Marlins Ace Jose Fernandez Dies in Boat Accident

Marlins Ace Jose Fernandez Dies in Boat Accident

Jose Fernandez, the ace right-hander for the Miami Marlins who escaped Cuba to become one of baseball’s brightest stars, was killed in a boating accident early Sunday morning. Fernandez was 24. (Sept. 25)

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20 Responses

  1. Jeffrey LaCohn says:

    This is terrible! Feel so bad for his family and friends.

  2. Caleb Lantigua says:

    This is truly a very bad day for MLB Baseball. I hope he’s in heaven
    because he deserves it!!

  3. Katty Peraza says:


  4. NesQuik2258 says:

    sad everyone forgets about the other 2 Victims just because jose was known

  5. Angel Heaven says:

    Short live of young men’s fate! RIP.

  6. Chuy Perez says:

    Fernandez was my boy ? RIP to one of the greatest pitchers to ever step on
    the mound

  7. Khristian james Calderon says:

    Sir Let me correct you, that’s Miami Marlins, not Florida Marlins. Anyway
    RIP to Jose.

  8. NoIsaidposse says:

    This was NO boat accident.

  9. storm fluent says:

    R.I.P!!!!pray for the family!!

  10. brodisius says:

    I like how the cop says Florida Marlins. It’s like he stopped giving a shit
    about the Marlins ever since Jeffrey Loria destroyed every team that was
    successful just to save payroll. I’m right there with him, lol. But this is
    why I don’t believe in God. God is fucking useless. He doesn’t intervene in
    anything, he doesn’t talk to anyone, he doesn’t make a difference.
    Therefore, I choose to believe – and with good evidence – that he simply
    doesn’t exist. Things make more sense when you realize that the only
    justice in this world is the justice that comes when we have the option.
    Nature happens. He leaves behind a child who will never know his/her
    father. As a fellow cuban, ya ‘ta tranquilo brothe. RIP

  11. ProFootball Player05 says:

    Would he*

  12. Anthony Draghi says:

    Horrible day for baseball.

  13. Lucas Chen says:

    RIP Jose! It annoys me that this happens right after Yangervis Solarte’s
    wife dies.

  14. Jason Moore says:

    I looked did up dad told me

  15. BoutDatStrenuousLife says:

    Fucking terrible

  16. Casey the Queen says:

    A marlin dies out at sea. Sushi anyone? I’m going for sushi, you comin?
    Best make up your minds right now. Sir, no, no, I don’t know what you mean
    “How am I being inappropriate?” a fish died out at sea and now I want sushi
    OK, OK. If I was making a cannibalism joke, I would of said we are going
    for Cuban. So calm your tits.

  17. jsy jsy says:

    Guy in thumbnail looks like one of those wall street banker whos cocaine
    addict and fucks fancy hookers and making disgusting jokes all the time.
    Bye cunty….

  18. Damion Corder says:


  19. Lead Confetti says:

    I heard of him but not a baseball fan
    It’s still a tragic loss of life for him and the other two people. So sad,
    R.I.P. !

  20. D-Rail Gaming says:

    2016 claimed another soul. #Fuck2016