Matthew Perry Takes The Friends Apartment Quiz – The Graham Norton Show

Matthew Perry Takes The Friends Apartment Quiz – The Graham Norton Show

Matthew Perry answers some classic Friends questions. How many did you get right?

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20 Responses

  1. ASloaneRanger says:

    Matthew Perry looks thrilled to be there

  2. Hello Goodbye says:

    Professor Sprout! :D

  3. Yo Mamma says:

    Perry’s like: “I quit drinking for this?”

  4. Alex Creed says:

    He’s slurring his words a lot, is he okay? I know he had a history with
    drugs and alcohol, I just hope he’s okay.

  5. Pier Mulholland-Kohli says:

    Very challenging

  6. Katie Comfort says:

    He’s a lot better at FRIENDS trivia than Courtney Cox lol

  7. Marie B says:

    +1 this if you want to be stuck in an ATM vestibule with Matthew Perry.

  8. Fuzion180 says:

    I’m still watching Friends daily! lol know it so much, I know what they’re
    gonna say before they say it. God damn it I hate seeing the actors growing
    older though 🙁 WHY GOD WHYYYY!! big credit to the writers of this show
    though, they made it what it is

  9. Darice Cobb says:

    Graham took it very, very easy on Matthew…I hope he can wrestle his inner
    demons before they overtake him instead of him overtaking them… as I wish
    for everyone.

  10. Jenelle Soller says:

    Omg yes the ATM vestibule! Lol

  11. Nintendo Impact Gaming! says:

    It’s sad that he can’t make the reunion!! ???????

  12. Sebastian Koehn says:

    u ROCK mATTEW !

  13. nana blue says:

    he’s not very amused…

  14. Mr D.W. Crider says:

    He sounds like Larry Flynt.

  15. YupVideoFever says:

    He was absolutely brilliant in the show. I think, I know why he can’t do
    the reunion (maybe I would do the same…).
    Hope, he has guts to reconsider.

  16. Vamanos Ninja says:

    Is something wrong with his mouth? It seems swollen or something.

  17. Caffeinated Nation says:

    Is it me or is he just slurring a lot?

  18. Nawazish Chowdhury says:

    that lady in the back!! like a brunette Margot Robbie. Gawd Damn.

  19. Anisa Romano says:

    Chandler was in charge of getting the WENUS out at work.

  20. OU81TWOZ 46 says:

    Matthews speech seems slow.