Maxine Waters On Viral ‘Reclaiming My Time’ & Gospel Rendition

Maxine Waters On Viral ‘Reclaiming My Time’ & Gospel Rendition

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20 Responses

  1. Rene Lemus says:

    I think we should work together to make this country for everyone! Not just for the rich!!

  2. Moses King says:

    When the most exciting member of your party is a 70 year old, your party has serious issues. Perhaps if the democratic party could focus on something other than identity politics (cause “misgendering” is obviously the top issue in America) maybe they could have a chance……

  3. iloveu85 says:

    Oh dear Lord, please clap on beat! Lol!

  4. Kim Bristow says:

    I ❤ auntie maxine!

  5. FreakyMarko says:


  6. spsaunde says:

    The Democratic Party need to get it together. They need to work on being a grassroot party and build strong ideologies. There is so much Auntie Maxine can do. Even in the Democratic Party there are elitist, if not racist. They need to get ride of the notions that they are above the people, but think instead they are the people.

  7. Dave Lb says:

    why dont they/she talk about all hillarys downfalls? like she would be any better right? shes the worst. Trump aint no saint but the clintons are just as bad if not much worse

  8. Daniel D says:

    “Reclaiming my time” is also what Trump’s mother said about her pregnancy

  9. M Blake Jr says:

    25 yrs of “service”….my god, the founders are flipping in their graves. Maxine lives in a mansion in a poor district….wow

  10. ernest747 says:

    crazy liberals

    chairs are not supposed to be danced your fat asses on.

  11. iKnowTech says:

    Just moved into her district, and I will be voting her out!

  12. Norsk Amerikaner says:

    The poster child for term limits! … Move back to your mansion in LA you hypocrite!

  13. John Johnson says:

    Absolute twit.

  14. jonny davis says:

    Maxine Waters is only on the view because she is a black women who back talked a white man. if she back talked a black women or a black man she wouldn’t be on the show.

    Stop Pinning Men And Women Against Each Other


  15. beatmachinist says:

    waters is pure filth

  16. 12vinyl says:

    She’s dumber than a box of rocks.

  17. tony b says:


  18. Mataio Guerra says:

    Maxine Waters is a career swamp gutter rat that has been stealing from the American Public for years.

  19. cr zy says:

    How is this trending?

  20. Corey Boone says:

    Love you @Mykal Kilgore (singer)

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