Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Fight Over Tom Brady’s Friendship // Omaze

Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Fight Over Tom Brady’s Friendship // Omaze

Well, this is embarrassing. Matt Damon & Ben Affleck were arguing about who Tom Brady likes more and Tom heard everything. Enter to hang with Matt and Tom and/or Ben and Tom in Boston right here:

All donations of $10 or more benefit ECI, and the TB12 Foundation.

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20 Responses

  1. 진리최 says:

    Lmfaoooo @1:51 ?



  2. Rityasiwi Gita says:

    matt&ben’s friendship is the actual friendship goals omg

  3. spottercorp says:

    lol these two are fucking legends and so talented very funny this was for a
    good cause great

  4. Vegacast says:

    BEN AFFLECK is mouth-watering. *Fire emoji for 2.000*

  5. Steve McLean says:

    The best of Boston but Mark W is missing!

  6. Eden Yam says:

    I want to win this and meet Ben!

  7. Osas Obazee says:

    Love them both…Please can they get Matt a role in a DC movie, like asap.

  8. sinatra says:

    omg look at their voices they sound exactly the same as it was in 1995

  9. Nosisa Ndabandaba says:

    Tom: “I was talking to the donors”
    Matt: “Me too. All of ’em”

  10. paranoidace1 says:

    batman or fatman ??

  11. Miles Martin says:

    They’re the best of friends man, but Matt Damon in the next Batman

  12. Ian Amarantes says:

    Every guy in N.E. feels that way about Brady

  13. Maliha Intikhab says:

    This video was probably shot a while ago when Matt still had that hair.

  14. Shredding Stuff says:

    No jimmy kimmel?

  15. ExopMan says:

    0:11 *For just ten dollars you can have a 1/50,000 CHANCE of hanging out
    with these guys. Unfortunately, just donating $10 doesn’t get u there :P

  16. Syed Ali says:

    Matt’s hair..,

  17. R. D.E. says:

    when are Ben and Matt gonna do another movie together?

  18. Green Raver Music says:

    Do it with Jimmy Kimmel next

  19. Andy Goodman says:

    So this is what Brady did when he was suspended.

  20. WEWARD says:

    Ben’s wig is horrendous.