Marco Rubio Short-Circuits, Repeats Same Scripted Line Four Times During GOP Debate

Marco Rubio Short-Circuits, Repeats Same Scripted Line Four Times During GOP Debate

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19 Responses

  1. agofficial1 says:

    You are the weakest link goodbye

  2. Henry M. says:

    Probably just has some moisture in his circuits. Put him in a jar of rice
    for a few hours.

  3. ryan krueger says:

    running on WINDOWS ME…

  4. Andrew Bren says:

    Watching these clowns “debate” is a good laugh.

  5. jeff4justice says:

    The 2 party system charade loves its talking points.


    somebody please get this man a bottled water…

  7. Charles H says:

    I totally get what Rubio is saying but as I watched that last night – I
    thought – what the hell is going on inside his head?!? Gov. Christie had
    him on the ropes then proceeded to give him a nookie. ;))

  8. Adam Carroll says:

    what a cuck

  9. Berserker  . says:

    He needs some milk.

  10. Sean Ryan McAllister says:

    Marco Rubio is a perfect. He’s an empty vessel ready to be billed up with
    The Weekly Standard and The National Review’s talking points.

  11. Sir Meow Mix-A-Lot says:

    The first 3 were only within 2 minutes of each other. Wow

  12. Fuji says:

    Rubio needs to go back to Mexico or Cuba that illegal migrant

  13. Zombifyed says:

    If Krispy Kreme literally ate Marcobot on stage, I would absolutely vote
    for him!

  14. This Isn't Joey says:

    let’s dispel this fiction that Marco Rubio knows what he’s doing.

  15. Ravi Chaudhary says:

    Robot mode

  16. Ignacio Guerrero says:

    Heard enough. Next!

  17. Simon Kozak says:

    This is what it looks like when an android malfunctions. Still working out
    the bugs in the 2016 models

  18. Jesus Christ says:

    The most liberal conservative.

  19. Clareance Garett says:

    Sweaty Boy (Marco Rubio) is a Fraud. DO NOT VOTE FOR MARCO RUBIO. Rubio
    sweats like a pig in summer. Very strange. Rubio’s suit must smell
    horrible after all that sweating last night.