Matt Lauer Has Been Fired From NBC News | TODAY

Matt Lauer Has Been Fired From NBC News | TODAY

Matt Lauer has been dismissed from NBC News. NBC News Chairman Andy Lack released a statement saying a colleague had come forward reporting behavior in violation of company standards.

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Matt Lauer Has Been Fired From NBC News | TODAY

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73 Responses

  1. Maria O'Neill says:

    bye Felicia

  2. Shelly Mcdonough says:

    What happened to innocent until proven guilty.

  3. CatHarlem says:

    No!! Not Matt!
    This saddens me.
    Kudos to the brave woman who spoke up.

    • Jay Alvarez says:

      CatHarlem We or the network does not know if any of this is true, unless they have hard evidence. When they show it I’ll believe them.

    • CatHarlem says:

      Sneaksie Taffer Please don’t twist/misinterpret my words to represent “Your” interpretation.
      The comment I made represents “MY” feelings at the time I listened to this video about THIS situation. I’m not talking about any other case/situation etc. I applaud the woman who had the courage to come forward. I would expect a business like NBC would do some research BEFORE firing a beloved Veteran like Matt. If it was a mistake or the woman lied, I’m sure we’ll hear about it and address it at that time.

    • CatHarlem says:

      Jay Alvarez Good for you! My comment wasn’t meant to be viewed as me telling you or anyone else what to believe.

    • CatHarlem says:

      Lindsay F In the video they said “woman”.

  4. Carol Handy says:

    Karma is a b_tch! He was behind Anne Curry losing her job and he was very callus about it. I can only say, what goes around comes around. Can’t say I’m disappointed. Sorry Matt, you must go.

  5. Carthage Dye says:

    Harvey Weinstein picked him up after work yesterday.

  6. Casey Rule says:

    This was really the best possible response to such a terrible situation. Thank you Savannah and Hoda for your composure and candor.

  7. Robbie Stanley says:

    No man is safe from these accusations in the media world anymore.

  8. D Parks says:

    I haven’t like Lauer for years. I remember an interview he had with a mother whose child was slain by the police. He was rather rough on her. Additionally, I wasn’t pleased with his treatment of Hilary Clinton during the town hall debate (he was out of his league and shouldn’t have been chosen to conduct the interview). Further, his behavior towards Ann Curry was atrocious. I am not surprised by this action. Why not Bring back Ann Curry?

  9. MM35 says:


    • Sarah Thompson says:

      Jerald Rae Because they were afraid to. People like you are the reason why victims don’t come forward. If men don’t want to be punished for sexual assault, then they should stop sexually assaulting.

    • Sphagnum P. I. says:

      Stephen Hawking fingered Judge Judy’s crack!
      29 Nov 2017 (FNN) Science giant with really big brain told reporters today, “I thought I was groping Hillary Clinton!”

    • Josef Mengele Nazi says:

      @Sarah, what’s sexual assault for you moron?

  10. Ed says:

    Kelly Meagan turned him in! Then said …..RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!!!

  11. jasobres says:

    Boy, you think you know someone for a long time, and they turn out to be a complete and utter monster.

    • Wildflower Honeybee says:

      jasobres do we know this for sure…were you there? No. Watch yourself you are a dude? It could be you next!!

    • Mathin3D says:

      How do you know that? What if it was revenge? The dude is tall not ugly, women are not readily bothered by their advances until rejection or until they do not get their way

    • jasobres says:

      The difference between me and all these other men is that these guys were born in a century where it was considered okay to flirt with other women. I am only 30 years old and autistic. I can’t even get the guts to even _speak_ to a girl I don’t even know.

  12. Israeli Commando says:

    2022 Kid asks father: what?!? males were once reporters?!?

  13. Carole Nash says:

    If all these people are being fired for sexual misconduct accusations, then that lunatic in the White House should be the first to go. WHY aren’t you discussing that?? WHY are people who have the ways and means to say this stuff to the world. TRUMP is a sexual predator. He must be fired. BROADCAST that!

    • Josephine Bournes says:

      trevor welch Is this sarcasm??? Please help me understand your statement.

    • Bradley Vaughn says:

      The only way you could have made this comment better is if you ended it with a *mic drop*

    • LeeLou says:

      Carole Nash Would you be this upset if all these guys getting fired were from the conservative side of life?

    • James McCutchan says:

      Carole Nash how in the heck does the president have anything to do with matt laur? guess it was ok when bill clinton did it.

    • LeeLou says:

      Bradley Vaughn I don’t think anyone should get away with sexually assaulting someone, but there is a difference here between Trump and Lauer (and the others). Trump (if he did do anything) did them on his own free time. He was not president yet. These people committed their acts while being employed for someone else, thus, their employers fired them per company policy. As for Carole Nash asking why Trumps stuff wasn’t being reported…it was! These leftist hypocrites went on and on about it for a long time (all while some of them were being perverts behind the scenes themselves).

  14. Pegasis3 says:

    The left is eating itself… couldn’t be more enjoyable to witness

  15. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    0:03 grabs her coworkers hand. If a man did that, it would be sexual assault and termination of employment.

  16. Chet Lemon says:

    Always nice to see leftists eat their own.

  17. astroboy royale says:

    Yay another Trump hater bites the dust, they’re dropping like flies! Christmas is coming early this year it’s wonderful: Weinstein, Spacey, Franken, Conyers, Rose and now Lauer 🙂

  18. Destiny Lab says:

    Question… when are the women from the Today show going to be fired for their sexual misconduct on air?? Double standard much?

  19. Rose A.h. says:

    ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!!! Matt and the cast of #TodayShow was #bullying Ann curry…HE ALWAYS HAD ISSUES WE SAW. BUT @TODAYshow TOOK YOU SO LONG TO FINALLY DO SOMETHING………

  20. The Concertaholic says:

    I’d love to see the grin on Ann Curry’s face right now

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