Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp – Official Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp – Official Trailer

Real heroes. Not actual size. Watch the brand-new trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp. In theaters July 6th. ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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71 Responses

  1. Josef says:

    This is just… AMAZING, july is soo dang far tho :b

  2. Anime Music says:

    Hold on you gave her wings!!
    And blasters😂😂👌

  3. Dark Sonic HD says:

    Well, this seems quite Ant-icipating!

  4. garrick wally says:

    Really cool…..

  5. garrick wally says:

    Why is the trailer so short????

  6. Trump The Disappointment says:

    Im excited for infinity war

  7. M J says:


    Avenger was Captain America

  8. Arunim Ishaan says:

    This is gonna be great bruh

  9. Wade Wilson says:

    Ooh I can’t wait for Ant Man and Wasp v. Ghost, it’s gonna be amazing.

  10. Eddy The Martian says:

    Holy shit, MY DICK CANT TAKE NO MORE!!!!!
    First The Black Panther trailer made me cum
    Then The Avengers infinity war trailer made me cum

  11. therewasadisaster says:

    Not even half a million views at this point

    I don’t think you have that privilege
    *puts on shades*

  12. iron man says:

    This is awesome😎😎😎😎😉😆

  13. Jacques Louw says:

    Ant-man was by far the most underrated Marvel movie of all time.

    • Really? Right in front of my salad? says:

      Jacques Louw at the same time marvel movies are generally overrated

    • Wiratama Dean says:

      Really? Right in front of my salad? No, it’s not overrated.

    • Jacques Louw says:

      I agree. I didn’t care much for any of the Iron Man, Captain America or first 2 Thor movies. The team-up movies (Avengers & Civil War) were all okay (7/10). However, Ant-man & Guardians of the Galaxy 2 are brilliant movies – and not acknowledging that would be absurd. I haven’t finished it, but the bit I’ve seen of Thor Ragnarok makes it seem as though it’ll probably be a contender for my top 3 as well.

    • Soul Warfare42 says:

      Winter Soldier was amazing and I can’t believe you didn’t mention it. Also Iron man 1 was great I can’t believe you

    • Jacques Louw says:

      Either way, let’s agree Marvel’s doing a significantly better job than DC. Justice League was a JOKE. A TEAM-UP movie that has only ONE character that can do anything to the bad-guy? Not to mention making Batman look like a whiny teenager who didn’t do anything of importance during the entire movie (just like everyone else other than Superman).

      And no, I’m not a gloating Marvel fan. I’m a big fan of both and I’m genuinely sad DC is doing this badly… I’m really angry about their stupid decisions during writing. I actually really enjoyed Batman v Superman up until about halfway through – when the NATURAL, WELL-WRITTEN, BELIEVABLE build-up to a Batman/Superman face-off was scrapped for Lex FORCING them to battle. Making the entire first half meaningless…

  14. Dhruv Jain says:

    Can we just appreciate the fact that Hank Pym equipped one of his buildings with a carry-on handle?

  15. Tatsat Mishra says:

    Ant man is showing the Marvels one more science fiction movie

  16. nafiz mohammed says:

    the wasp suit should be yellow and black

  17. Raman Kaith says:

    Honestly , this trailer would’ve been better if it was narrated by Luis…😋

  18. simpleplanfan011 says:


  19. Marreti Valenqiez says:

    Really hope Luis is in here

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