Mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida

Mass shooting in Jacksonville, Florida

Police in Jacksonville, Florida, say they’re responding to a mass shooting at the Jacksonville Landing marketplace in the city’s downtown area. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is warning residents to avoid the area.

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79 Responses

  1. Polish Filipino says:

    Oh i thought this happened at a football stadium, i didn’t realize they were playing Madden

  2. Zora Marie Diffidil Love says:

    Hi I live near jacksonville. great. My step mom said at least 8 people were injured… Pray for them. πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™‡
    Edit: I’m not an adult. Im not allowed to donate my own money. My family has donated. My stepmom is treating the injured.

    • Zach Swartz says:

      Quit being jackasses and telling him/her to help when they’re just expressing their concern. Not everyone just has money around to donate.

    • Maddesignz says:

      Way to go! You’re bragging about how your family can donate money to people that were shot!! 😏

  3. DonoutBoy says:

    It’s not Floridas fault, or any other places fault. It’s the people, the people have lost their mind.

  4. Aaron Salazar says:

    I hope the media doesn’t give the shooter any publicity because thats exactly why this keeps happening. They’re giving them the attention that they want. That is if the motive was for attention.

  5. 19 Fresh Roulette says:

    Damn, Another shooting, On Friday, There was also a shooting after a high school football game in Jacksonville

    • Lugia21 says:

      Was it gang related? Because most media ignore them unless there’s a child killed.

    • Christel Headington says:

      I did see something about it in TV. They didn’t have alot of info. at the time. I don’t think there’s been much follow -up.

    • Crystal 2000 says:

      19 Fresh Roulette idk why but there so many shotings in florida like on friday there was a shooting at my highschool football game

  6. Whalun says:

    Humanity is like a 7.5 billion player e-sports team. But God turned friendly fire on. F

  7. Glorivee S. says:

    As long as the media continues to give attention to the shooter and his intentions instead to the victims this will keep happening. DONT MAKE STUPID PEOPLE FAMOUS

    • Uosdwis Dewoh says:

      +matthew moore Perfect example of the declining mental health in America.

    • minhhai kim says:

      He’s dead

    • Maddesignz says:

      Glorivee S. That is exactly correct, the media focused more on the person that did and goes into more detail of the suspect and is basically telling other people to go and do it!

    • Shah Camp says:

      If we had pictures of the people sending these guys fan mail wth

    • Tramaine Terrance says:

      This will continue to happen, no matter what. Let’s not get this twisted. The human species as a whole, is terrible and flawed. You don’t have the answers, no human does. Coverage or no coverage, it will happen again. You swear as if, everyone is doing it for recognition and the news coverage and attention, dictates the actions of these humans. Really? That’s a very narrow view. Fail. Nope. Nothing will ever stop this. No matter what you humans try to do, to stop it. Humans are emotional, emotions bring about such actions, makes it possible. Every time you humans try and implement something to stop such actions, it always fails. Always. You can’t ever stop the human condition. Don’t fool yourself, human.


  8. Zak Prom says:

    More than 50% of american boys are raised in broken or emotionally unhealthy households. These days taking care of a child and having a healthy marriage is undervalued and leads to terrible consequences later in the boy’s life. It’s been apparent in almost every school shooting and something needs to happen. Additionally, children and unstable individuals must be unable to access firearms. It is the responsibility of American gun owners to remember and hold true to the rules and guidelines they learn in necessary programs like Hunter’s safety and concealed carry. Guns must be stored separated from ammo and in a locked container, away from children and out of access from undesired individuals. These two factors combined lead to shootings we see today. Talk to me in the replies.

    • Zak Prom says:

      Wesley Hempoli please re-read my comment, i clearly stated that a healthy marriage and properly taking care of a child is *undervalued* in this day’s society.

    • ThePastyPrince says:

      The only problem is no matter how much we try and prevent by hiding guns mass shooters could easily order a AK-47 online illegally.

    • Meng Tang says:


    • Zak Prom says:

      Uosdwis Dewoh right. At least one background check is required to purchase a firearm in all states, but an important step into preventing unwanted access to firearms should be a Proof of Safe Storage certification for houses with potential hazard persons. A compromise for sure, but no rights or freedoms are lost with the concept of a safe storage requirement law.

  9. curveycarvings says:

    Parents have stopped teaching empathy. They just punish their child instead of teaching them how their actions can effect someone else. This ridiculous stigma against mental illness causes ppl to become automatically defensive if their loved ones express concern, and ppl are afraid having mental illness on their medical history will effect them later on, which it can. We need to be aware of these things and try to remedy them on a daily basis with how we treat others and teach our kids. Fighting political battles are of course important as well, but we need to switch our attitude as individuals so that society (us as a collective) changes. **can’t do text breaks on my phone so sorry the beginning is clearly 2 paragraphs together**

    • NaturalSelection says:

      There’s a lot of truth to your comment, but I have no clue how to get other people to understand that concept.

    • Fayanna Rena says:

      There is some truth tΓΈ your comment but unfortunately you can’t teach empathy either you’re born with it or you’re not. However you can raise them in a household with morals and ethics instead of just this soulless nihilistic views society is enforcing upon us

    • Togapower says:

      curveycarvings you can’t even hit kids anymore wtf are you talking about

  10. joe Schlotthauer says:

    There was a shooting yesterday at a Jacksonville High School football game…

  11. Dust Lord says:

    4 Dead , 10 wounded. More people shot and killed in Chicago and Baltimore and Detroit and injured there THIS WEEKEND ALONE. But you wont hear or see that on the news.

