Mariah Carey Carpool Karaoke

Mariah Carey Carpool Karaoke

During a drive around Los Angeles, James and Mariah Carey pass the time singing some rather familiar songs, including “Always Be My Baby.”

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19 Responses

  1. Pedro Lopes says:

    Mariah needs her own show. She’s hilarious! I love her so much. 

  2. Mclover Basilio says:

    I’m even more in love with mariah than I was before!!!

  3. Rob_temsis says:

    JC and MC. Awesome!

  4. Leslie Gonzalez Vides says:

    I <3 it!

  5. jaredyjaredy says:

    James Corden makes Mariah Carey look thin LOL

  6. Juliette Rose says:

    She’s amazing….

  7. Lek Rosa says:

    Her voice is so sexy.

  8. Zoroastrianistic Zoro says:

    Wow hes fat and cringeworthy, annoyin as fuck why give him a show??

  9. TheSarahRamsingh says:

    I’ve loved James Corden since Gavin and Stacey, and Mariah is Queen Bee.
    This video just makes me happy. ^_^ ;)

  10. inspired984 says:

    Never heard of James Corden but am now following. This was everything to
    me. Everything. MC Forever lol

  11. Joe Stevens says:

    Realizing a Fantasy! James Corden gets Mariah Carey to sing her greatest
    hits for a karaoke session in his car

    He is clearly a fan. I LOVE THIS!!! I love watching her jam like
    that…great clip. 

  12. CassieJazz96 says:

    In love with this, this just made my LIFE. Yassssssssssss

  13. Elena Aviles says:


  14. Lamine Tangara says:

    The one and only MC 

  15. brama1969 says:

    I’m very shocked that Mariah wore that tight outfit while sitting and
    wearing a seat belt. I’m more surprised that she allowed the footage of her
    roles to be aired.
    Love her, but she’s chubby again.

  16. William Dade says:

    kool / funny.

  17. knightd12 says:

    I didn`t really hear Mariah sing anything. No tea, no shade, but I think
    she needs studio enhancements to sound like the old Mariah.

  18. Gregory Connor says:

    This was sooo good! Loved it!

  19. Jean Oren says:

    Love James Corden! This is great!