Max Kellerman: Anthony Davis will eclipse LeBron James as best player in NBA | First Take | ESPN

Max Kellerman: Anthony Davis will eclipse LeBron James as best player in NBA | First Take | ESPN

Max Kellerman predicts LeBron James won’t win MVP for the 2018-19 NBA season as Anthony Davis will take the crown as the best player in the NBA.

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105 Responses

  1. ShowTime says:

    This is coming from a guy that said the Raptors would beat LeBron LMAO

  2. fernnoli says:

    Durant is better than AD. I’m confused

    • Jwan Curry says:

      If he is better carry a team. AD the next best superstar carrying a team. That’s why

    • Fresh Mann says:

      AD is a better all around player.KD is just a better scorer. Thats why KD doesn’t get a ring without Golden State. So he can’t be that great man.

    • Jon155 says:

      #Dubnation Why did KD singlehandedly carry their whole team in game 3 of a 2nd straight Finals while steph had a whopping 11 points? ???

    • str8duval says:

      TheUndefeatedOfTheEast People do hate that he went to the Warriors but that’s not the only reason. KD will the best player on his team maybe 30 or 40 games during the season so it’s not really possible to judge him fully considering there will be plenty games where the other stars will have better games than him. AD will have that responsibility every night

    • Tyler! says:

      Ad is a monster

  3. Vasilia Votzi says:

    Max forgot to take his medication this morning

  4. Padraig Cahill says:

    AD MVP next season

  5. Mr.Sauceman X says:

    No he won’t. Mvp or not, LeBron will be the best for at least the next 2 seasons. KD is 2nd.

  6. Ram Rampersaud says:

    You said this like a year or two ago, stfu

  7. Mohamed Houmeidi says:

    kd cant become the best player bc he is on a team with too much talent

  8. Roman Reigns says:

    Hey you the one scrolling down the comments I hope you have a good day !!!

  9. Austin Rude says:

    Same dude that said bron would get bounced by Toronto

  10. Klay Thompson says:

    “Blake Griffin will take over the league from Lebron” ~ Espn 2009

    “Kawhi Leonard will take over the league from Lebron” ~ Espn 2014

    “Ben Simmons will take over the league from Lebron” ~ Espn 2015

    “Steph Curry will take over the league from Lebron” ~ Espn 2016

    “Giannis Antentokoumpo will take over the league from Lebron” ~ Espn 2017

    “Anthony Davis will take over the league from Lebron” ~ Espn 2018

  11. Go Wavy says:

    Gotta ask yourself this; If A.D was on POR, who will be that guy on offense? Dame.

    If he was on BOS, who would be that go to guy on offense? Irving.

    If he was on GS, who would be that go to guy on offense? KD.

    Bron is better than all those guys, how then can A.D surpass James? People gotta start thinking before they talk. Didn’t learn your lesson from Carson Wentz MVP $hit Max?

    • Go Wavy says:

      A.D will not be the guy over Dame or Irving, especially Irving whom hit the GW against the greatest team of all time. Bron himself told Lue to give Irving the ball with the title on the line. So if LBJ deferred to Ky, what makes you think A.D will be the go to guy?

    • Kraig Washington-Ross says:

      Go Wavy without LeBron….kyrie doesn’t even get to the finals. LOL you do realize bron made the play to give kyrie the chance to hit the buzzer. But that wasn’t even my agrument , I’ve seen what kyrie can do with the BEST player in the league and another co-star(k love)…but has kyrie gotten to the playoffs by himself??? I’ve at least seen dame and AD finesse their way into the playoffs. But like I said I would never pass up a FRANCHISE player for an ELITE scorer.

    • Kraig Washington-Ross says:

      Check the cavs previous records before LeBron came…not so hot is it??? And he was the go to guy there without a doubt . what happened?

    • James Duke says:

      Go Wavy I agree with you on the NBA stuff but Carson Wentz was clearly the best player in the NFL last year and I believe he would’ve definitely won it had he not got injured at the end of the season

    • Łeone says:

      Go Wavy lmfao u just lied on 2 of 3 of them AD will be the number 1 guy on the blazers and the Celtics cause he better then kyrie and dame and if he was on y gsw he do would be tied with curry and KD for number 1 dumbass lmfao ur retarded and AD is better then bron at everything besides passing

  12. Stunna P says:

    *MVP is a joke now. There’s no way LeBron can have a better regular season than he did last year. But they’ll give it to him. When they should give it to him EVERY YEAR if we’re taking to word VALUABLE seriously*

  13. George Bran says:

    The clippers are better without chris Paul- MAX KELLERMAN 2017

  14. Marcus Holloway says:

    Hell naw i could see if he said durant

  15. John50 Beach says:

    KD did a number on AD without Steph in game 1 so stfu max

  16. Jemila Momoh says:

    Lol imagine saying AD is the best player in the NBA while Lebron, KD, and Steph are still in the league??. These are all Champions and Future Hall of Famers stop downgrading these players and overating others!!

    • Saatvik Anumalasetty says:

      Curry ain’t falling off lmao. Ray Allen was a reliable player until age 37. I am sure curry is going to have same or better production than Ray Allen when he was age 35 or so. The current players that are more likely to fall off at that age are players like Westbrook.

    • Phil Kelly says:

      Saatvik Anumalasetty “Looney was clamping AD”. You do know AD averaged 27 and 14 against the Warriors in the playoffs right?

    • M Will says:

      Jemila Momoh Max is just making another “hot take” to drive up the TV ratings.

    • Frankie Nelson says:

      You’re bringing team accomplishments and older players career achievements into an objective discussion of who the best player is. Swap KD for AD and AD has those same credentials.

    • joker says:

      That’s like saying a 26 year old Jordan ain’t the best in the league because Magic Johnson and Isaiah Thomas are older and both future hall of famers

  17. Paradox and Friends says:

    Y’all sleepin on JR Smith ?

  18. KOLUX 97 says:

    so suddenly Lebron KD and Curry all of them retired

  19. A Friendly Hobo says:

    Imagine AD in a laker uniform.
    LeBron – Magic
    AD- Kareem

  20. Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl says:

    Max hates the Warriors (and especially KD) so much…that he thinks AD is a better scorer than KD. The DISRESPECT for KD is strong in this guy.

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