Marshmallow Peeps In A Hot Frying Pan | TheBlaze

Marshmallow Peeps In A Hot Frying Pan | TheBlaze

As much fun as it was to melt these delicious marshmallow peeps, we suggest that you not try this at home — it ruined the pan.

Happy Easter from TheBlaze!

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20 Responses

  1. Lc Bronze says:

    I can see why so many people disliked the video

  2. Fluffaroo says:

    They’re swim flapping in their own blood ; A ;

  3. Oppai FTW says:

    Why does this have so many dislikes

  4. Jasmine “how 'bout i don't care” Rosaortega says:

    why can’t I try this at home? All you are doing is melting sugar

  5. jason wagus says:

    They look exactly the same as when I puke them up!

  6. parsa360 says:

    “Don’t try this at home”
    Bitch it’s some god damn marshmallows. The fuck is gonna happen, is Isis
    gonna come to my front porch?

  7. Chromedus says:

    Wow I just spent almost a minute of my life watching bird marshmallows
    melt. Not surprised at all tbh

  8. Karne Asada says:

    But why

  9. Key Taste says:

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    find something you will enjoy

  10. salena paronish says:

    Why would they do that when they could be eating those peeps?

  11. torrey woolbright says:


  12. Muhammad Mirsab says:

    Why is YouTube filled with peeps all of a sudden, I know it was Easter but

  13. SubjectSwag says:

    What the fuck did i just watch. I swear i always end up watching random ass
    videos on youtube and gives me sleep apnea. Thanks obama

  14. Quik Bills says:


  15. PmS Unendlich says:

    It’s marshmallows of coarse they will melt u fucking dumb Jewish bitch get

  16. dillajohn says:

    did u eat any of it O.O and was it yummy O.O hmm ?

  17. incrediblejonas says:

    “the blaze is an online news destination”

  18. Casey lawton says:

    How Peeps are born…

  19. XprodigyX says:

    sub to me and I’ll sub back with 10 accounts!! Comment when done

  20. VirtualVictory says:

    Whoever thought of this video should be ashamed of them self.