May 17 Live Broadcast: Atlas V USSF-7

May 17 Live Broadcast: Atlas V USSF-7

Watch live as ULA’s Atlas V rocket lifts off from Cape Canaveral with the USSF-7 mission for the U.S. Space Force and U.S. Air Force. The launch is planned for May 17 at 9:14 a.m. EDT

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42 Responses

  1. Ryan Korn says:

    Where is the rest of this live feed? I’m Missing it!!!!

  2. Nik Nisa says:

    Start in 24.09 min …

  3. Scott Clark says:

    I’ve seen nothing and waiting

    • Little Mac says:

      I think you meant to say, “I’ve seen nothing, and I’m waiting.” Otherwise your sentence implies that you have seen nothing, and that you’ve also “seen” waiting (whatever that means). Change your comment so it’s grammatically correct. Now.

  4. Swamp Fox says:


  5. Natmanprime says:

    Nice and straight launch! Amazing …what’s with all the thanks godmamit

  6. surfsup2uk says:

    Thunderbirds are go 😂😂😂

  7. Scott Gauer says:

    Man that thing really crept off the pad. So slow without any solids

  8. K L says:

    Finally America back in the saddle!👍

  9. Randy Watson says:

    Is ULA running a quarantine mustache competition? Tory is winning.

  10. Sander says:

    I always wonder why the live streams about Space (Launches) other than the ones from SpaceX look like they are from the 80’s.

    • Devin Dykstra says:

      I thought it looked fine, what’s wrong with it?

      Edit: ok, I understand now. The stream is fine but the technology is literally from the 80’s. SpaceX is landing and reusing their boosters several times while ULA just drops their spent boosters in the ocean.

    • Bett says:

      That’s because SpaceX likes to put on a show with their broadcasts. Now these launches are by no means boring but they aren’t as exciting as watching a three story tower land on a boat so obviously SpaceX is going to appear to be cooler.

    • Bish B says:

      It’s because they are still stuck in the 80s. That’s what happens when you live of government teats.

    • Mi View says:


    • Man 978 says:

      @Mi View 😂😂

  11. Nancy Massi says:

    Comm man was on board this time

  12. Péter Fazakas says:

    Where was the landing burn? 😀

  13. Michael Stern says:

    When will the atlas booster be recovered and reused ?

    • Doc Nathan says:

      They don’t recover the booster, but when the similar Vulcan rocket has its first flight, the first stage engines will be reusable.

  14. cliffhanger777 says:

    I love when you wear camo in an office setting. Hint: I can still see you 😉

  15. Gene Shogran says:

    Watched it from my front porch

  16. Spider Yarasa says:

    Congrats!!!! I love USA so much….

  17. Space Aviator says:

    very exited that the launch went well.
    Congrats to ULA for the launch.

  18. Doc Nathan says:

    It hurts to see an Atlas V without solids

  19. Nelson Nissley says:

    ULA broadcasts are getting better. Live feeds from the rocket, better graphics and tracking. This is the best one so far, for ULA. The other two rocket companies are still better, but ULA is starting to catch up.

  20. Comrade Moist Nugget #0101 says:

    Can we just get mechs. I want to see some live action Gundum.

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