Hey guys, so we were just randomly up on the target parking structure shooting some night footage, timelapses etc. for the vlog and as we were literally walking back to the car Jason pointed out this ufo that wasn’t anything but a suspicious orange looking light moving fast..I was able to begin recording right then and there, and as you can see in the video, it turns into something that releases some sort of giant blue light in a circular haze.. It was easily the craziest thing I’ve witnessed. I rushed home to upload this..comment below what you think or have heard it might be..skip to 1:19 to see to when the UFO releases a giant light.

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20 Responses

  1. Peter Pan says:

    Just a rocket

  2. Player Blaster says:

    At one part of the video it looked like it was going to abduct someone
    because of the pink like going down to the streets but the cars probably
    went to fast so the abduction is a fail. I’m happy the ufo didn’t harm you
    guys or anybody else

  3. Dana Noah says:

    you would have the best video footage of this. lol thanks julien!

  4. T Taylor says:

    Fuck the UFO, what about the real issue of the camera man having a seizure
    while trying to record the footage. Not one person came to help him.

  5. TheGor54 says:

    I see Millions of tax dollars burning up in the atmosphere…

  6. Tony Yayo says:

    ..and we’re getting trolled by aliens..

  7. Marcelo Jorge says:

    It’s just a rocket people.

  8. Cindy Vortex says:

    I live in Ramona CA and i saw it

  9. Chadionne Tomsjansen says:

    Last night a mysterious light lit up the skies over California, leaving
    people as far east as Louisiana perplexed. What was that weird blue glow in
    the sky? Naturally, there was some speculation that perhaps the light was a
    UFO or even a meteor – but in reality it was the launch of a Trident II
    (D5) missile by the U.S. Navy.

    The unarmed missile launched from the Kentucky, an Ohio-class ballistic
    missile submarine that sits off the coast of Southern California in the
    Pacific Test Range. The test was pre-planned although not announced or
    confirmed until a few hours after the launch. These types of launches are
    routine, although rarely announced ahead of time, and help ensure the
    reliability of Naval systems.

    According to the San Diego Times, Cmdr. Ryan Perry with the Navy’s Third
    Fleet said, “The test was part of a scheduled, on-going system evaluation
    test. Each test activity provides valuable information about our systems,
    thus contributing to assurance in our capabilities.”

  10. Branko Vujicic says:

    What fucking missile testing?
    Wake the fuck up people!
    They know exactly what to say to make you believe otherwise. Jesus Christ!

  11. Sean Nasto says:

    OP It was a Trident II D5 missile launched from the USS Kentucky

  12. mikey caputo says:

    someone please show one example of the government testing a giant missile
    over a hugely populated city at night?. just one other example

  13. Alex Barajas says:

    omg this is true I saw it yesterday and I was like this was just a
    helicopter or something but when I saw this it looked like a ufo

  14. TheDudeSpectrum says:

    ”Scotty, disable camoflage!”

  15. Fyre says:

    It wasn’t a UFO, or an asteroid, but a missile test by the US Navy over the
    ocean. No worries here!

  16. Woo Hoo says:

    Jews did this.

  17. Robert M says:

    Typical over reaction to something slightly uncomon happening, that
    eventually has a simple explanation behind it… ugh.. Come on grow up.

  18. Ronin' TV says:

    Jesus Is Coming!!!

  19. BootyFortress says:

    This was confirmed to be a test missile by the Californian

  20. Alpha SP says:

    Its just a missile test from a submarine