Marvels THE DEFENDERS Teaser Trailer SEASON 1 (2017) Netflix Series

Marvels THE DEFENDERS Teaser Trailer SEASON 1 (2017) Netflix Series

Marvel’s The Defenders Season 1 Elevator Teaser Trailer – 2017 Neflix Series

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Alle Infos zu Marvels The Defenders Staffel 1:

In The Defenders werden die Helden aus dem Hause Marvel namens Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage und Iron Fist aufeinandertreffen. Im Vorfeld wurden die Figuren in den Netflix-Marvel-Serien vorgestellt und mussten jeweils einen Kampf gegen einen Schurken bestehen. Welche Aufgabe sie gemeinsam lösen werden, ist noch unbekannt.

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20 Responses

  1. Zain says:

    Why is daredevil dressed like iron fist?

  2. Series Trailer MP says:

    Check out the IP Address 😉

  3. Ivan Wars says:

    Я тут не один из России?

  4. Ron H says:

    Footage stops at 8:18:20:17.. that looks a lot like a release date. August 18th is a Friday.

  5. Ben Natural says:

    So hyped ?

  6. ctl eurocollege says:

    Spongebob: “the gang’s all here…”

  7. screw u hatdog says:

    That made me cum sorry :/

  8. Renaldo Pandaleke says:

    Can’t wait to see Jessica! I miss you Jessica!

  9. Sebastian Maregatti says:

    So if fist isn’t hiding his identity I guess he won’t have a costume,daredevil is going to look ridiculous being the only one

  10. 203654389 says:

    That clock on the top right corner is by far the most creative way of showing us the release date

  11. You Ain't Ordinary Bruh says:

    Daredevil looks more like Iron Fist than Iron Fist

  12. scrubslenny7 says:

    Type in the IP address in your browser and look at the bottom of the page (something written in grey…) 😀

  13. Ageu Carvalho says:

    Algum BR aqui?

  14. Seal Entertainment! says:

    my favorite part is Iron Fists face right before Jessica breaks the camera

  15. Aaron Romley says:

    Why can’t iron fist have a mask like that? It’ll work.

  16. Some Crazed Nerd says:

    18th August 2017

  17. † Masterhp † says:

    Trending #6 at 7,140 views. Makes sense.

  18. LostLoneWolf15 says:

    why the hell does Matt look like he is spongebob going to rob a bank ???

  19. SPOG N' Friends says:

    Confused this for the Solange/ Jay Z fight for a sec.

  20. BT -7274 says:

    Spartan Locke is back!

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