you alright bro? And psg without Neymar and Cavani are still heavy favorites ????‍♂️??‍♂️

  13. DongaMC says:

    I don’t think people realize what a farmers league is. PSG is amazing, ligue un is a joke. I feel like utd fell apart without martial and lingard. I just wish they would cross less I don’t get it they don’t have tall forwards and pogba always backs up to the top of the box on crosses. What a performance from mbappe man well played and I’m hoping ole crafts a squad without pogba for that second game, (maybe Fred can have a go). Well played psg -United fan

  14. Julius Castillo says:

    I had no stake in this game but this is a reality check for sure for MU. Their fans are so arrogant thinking they would win only like a month ago they were trash. MU really never played any good team up until now and got exposed for what they are. Well played to PSG, Mbpappe is the future along with dembele. These two are the real deal and it will be fun to see how good they really become.

  15. Cabdixaafid Nadiir says:

    Don’t worry about who is missing, think about who u have. Teamwork always pays off. ✅

  16. StrikezTv says:

    Let’s be honest people, Man U fans thought they were gonna smash PSG ?

  17. Jonah Gnatiko says:

    4:19 watch Thiago Silva. Truly underrated defender

    • Provi says:

      How was he underrated? When he moved to PSG he was the most expensive defender in football history. And he is always regarded as one of the best CB in the world.

    • Shaiahable says:

      Not underrated, everyone knows he’s good. It’s just that sometimes he doesn’t get enough credit. He played so fucking good.

  18. jonathan recinos says:

    Di Maria is world class idc what anybody says, this man turns into something else in the ucl

  19. Timmy FTW says:

    Who saw Di Maria drink from that beer bottle the Man U fan threw?

  20. Branden Sanchez says:

    Di maria yelling “Hijos de puta” to the Man u fans when they scored the first goal ?

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