Maroon 5 Busks in NYC Subway in Disguise

Maroon 5 Busks in NYC Subway in Disguise

Jimmy and Maroon 5 put on disguises and give a surprise performance of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Sugar” in a New York City subway station.

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Maroon 5 Busks in NYC Subway in Disguise

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68 Responses

  1. Camila Santillana says:

    Nuber 1



  3. Kobedunksonyou says:

    I’m surprised they had such a big audience before they revealed themselves

  4. Selina Ram says:


  5. Donny Tucker says:

    So rad!

  6. Thomas Benner says:

    Sitting here thinking about how many people missed their train for that

  7. B.Awesome says:

    Lol! This is Awesome! I love Maroon 5!

  8. J C says:

    This shows that people know talent when they hear it cuz they didn’t even know who they were beforehand

  9. potatofarmr says:

    PSA TO PEOPLE THINKING IT’S STAGED: could be. But it’s actually pretty common for people to huddle around and video/watch people that are good. I’ve seen rap battles, dance battles, some guy crushing it on the violin, and basically a lot of different other stuff in the Loop in Chicago.
    Clearly you’ve never been anywhere with huge public transportation

    • bklynkat23 says:

      potatofarmr Yep… best part of the NY Subway honestly.

    • Aerochalklate says:

      but there are clear ass quality cameras with mics just pointing at them lmao. the show should just use hidden cameras instead

    • fetB says:

      not saying its fake, but the amount of people would have never gathered if not for a whole team of camera men. Once a few are there, its just a matter of time. They also revealed after one song. Let it play out more and people will leave again cause they have shit to do

    • Azez Nassar says:

      strawman argument, that isn’t even what people are claiming is wrong about it

    • Sophia Day says:

      potatofarmr I totally agree. I saw an impromptu dance battle go down yesterday before I got on the subway. It was so crazy. People that walked by got into it, and before u know it practically everyone was watching/ challenging others to dance!

  10. Hunter Lyons says:

    Anyone in Adam’s band besides Adam doesn’t need a disguise cause no one knows who they are lmao

  11. Alim Ahmed says:

    Oh my god! It is just SO surprising that everyone crowded around a RANDOM group of buskers with cameras all around them

  12. Gabriel Lorman says:

    Jimmy is a living legend, he’s just so fun and energetic he makes my day

  13. Abel & CAIN says:

    Damn , that was some good make up, totally unrecognizable

  14. UnknownJ says:

    I was just there last night, OMG I WOULD DIE & break down crying. ♡ love Maroon 5 & Jimmy

  15. ConPincheHuebosPuta says:

    Adam looks like Jared Leto in that disguise

  16. TheAznNinja21 says:

    Great video but I wonder how many people were pick pocketed during the course of this…

  17. Rman Nayr says:


  18. Jamie says:

    SO EPIC ❤️

  19. TheJasmair says:

    They actually have a cover of ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ right? It’s a part of It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.

    (Edit) The American band Maroon 5 covered the song as a bonus piece on their album Hands All Over.
    Source: Wikipedia

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