Mariah Carey Doesn’t Know Demi Lovato Either – Plead The Fifth – WWHL

Mariah Carey Doesn’t Know Demi Lovato Either – Plead The Fifth – WWHL

Singer Mariah Carey plays Plead the Fifth again and this time Andy Cohen asks her about her recent breakup, her current rumored beau, and Demi Lovato’s shady comment.
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Mariah Carey Doesn’t Know Demi Lovato Either – Plead The Fifth – WWHL

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20 Responses

  1. #lambily says:


  2. Josh says:

    Mariah Carey has every right to act like a diva. She came from NOTHING and
    worked her way to the top. She’s extremely talented and deserves more
    respect from this younger generation, she’s paved the way

  3. Stonemilker says:

    Feedmi Gelato was scalped

  4. pure life says:


  5. Mariah Braxton says:

    “I don’t know her either… that’s how you handle shit.” ???? This is
    now the most iconic moment of Demo’s career.

  6. Dimitri P. says:

    she looks like she wants to fight her omg

  7. Emms So says:

    slay queen! Demi Flopvato who?

  8. OhItsMarissa2010 says:

    Demi is sitting somewhere bald af right now. Mariah snatched her cootchie
    hair & everything with that shade.

  9. Melanie P says:

    Demi talks a lot of trash for someone who cries that everyone is a bully.
    She needs to keep her mouth shut about Mariah, she has nothing on her.

  10. Karl Vincent says:

    Love her reaction when he mentioned Jen. lol

  11. Gio Garcia says:

    I love how Mariah is so real. Classic New Yorker. She use to hang with Jay
    Z, Wu Tang, and Mobb Deep back in the day. You know she wont take shit from

  12. Joshua Santiago says:

    the title of this video should be “Mariah Carey puts Poot Lovato in her
    place” ??

  13. Joshua Santiago says:

    15 years ago: “I don’t know her”
    now: “I don’t know her either”
    queen MC always revolutionizing the shade industry.

  14. blackwidow says:

    The trilogy of Shades

    I don’t know her ?
    I still don’t know her ??
    I don’t know her either ???

  15. WarNesha Crawford says:

    From the beginning when Demi threw shade and epically failed??it was
    destined that she’d become part of the #idontknowher family

  16. Lloyd Cafe Cadena says:

    Waiting for a GIF version of this line “I don’t know her either”

  17. Guy Tang says:

    Mariah gives me life ❤️❤️❤️I love her❤️ these young artists are so entitled
    now that they think they are better just because they have followers! But
    they have no legacy and are not legendary!

  18. Anita Dick says:

    Well, shit. Mariah doesn’t know anybody. lol

  19. Jean Karim Bendupont says:

    Mariah was on stage with Legends like Aretha Diana Ross Luther Vandross
    Whitney and never she had feuds with theses legends …Why this new
    generation like Demi Ariana is disrespectful and wants to give lessons to
    Mariah ?

  20. Chanel S says:

    LMAOOOO Im sorry but Mariah just chewed Demi Lovato up and spit her out
    with such a simple statement. “I dont know her either” I seriously just
    lost my shit