  12. TheAmarikano says:

    When it comes to this whole gun control argument, people seem to forget the Columbine Massacre happened when there was heavy gun legislation in place. The Assault Weapons Ban that lasted from 1996 to 2004 federally prohibited all high capacity magazines and the phrasing of the law was directed fully towards banning what the media calls “Assault Weapons”. The reason it was never renewed was because it didn’t work and it created a massive headache for companies, the ATF, and the public. Creating heavily restrictive legislation or out right repealling the 2nd Amendment doesn’t change anything. The wack jobs and criminals out there will just use another method of getting what they want. We need to tackle the underlying issues that we as a nation seem to sweep under the rug that make these things so seemingly common. I’m just sick and tired of the same old arguments the media and people perpetuate against guns, we need to come together and work towards something better. Complaining over the internet isn’t gonna get us anywhere. My heart goes out to those affected in this crime, and I hope we can move forward as a nation to prevent these kinds of things more effectively. I wish I could give you what we need to work on, but it’s all dependent on seeing what problems affect your area as well as what problems we as a nation face. Peace folks, and I hope we can look deeper reaches at what needs improving than the superficial “Gunz r bad” and “Vidya games cause violence”.

    • A Dab and A Dream says:

      call me crazy.. but maybe we should make it EASIER for law abiding citizens to carry/obtain training and or firearms. These people who engage into mass shootings are truly psychopaths, and as such there is not much we can do to screen them out. Real crazy and evil people will eventually find a way to circumvent whatever system holding them back. It’s a simple as this: Bullets travel much faster than any person can run, so the best option to prevent violent crimes (gun crimes and high scale shootings alike) is to put more people in position to DEFEND themselves and those around them. I’m NOT saying that everyone should have a gun; I am saying that if training were readily available for all as well as affordable options, maybe even some government subsidies in place, then perhaps more people who are willing to take up the role of defending themselves or others in a shooting situation would be able to do so. The element of the concealed weapon alone has been correlated with the dropping of violent crimes in every state that has written legislature to allow these practices. We also have clearly observable trends in areas that have “very strict” gun laws, and can determine that the stricter laws are preventing law abiding citizens from being able to match the firepower of criminals who intend to harm and maim, or even not be able to defend themselves at all. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but the ability of all law abiding citizens to be armed is not only a founding principal of this nation but it is also a premise that created that window of opportunity for our founding fathers to break away from tyranny and pursue their freedom and create the nation that so many of us take for granted each day.

    • RedDeadRustler says:

      That’s why thoughts and prayers work more effectively. Oh wait..

    • FD_Stalker says:

      +A Dab and A Dream bullets also travel faster than someone tries to pull out his gun to defend himself. Train people with leatheal weapon, for no matter what reason, only create killers. You are trying to create a killer country, where everyone murders eachother more efficiently, causing more dmg in less time because now killers were trained. Wild west has long gone, you better shoot someone in video game

    • RedDeadRustler says:

      +A Dab and A Dream We are already the worlds largest gun owning nation.. Lay off the dabs.

  13. Valeria Boggio says:

    last Friday in Opa-Locka my school was on lock down for hearing gunshots. I can confirm Florida is one big gta server but you get used to it

  14. lost MC says:

    psychos all over the place.

  15. Randomfools says:

    Politicized in 3, 2, 1…..

  16. BlackGirlLovesAnime6 says:

    Idk about you guys but I’m tired of seeing this kind of news. I’m tired of these evil people living in this world

    • Henry Townshed says:

      I know what you mean but the world’s really not that bad period out of 350 million there’s always going to be a few crazy people that’s just the way life is, it’s not like the news media ever reports good news

    • Chris joe says:

      BlackGirlLovesAnime6 they are like 0.01% tho

    • Jakepopper01 says:

      BlackGirlLovesAnime6 what are you or any of us going to do about it, huh? Unfortunately I personally believe this is an unsolvable problem.

    • Sothea Nguyen says:

      Evil intent doesn’t stop with you asking it to stop it stops by taking action and our leader has not taken and action…

  17. David Devan says:


  18. Sheila McAbee says:

    The guy supposedly lost $5,000 in the tournament, and shot people over it. Then killed himself. Over $5,000. This is so ridiculous. 4 dead, 1q injured, over $5,000??
    Sad damn world…

  19. Atten Shun says:

    You lose a video game, so the answer is to get a gun? That’s not being an adult. That’s not being a civilized human being. It’s a game. Losing a game…or anything…is unfortunately a part of life., but we can’t spray bullets because of it. Just my opinion.

    • Despacito Text says:

      I doubt it the shooter was “losing the vidya game harky dark”

    • Katelyn Fiore says:

      +Maddesignz It was reported that before the shooting, the shooter had lost a game against someone. I honestly believe this because some people get extremely upset when playing a game and they lose. People take out their anger in different ways and this guy sadly turned to violence. It’s a shame things like this keep happening.

    • Kadan says:

      Better Than You The truth hurts interior person 😁

  20. BunkMasterFlex77 says:

    I was there and went to get me a cold pop and then I thought somebody was barbecuing. I said, β€˜Oh Lord Jesus, someone’s firing.’ Then I ran out, I didn’t grab no shoes or nothing, Jesus. I ran for my life and then the smoke got me, I got bronchitis! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

    • Brandon Hayes says:


    • Chris Landry says:

      That is not funny, multiple people died and some were injured. I wonder if it was one of your relatives in that same event and got shot, would you still be cracking jokes like a mentally disordered five year old.

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