Mark Hamill reacts to new ‘Star Wars’ title

Mark Hamill reacts to new ‘Star Wars’ title

Actor Mark Hamill reacts to news that “Star Wars: Episode VIII” will be called “The Last Jedi.” (Jan. 23)

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20 Responses

  1. Qarcon says:

    i love this man. he’s a great guy

  2. J.Allan Langerhan says:

    Straight forward and minimalist.
    I think it’s a good description.

  3. DrIncognito says:

    So where’s the trailer?

  4. TwoRetardsFindYouTube says:

    im addicted to porn

  5. PhantomoftheInterwebz says:

    Spoiler Alert:

    There will be more Jedi.

  6. Mirnes Trto says:

    I bet it has something to do with Jedi from the past

  7. ed1rko17 says:

    It’s very… samarai… He has clearly seen The Last Samarai.

  8. Darth Solo Wookie says:

    I bet it has something to do with the last Jedi or something like that.

  9. Evan Green says:

    There is a man desperately trying not to spoil what the title means. Like
    Yoda in his middle movie, Luke’s gonna bite it in this one. Yawn

  10. SlenpaiwasHere says:

    What are we some kind of Last Jedi

  11. Starki says:

    I work at Disney, Luke is Rey’s son.

  12. DevilsBathtub says:

    Ray is the last Jedi.

  13. Bobby Swinson says:

    Star Wars will never be the same without George. Rogue one has me
    optimistic, but he force awakens SUCKED!!!

  14. The Judge Two face says:

    I think mark Hamil was disappointed in episode 7 and his role in it me and
    him had the same reaction except for the role because he wasn’t in any of
    the trailers.

  15. snek says:

    Does he not get “The last jedi you will be” is a quote from yoda in ep 6

  16. Acuraintegraman1 says:

    That confirms it Luke will die, and Rey will be the last Jedi. ??

  17. Filip laskovski says:

    Remember guys and girls Jedi is both singular and plural ?

  18. Ryan Friedman says:

    I miss Carrie Fisher. Rest in Peace

  19. edward hickey says:

    I so was disappointed that Mark & Harrison didn’t have scenes together but
    I’m hoping they do in flashbacks in next film

  20. Javier Lopez says:

    Is it true that Luke Skywalker will be coming back?