Matt Damon Explains Why ‘Good Will Hunting’ Has So Much Cursing

Matt Damon Explains Why ‘Good Will Hunting’ Has So Much Cursing

‘Downsizing’ star Matt Damon looks back on his fondest and most tainted memories tied to the movie that defined his early adult life: ‘Good Will Hunting.’

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55 Responses

  1. BlackMesa RF says:

    Way too old for Roy Moore xD What a legend he is

  2. Quest says:

    Who let Damon out of Kimmel’s basement?

  3. CokeBlue says:

    Stephen betrayed Jimmy Kinmel

    • maxx steele says:

      Captain Stabbin I’m not your bro fella

    • Stickie Dmin says:

      Gentlemen, gentlemen please!
      We’re all bros here.


    • Jason LovesABR says:

      maxx steele tl;dr. Stay in school and work on your essays instead of typing them on YouTube.

    • Dawn Adriana says:

      Jason, “you’re” is the contraction for “you are.” So you said “Quit you are needless whining.” If you want your comments to have credibility, you should try to learn something, instead of attacking others. Just an idea.

    • maxx steele says:

      Jason LovesABR bitch please, I have a degree in traditional illustration and microbiology. I graduated in 1994. What the fuck have you done with your waste of a life, make, “Rainbow Dash” mashup videos?

  4. SuperKane5 says:

    “You’re an Asshole”

  5. sidd joshi says:

    — _Jimmy Kimmel_

  6. Siddharth Krishna says:

    Why does Kimmel hate this guy again?

    • mobspeak says:

      He hates Kimmel for booking him as a guest over and over again and then not having time for him.
      That is why he fucked Kimmels then wife, and beceame the show’s villain. Ye, just a funny gag.
      Too bad Kimmel is nothing but a weeping SJW now, politics does not suit him.

    • Adam Bruner says:

      mobspeak Having your baby almost die might make you cry as well. There’s also this thing called empathy, knowing that while you have the money to pay for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of intricate heart surgeries, most other people don’t. To conclude, what the hell is wrong with you?

    • masterspud777 says:

      Damen fucked Kimmel’s girl

    • Leif Anderson says:

      Anti-SJWs are not only completely heartless and devoid of self awareness, they’re also ten times more annoying than SJWs.

    • rat4spd says:

      And Kimmel stole Ben Affleck.

  7. SoWonderfullyWeird says:

    Feels like he’s soooo nervous after the interview Stephen did with his buddy Afleck.

    • popeye697 says:

      BTW interviews are not scripted in advance. They go over what they are going to talk about overall, but they don’t go word for word.

    • Milly Borkovic says:

      popeye697 they are scripted to the point that they have set topics and stories that the guest want to tell. Hosts do not ask heavy hitting questions without preapproval because then one of two things will happen, 1) they will have less guests agreeing to come on the show 2) the hosts bosses will be pissed because they defamed a guest and whatever project that guest is promoting that the boss/company is likely invested in.

      Ben Afflect (and his team) 100% ASKED Stephen to question him on that topic because Ben needed to get ahead of the story and apologize publicly. Matt was not at all nervous about that, he had no need to be.

    • roguecactus7 says:

      Milly Borkovic I’m going to have to ask for some credentials, m’am. 👮🏻‍♂️

    • Jason LovesABR says:

      Milly Borkovic Do you work for Stephen? Because you sound like some sort of expert here lol.

    • Milly Borkovic says:

      roguecactus7 lol just common sense 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. Spartan 450 ml says:


  9. Lynn Owens says:

    I love Matt Damon & Stephen Colbert !!

  10. ineedmoney121 says:


  11. Faawks says:

    I was not expecting that Roy Moore burn, brilliant.

  12. The Truth says:

    Way too old for Roy Moore. Wow. tht was good

  13. Dave Kelly says:

    – Matt Damon

  14. 10,000 Subscribers without Videos says:

    Those Roy Moore jokes were hilarious

  15. Sophia N says:

    Stephen is like “ok where are these cheers when I come out?” HAHAHHAHAHA

  16. DCMarvel UniversalAlliance says:

    I’ll be completely honest. Never really was a Damon fan, but after that Roy Moore joke I certainly am now, well played sir, well played.

  17. James Calbraith says:

    I will never understood the beeping of swearwords thing in US TV. Truly bizarre.

  18. M AT says:

    Should of started the interview with “Apologies to Matt Damon we ran out of time!”

  19. Mohamed Farouk says:

    Letterman was never like this?!

  20. Alain Bruno says:

    Matt Damon is the coolest actor

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