Matt Damon Confronts Jimmy Kimmel After Emmys Loss

Matt Damon Confronts Jimmy Kimmel After Emmys Loss

Following Jimmy’s loss at the Emmys, he comes face to face with his nemesis Matt Damon.

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19 Responses

  1. FREExFully says:


  2. Deebo Molina says:

    Matt Damon should be in The DCEU either as Hush or Green Arrow

  3. 1878さらば、白い鹿七 says:

    Matt looks like Leonardo DeCaprio

  4. Travis Kraft says:

    Donald Trump > Jimmy Kimmel

  5. ahmed cr7 says:

    I like dem apples ????

  6. Totoro ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ-chan says:

    Although I was looking forward to another face-off between these two, I was
    definitely not expecting to actually see it in Emmy’s!

  7. Do M says:

    They should of hosted the Emmys together LOL

  8. Jayant Srivastava says:

    i was watching it live n its the second best thing in this year’s live
    ceremonies, 1st being leo’s oscar

  9. Rida LAAMOUMI says:

    For those who don’t get the “apples” joke, it’s a reference to the 1997
    movie “Good will hunting”.

  10. jake jordon says:

    John Oliver and Matt Damon maybe could do a movie together. And I’m sure
    Ellie Kemper as well.

  11. Jason Viper says:

    #fuckmattdamon. i will never support someone that thinks it’s a good idea
    to ban all guns

  12. GamingFanForever says:

    Literally one of the most if not the most hilarious encounter between
    Kimmel and Damon…

  13. WolverineAvenger says:

    Now I feel like eating an apple

  14. SatanicHorse says:

    I really wanna know what the backup bit would have been if Jimmy had won.

  15. meavid says:

    I do hope Jerry Seinfeld was pleasant backstage to Jimmy instead of acting
    like the dick he was when Jimmy was honouring David Letterman’s retirement.

  16. Mark “Angrius” Widenstrom says:

    The saga continues hehehehe

  17. Green Raver (M u s i c) says:

    Matt Damon’s an idiot but great acting/comic timing here.

  18. Square Squid Studios says:


  19. Firefly says:

    Super wealthy Democrat Douche Bags