Marvel’s Ant-Man – Trailer 1

Marvel’s Ant-Man – Trailer 1

Heroes don’t get any bigger with the new trailer for Marvel’s “Ant-Man,” in theaters July 17! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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18 Responses

  1. James Woodford says:

    yea Marvel you have peaked my interest

  2. Nagaraj Veer says:

    Now that’s how the last trailer should’ve looked. Epic!… You done it
    again Marvel!!

  3. Trung Hieu Phan says:

    Another guy with suit

  4. Delsin J. Loquendero says:

    No se por qué pero presiento que en parte esta película influirá mucho en
    el éxito del personaje en ventas de cómics. Algo similar a lo sucedido con
    Iron-Man en el 2008

  5. thxalex says:

    Gave me goose bumps, looks so GOOD

  6. Ben Guilfoy says:

    New trailer for Marvel’s *Ant-Man*. This flick is lookin’ more and more fun
    all the time.

  7. Mario Cortes says:

    Nuevo Trailer de #AntMan 

  8. Caribbean Game-Zone says:

    #Marvel’s #AntMan – Trailer 1

  9. Rayziyun says:

    This trailer spoils what’s probably the funniest scene in the film and
    leaves me feeling like I’ve seen the best the film has to offer. Not sure
    I’ll bother watching it now.

  10. victor garcia says:

    Majority smile from ear to ear throughout the entire trailer. EPIC barely
    describes this. 

  11. zippyzee says:

    This trailer gives away the whole movie.

  12. Deadspawn11 says:

    Lol, that train at the end!

  13. emppupemppu Iron män Honkonen says:


  14. MisterEric says:

    Peter Russo is alive!

  15. israel phiri says:

    Does Marvel still need trailers?…their track record of late has been
    good…the low expectations for antman will help it in the longterm…if
    its a good movie, word of mouth plus customer trust in the brand will carry
    it. Hope it does well!

  16. Sarah Rios says:


    So this looks way better than I expected.

    Via +Jaime Cooper​

  17. MrChocolatez says:

    Ant Man Vs Spider man? Holy crap!

  18. AKAGlenn says: