Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | Film Clip

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | Film Clip

“We owe it to everyone not in this room to try.” Watch a brand-new clip from Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame.

In theaters April 26, get tickets now:

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79 Responses

  1. Quddus says:

    You know they’re going to fail because antman isn’t with them

  2. Sicarius says:

    I love how everyone is worried about going pee in a 3 hour movie, but then they forget *THEY NEED TO DIGEST FOOD TOO*

  3. Antonin Vindrier says:

    James Rhodes would be excelent at Cinema Sins

  4. ALXxX :v says:

    Does YouTube even have the bravery to demonatize marvel.

  5. Eugene Choi says:


  6. adrian montoya says:

    I hate how cocky Capt Marvel is in this scene

  7. RoyalWeasley says:

    Captain America: Let’s get this son of a b-

    Youtube: *Your video has been demonized*

  8. idoko says:

    Ladies and gents, we have just watched 1/182nd of Avengers Endgame.

    • The Paul Gray jr says:

      HELL YEA!!!

    • Yogi Bear says:

      +T’Challa Black Panther You think this clip is in the movie?

    • ZOidBeRg says:

      Hell yeah!

    • FarArcZMan says:

      JSSTyger Thanks bro that super math paying off

    • Harryporter 15 says:

      T’Challa Black Panther they actually showed 2 clips from infinity as a way to market it they even showed us the fight of Corvus glave and proxima against cap widow and falcon and then they showed us a clip of shuri looking at vision in wakanda so they did do this for infinity war but don’t worry this movie will be a HUGE surprise and nothing have been really spoiled I bet

  9. Mr. Randomizer says:


    Me ten seconds later: are u joking?!

    • Deadly Vids says:

      Thinking the same

    • Kolby Birdwell says:

      Kaan Yeter Well the title cards in the movie are always different from the logos in the trailers and stuff. My guess is this is where they’ll show the movie title card and they probably don’t want to show it until the movie actually comes out.

    • Kaan Yeter says:

      Kolby Birdwell i get that i get that but why didnt they just blackscreen and let us listen to the theme? I had to go on spotify and listen to it just to get my fix

    • Ayuwoki says:

      Same they left me so pumped

    • Kolby Birdwell says:

      Kaan Yeter ? yeah they should’ve at least let it play out. Or they should’ve edited it and put in the same logo they’ve used for marketing and everything

  10. necrom21221 says:

    Facepalm at “Because before you didn’t have me”.

  11. Quack Gaming says:

    I swear Drax has the most screen time in every clip.
    You just can’t see him cause he is standing incredibly still

  12. Andor says:


  13. IQUA says:

    Tony in space, shouting his lungs back to Earth: LANGUAGE!!

  14. TheFAK3WoRsT says:

    Me: I need to go home early.
    My principal: why?
    Me: Marvel just uploaded.
    My principal: Take my car.

  15. My penis is really small, but says:

    *Nick Fury from soul stone*
    Ohh you kiss your mother with that mouth ?

  16. Digital Jacob says:

    I can’t believe Carol just tried to flex on my man, Rhodey

  17. Dylan Gopaine says:

    Oh I hope Thanos handles Captain Marvel.

  18. ToyCandyEggSurpriseZ says:

    there is a 97.6% chance this will not fail!

  19. Landon Legate says:

    Avengers: Deciding what to do

    Thor: Eating bread

  20. Victor Veras says:

    Marvel teases THE AVENGERS theme AND ! Stop.

    Me : Am i a joke to you?

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