March Milkness Taste Test: Fruity Cereals

March Milkness Taste Test: Fruity Cereals

Which fruity cereal has what it takes to make it to the final round? Find out as March Milkness continues!  GMM #1512

Which of these cereals makes the best milk?

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61 Responses

  1. Good Mythical Morning says:

    Does Fruit or Froot cereal make better milk?

    • Chris Marks says:

      You guys should do a video on the best alternative milk. There are tons, like oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, hazelnut milk, flax milk, etc.

    • Amber Sharp says:

      Froot for days!!

    • Bunny Faebelle says:

      Raisin Bran, Special K? Those are “healthy” cereals.

    • anonymously annoyed says:

      Cereal that tops them all? Froot loops with marshmallows! Off-brand cereal in a small chain store. I’m lactose intolerant but just like taco bell, it’s worth the squirts! #lacktoesandtallrent

    • Jimmy is Promo says:

      Any way I can purchase my own trip and stay to visit the show? I want to see 2 days worth of your process! I’m so so Interested. Please let me know

  2. Nick Raymond says:

    Me: sees fruit pebbles knocked out by Rock Paper Scissors

    Me: look how they massacred my boy

  3. Daddy says:

    If cocoa pebbles don’t win tomorrow Rhett & Link are going to catch these hands

  4. Enoch Lee says:

    Keep your darn cereal politics out of this, Link!

  5. Hectic Clout says:

    Anyone else see that there milk to cereal ratio is baaaddddd??

  6. Blurb says:

    You guys should do a contest to see who can correctly guess the cereal that was in a bowl of milk by drinking the milk blindfolded.

  7. ImaPissOnYo Cat says:

    Rock Paper Scissors to see what tastes better? Why not just bring another person out from the crew? Makes no sense

  8. G V says:

    everyone’s talking about how fruity pebbles is the biggest upset, but in my opinion them pouring milk in the bowl first is just illegal

    • dwightx says:

      They didnt pour enough milk in the cereal. I dont eat mines like that.

    • Sally Su says:

      Nah it shouldn’t. It tastes better when you put milk first, doesn’t make the cereal soggy after all the milk. But its just my opinion.

    • Greg Fakerson says:

      Sally Su and your opinion is wrong. if you’re not ready to eat a bowl of cereal before it’s soggy, pour less or wait til you’re hungrier. cereal doesn’t get soggy if you eat it in a proper amount of time, even if it’s all under milk the whole time

    • Greg Fakerson says:

      Name your channel i didn’t even think about that, that’s an abomination.

      cereal needs milk, and when you deny it that, the flavor profile is all wrong

    • Dark Sora XIII says:

      Raisin Bran should’ve won

  9. Macho Toast1122 says:

    Thank you Link for clarifying that Froot Loops are shaped like loops

  10. Arifah says:

    “Can we get Shane Dawson in here?”
    y’all said it, now I’m waiting ?

  11. Sherica Smith says:

    7:30 “This is the fruity category. Who are we if we’re not putting Froot Loops through in the fruity region?”

    The same people that didn’t put through Trix because is was TOO fruity! ?

  12. Joy Lee says:

    ?They argued FOR Raisin Bran to be in the Fruity Region because raisins are technically a fruit then argued AGAINST Raisin Bran for not being fruity enough?

  13. Jatthew Marker says:

    Rhett: what fruit does this taste like?

    Link: yes

  14. Elisabeth Flynn says:

    This felt the equivalent of two men standing on the lawn yelling at clouds. Fruity cereal can be *too* fruity?

  15. Kameron Kargel says:

    Don’t ever disrespect fruity pebbles like that again

  16. luna garcia says:

    Fruity pebbles is THE BEST cereal!! I can NOT believe it lost in a round of paper scissors rock ?‍♀️ GMM is about to catch these hands

  17. Spencer Genovese says:

    Personally I believe putting raisin bran in the fruity category was unfair

  18. Josh Guidry says:

    I still can’t shake the fact that dried grapes won over captain crunch

    I don’t think I’ll be the same

    • Greg Fakerson says:

      Josh Guidry i won’t be the same either. i used to watch good mythical morning. now i can’t—knowing that their taste buds have been sent from an alternate dimension where flavor is the enemy

    • Culdesac Crew says:

      glad I’m not the only one shocked and appalled by this

  19. TriTenBoi says:

    Omg fruity pebbles lost to Apple Jacks….I feel attacked

  20. Mike's Vegas says:

    Raisin Bran should have been in the ‘Healthy’ cereals !

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