Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Trailer 2

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel – Trailer 2

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85 Responses

  1. Techlove says:

    Im a hardcore marvel fan, but somehow this trailer was underwhelming. I think marvel has raised the bars so high even they are finding it hard to keep up.

    • Techlove says:

      +Dangmatt Smith this is such an important movie and yet it just didint get me hyped up man.but yes,the last part where she goes all super saiyan is dope😍

    • Gam Sansam says:

      +Techlove lol, I hope you know that was just some gentle teasing, no hate at all. Films are awesome, it’s a shame so much money and ideas go into TV, cinema has really missed out in the last five years, all remakes or sequels. Don’t get me wrong, I love the extended marvel situation, but something’s definitely missing these days

    • 박주현 says:

      Nah this could have been an awesome movie I think its because of the actress

    • Cindi Raffield says:

      +Techlove When she went binary, it was badass!

    • Gam Sansam says:

      +박주현 well good on you for keeping an open mind yeah?

  2. DS Tricks & Tech says:

    i think that cat scratched fury’s eyes….. 😜😜

  3. Ayush Mishra says:

    Now , I really gotta say the second trailer really nailed it!!

  4. DP Studios says:

    Sooo… Fury likes cats.

  5. Eylmao says:

    I obviously haven’t seen the movie yet, but from this trailer I can already feel that Brie Larson wasn’t right for this role… I hope i am wrong

  6. Fredge 21 says:

    I feel SHAZAM! trailer was better

  7. GM says:

    How DARE she interrupt Fury’s time with a kitten!

  8. coolertyp 626 says:

    Im 100% sure the kitten is the reason that fury lost his eye

  9. †he Z3R3TH says:

    Lol So, they had to make another trailer just to let people know why she socked the old lady in the first trailer.

  10. im from the future says:

    *I hope this story is not feminist version of green lantern*

    • 박주현 says:

      Umm the movie is supposed to be a feminist movie the actress said that herself she believes that this movie will become the starting point of a huge feminist wave in Hollywood

    • Matthew Sandoval says:

      Kushimaru Kuriarare You apparently have read comics then bud. Watch the movie or if you don’t want to, at least do a little bit of research

    • Shiranui Aensland says:

      +Christian Garcia They could’ve just referred to her as Ms. Marvel if they wanted to. Especially to avoid confusion with Shazam.

    • Swapnil Chavan says:

      There’s a difference between feminism and toxic feminism

    • MelancholyJoker19 says:

      +Shiranui Aensland Shazam cannot legally be called Captain Marvel anymore due to the rights of the name, that’s why he’s always known as Shazam now

  11. JJAX 10533 says:

    Im going to see this movie because of the cat scene

  12. Trashy McTrasherson says:

    Nick fury. More like nick furry.

    I will leave this planet now. I am so sorry I made that joke.

  13. MrAngerissues1 says:

    Lots of negative comments. The internet never fails to disappoint.

    • Ike Bran says:

      +Lemang Bakar that’s not really how it works. Most people (including myself) want this movie to be good, but so far it looks very meh. The actress definitely wasn’t a righg choice for the role and her acting feels very off to me. Not to mention the story feels very unoriginal. The only positive I’ve seen so far is young Nick Fury, which could still be enough to make me go see it, but right now this honestly feels more like a bland DC movie than the fun Marvel stuff we’re used to

    • agent00chimp says:

      Lots of shilling for Captain Marvel and bashing fair critical comments about the mediocre trailer. The internet never fails to disappoint.

    • 박주현 says:

      I agree that there are crybabies everywhere these days but for this particular situation I can see why people are negative

    • agent00chimp says:

      Shai Hawkins
      And you know the gender of all the people commenting on YouTube? Nice super power. Lol
      Seems a bit sexist to me.

    • Lemang Bakar says:

      +Ike Bran yup, totally whining.

  14. Coop Cooper says:

    Wow! Phemenijam….I feel WOKE now.

  15. Willy's Toys says:


  16. Elliott Goldin says:

    The cat is the only being powerful enough to defeat Thanos. Avengers 4 feline finale.

  17. Khalil Hatim says:

    Tbh I’m not very excited about this

  18. Captain Wonderwall says:

    Brie Larson seems sorta underwhelming.

  19. Origamics says:

    “Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye”

  20. Luke Faulkner says:

    My dream is to write music for Marvel films someday…

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