Mary Poppins for Adults

Mary Poppins for Adults

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Siobhan Thompson
Grant O’Brien
Paul Robalino
Ally Beardsley

Director – Ryan Anthony Martin
Writer – Kerry McGuire
Producer – Francesca McLafferty
Production Coordinator – Jessica Clemons
Director Of Photography – Cooper James
HMU – Jed Olmedo
Production Designer – Rick Mader
Sound Mixer – Danny Carpenter of BoTown Sound
Editor – Yaniv Elani

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59 Responses

  1. LOLey says:

    Her singing gave me shivers. I love it.

  2. So Hi says:

    Twist at the end is actually kind of scary

  3. Send Help says:

    “Ally, get out of my bag!”

  4. Faith Akinnawonu says:

    “I had a flavoured condom”
    “I had Grant’s leftovers”

  5. Decaf [Invidia] says:

    Not only is Siobhan on screen for the first time in a long time. Siobhan is also singing! Whoo! Siobhan for the Tony’s please.

  6. Mediocre And Worse says:

    I’m sorry

    Did Grant say he ate a flavored condom and apparently not all of it because the other guy said he ate his leftovers?

  7. frothfrenzy says:

    Just search for Mary Poppins horror trailer. Classic.

  8. Christopher Robin says:

    “I had Grant’s leftovers” omg XD

  9. BakaBule says:


  10. Manuel Ayala says:

    Ally and Siobhan were so good omg

  11. dkhgr says:

    THERES SOMEONE IN HERE! I fickin lost it!

  12. E S says:

    I’m crying. This is probably the most relatable CH video I’ve seen in a WHILE. Thank god for Siobhan

  13. Bandit Raccoon says:

    She’s Marry Poppins, Y’ALL!

  14. Colonel RPG says:

    How can you keep making such amazing stuff?!
    Ally’s last line was… amazing!!!

  15. Mattanator101 says:

    *I had 3 cookies*
    *I had a flavoured condom*
    *I had Grants left overs*

  16. Scott Mew says:

    I’d pay to watch an entire feature film starring Siobhan.

  17. RoMineMe says:

    I love how Grant is building a card castle out of Cards Agains Humanity! Nice detail!

  18. okashi10 says:

    Whoever has been doing CollegeHumor’s makeup lately has been doing great.

  19. David Sullivan says:

    Ally saying “cars” behind the magnifying glass had me on the floor.

  20. Adam Brooks says:

    I like how the aspect ratio changed from letterbox to full and back again based on when she acts whimsical and when they act stupid.

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