Mariah Carey – With You (Live from the American Music Awards)

Mariah Carey – With You (Live from the American Music Awards)

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55 Responses

  1. Zane Girard says:

    LEGEND. I hate how so much people just clown on her for the fun of it nowadays. A lot of it is just bandwagon hate. She always has to be critiqued for something. Whether it’s her moving or not moving or wearing this or wearing that.

    Instead y’all need to still appreciate she is one of the only legends and majorly talented artists left with us. We only have her, Stevie, Patti, Barbara and a few others. I love this woman so much.

  2. Alexis Silva says:

    I hate when people say Mariah is back like where did she go????? She never left

  3. zay brandon says:

    She has officially redeemed herself from “just walk me down”

  4. Jelani Martin says:

    She is really giving me life i live for Mariah Carey she has proven over and over again this year that the voice never left.

  5. Alexanderr id says:

    I have listened to Mariah like million times really.. this song isn’t as difficult as her previous songs.. so, she sang it literally LIVE!
    This was a piece-of-cake for her. And if she sounds good, well she is called a legend for a reason haters! It’s because she is just too good to be true!! Welcome back my Queen!!

    • Renzo Peñaranda says:

      Alexanderr id Yes she’s lipsyncing. The only live part is the adlibs in the intro. I’m a lamb since 2005 but I’m not gonna try to defend her like she still has something to prove. She’s a living legend. She still can sing. She’s still amaaaaazing. But this… is lipsynced. 😔

    • Alexanderr id says:

      +Renzo Peñaranda no she’s not.. I am a sound engineer.. they just give some effects to the mic to make it sounded cloudy.. I can notice when she is lipsyncing.. but I don’t deny the backtracks.. however, her voice clearly heard in front of the back track.. pardon my English, not native here..

    • John Michael Deocades says:

      +Alexanderr id try to listen at 2:33 the word “you” part, she accidentally forgot to open her mouth. Now, maybe some parts are lip synced, and some adlibs are not ☺️👌

    • Mel N says:

      She did open her mouth saying “YOU.” Her voice got a little bit deeper when she said, “so long,” but then instead of saying “YOU” she said, “yeah yeah” and her backup singers sang “Ever since that Bone Thugs song,” and then Mariah came back and started to continue her song at “You ain’t gotta break down, you’re too strong.” Pay attention dick. Go buy some headphones or beats because beats are better to hear.

  6. ArtofDylan says:

    there’s something in mariah’s voice that reaches into your heart and into your soul <3

  7. Zayna Baig says:

    Her voice, and don’t judge her by her age! She still looks like she’s in her damn 20s! Mariah’s got the looks, the voice, the passion, and of course, the best performances. I’m not as old to know her, but my family LOVES to pass down their favorite songs to the next generations to share it so others will like it. Think of all the amazing stars that passed not long ago! Consider her as another on that deserves her longest time to shine, don’t think she’s having her mid life crisis. Even if she is, she has a LONG way to go. #MariahCarey

  8. Jace Simon says:

    I’m so glaaad she’s back 😍😍😍
    Now I’m gonna support her all the way til she’s back at #1

  9. Moo Abdzar says:

    She is still my childhood crush.

  10. Terence Asongwed says:

    Listen from 3:35 – 3:40 with headphones. The melodies are divine. This woman is a genius.

  11. Paris Hilton says:

    Her voice body face and fashion just blew me away!!!

  12. Melissa Diaz says:

    She just stood there, opened her mouth and SLAYED! Now that’s real talent…can’t stand the Autotune generation.

  13. Danielle88 Hamilton says:

    Omg😍 I Love you Mariah❤❤😘

  14. Christopher Sumlin says:

    Imagine having a career that spans 28 years! She was legit performing at the AMA’s in the 90’s and she’s STILLLL here! This is amazing! Love you Mariah forever.

  15. King Creator says:

    What makes Mariah special is No other artist with her singing ability or range can write or think of melodies like her.

  16. Anjelo Carey says:

    00:42 camera man literally SHOOKT. Just like in her NYE performance. They had ONE JOB!

  17. Cairo Brunno says:

    This sounds like the old Mariah… 😍

  18. Krestyen Dizon says:

    I’m sad that these ballad and full of emotions songs are disappearing and slowly melting away. Most People nowadays prefer upbeat and gangsters song.

  19. Gil Puyat says:

    She’s not an icon. She’s not a legend either!

    She’s a goddess!

  20. Levante Hardy says:

    Mariah did so good in this performance. where is the media now to cover this greatness?

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