McCain’s daughter, Trump, Obama react to McCain’s death

McCain’s daughter, Trump, Obama react to McCain’s death

Meghan McCain, President Trump and former President Obama make statements on the passing of John McCain, Arizona senator and former Republican presidential candidate.

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96 Responses

  1. Edward Bash says:

    The obituary of Senator McCain will emphasize his integrity, courage and service to the nation. The eventual obituary of the current occupant of the White House will be silent on these virtues.

    • Harald Harster says:

      He really served the nation well by directing US resources towards terrorists in Syria and Libya and for shilling for disastrous regime changes all over the place. I’m very happy that McCain is now just a corpse. I’m even happier that he never got the top job he so desperately wanted (being a power hungry attention whore and all), and that no one will even remember him ten years from now.

    • Tammy Wines says:

      Why not lies are so easy to write down. The truth takes real integrity something most know nothing about. I hope he found peace because he caused much pain in the world !!

    • James Watts-Calkin says:

      Have you seen our president? Now there is a power hungry whore.

    • Michael Egan says:

      Excellent time and place lmaooo. Cmon man. Do better

  2. brandonisi says:

    He was the spine of the GOP, one of the last remaining republicans who could smell Trumps BS from a mile away. He never backed down. Did not agree with him politically on most issues, but I completely respected him.

    • BizWiz says:

      Chris Henson
      _News Flash kiddo:_ *EVERY,* politician in Washington in one way or another has blood on his or her hands. Take a wild guess who’s included in that. Yep, you guess it. The big orange clown. 😎

    • Rick Sanchez C137 says:

      He was a RINO looking out for whatever the liberal billionaires paid him to look out for… if Soros said vote for Obamacare, McCain voted for Obamacare, if Soros said vote against the Second Amendment, McCain voted for laws violating The American Constitution. He was a corrupt piece of shit. End of story.

    • Dale Gribble says:

      BizWiz Which wars has Trump started again?

    • Vera Valadez says:

      He was not a true Republican he would vote with the Dems. When you say he never backed down he did with Obummer !! Even though Obummer wasn’t very nice to him !!! He wouldn’t say the things that he said to Trump !!!! He didn’t want to be called a racist !!!

    • Red skull says:

      He was war criminal and coward.he dead like he is burning in the hell

  3. Yohance Reece says:

    McCain is a brother and legendary man his legacy and contributions to not only America but to the world of politics will never be forgotten he has been immortalized in the pages of history standing up for good never waivering in the face of tyranny

    • Harald Harster says:

      Lost in Vietnam, lost the 2000 primaries, lost the ’08 election. All the wars he shilled for were losses for the US (except for the arms dealers). A true loser’s loser. He was only a senator, anyway, so he’s far from immortalized. In a few years you won’t even remember who he was.

    • Ctwo First says:

      “Harald Harster” Have some respect.

    • Harald Harster says:

      You have some respect for the victims of his policies. I have NO respect for that pile of shit mccain or anyone who acts like he was at all honorable. The world is better off with mccain the corpse rather than mccain the neocon shill senator.

  4. Chris Rock says:

    I pray that he does Rest In Peace God bless him and his family..

  5. Gloria Garcia says:

    I see why FOX news commentors were blocked. The hatred is exploding and destroying this country faster than any outsiders.

    • Ya boi JJ says:

      +mr powerline lmao what is your problem like I cant evenπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you got some issues

    • Paul Metcalf says:

      little carrery
      Quite the contrary from an empty fake channel McCain supporting BOT.
      PS: BOTS have fake empty channels like yours.

    • Dale Gribble says:

      Man, leftists have a short attention span. Ten years ago Hollywood, mainstream media, and YOU were calling him all the same names you call Trump now. Must be convenient to forget everything you need to whenever you need to. The rest of us didn’t forget, though. And trust us, McCain was a very bad person.

    • Middle Man says:

      Bondee101 No Shit Bond!!…Dems are nothing but hate and violence

    • Kimberly Putnam says:

      Exactly what Putin’s plan was from the beginning. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” A. Lincoln

  6. Ozzie Clausell says:

    Lived as as Hero and Will forever be remembered as such, thank you Sir not just for your service but for being a great man. Rest in eternal peace πŸ™

  7. mrbright0842 says:

    Who in the hell dislikes a video like this you have no morals or ethics! May this great man rest in peace, a true American loving hero.

    • peakpower13 says:

      If you only knew. Wetstart McCain was responsible for 175 dead soldier on the USS Forestal. And there’s more. Not a hero. a Songbird.

    • Adrian Caraballo says:

      Whatever ever stomp the dirt down.

    • HighOnAmmo says:

      Same guys who tell you to kill yourself in online discussions and says racial slurs. People just trying to be dicks because they have a shitty life. Honestly.

    • TheFatPakYak kk says:

      The better question is why are people LIKING the video? Do they like the fact that hes dead? Or are the people disliking the video dislike the fact that he’s dead.

  8. Creek Walker says:

    I just want to say; I hope the republicans appreciated John McCain as much as the democrats did. America has lost one of it’s favorite sons. R.I.P. hero.

  9. lord luvs me says:

    RIP Sen. McClain, a hard-working Patriot. No Trump! Wow but yes to Obama, that tell you something about the character of these men.

  10. Gerald Murrill says:

    There are few Republicans that I have good things to say about, but John McCain was a real American hero. Rest In Peace Admiral John McCain. From one veteran to another, a final salute.

  11. EarlyTrail ET says:

    How can trump say he does not like captured american soldiers, and yet the unpatriotic judas country traitors supporters of trump, keep supporting that deserter trump, who refused to defend america, because he forgot in what foot, he had bone spur?!?!?!

    • Seeker2 Above says:

      EarlyTrail ET I’ll tell you…. because of the hidden things he did. My prayer is that AMERICA will open their eyes to corruption in AMERICA. Prayers to all that suffered because of this man. People can be good and do bad things.

    • Mark Levin says:

      Lets not forget that many Trump supporters are also fans of three of The USA’s enemies. The Nazi party and the CSA and now Russia….. cocksucking traitors indeed.

    • Harald Harster says:

      greg fakerson, “called up,” “enlisted in the draft,” blah blah blah. OK. Don’t you see my point though? He was smart to get out of going one way or another. The Vietnam War was a losing venture that the US had no business involving itself with. It would be cowardly not to go to a war where there was some actual legitimate stake for your country, but what did it matter to Trump and to the US public what type of government Vietnam had? And besides, if Trump went to Vietnam, he’d have a loss on his record, and Trump is a winner!

    • EarlyTrail ET says:

      These mindless trump supporters are beyond boundaries of shame shame shame, here they support a pedophile president, who said he would like to have sex with ivanka, if she was not his daughter, i have two daughters myself, i cant even imagine it, to be ssso sick, that i would speak about my own children like trump, and say if my children were not my children, i would like to have sex with them, how low can these trump supporters go, everything trump does is good in this trump cult followers eyes, trump cant do nothing wrong in their eyes, as long as he is a nazi, the ku klux klan will keep worshipping that prophet of racism trump, i promise you all, these trump supporters will become the new niggers, and im not talking about niggaz at all whatsoever, but im saying that trump supporters are the new nigger, no civilization wild apes who think that a banana is a apple!

  12. nukestrom says:

    Now Sen. McCain is gone, GOP is just nothing but a pile of trash. He was the last decent republican in the senate.

  13. Shauntee Thomason says:

    The World has lost a great man. RIP Sir.

    • Adrian Caraballo says:

      No the world has lost a war criminal a salesman for the military industrial complex and oligarch ownership class policys.

  14. FUNNY SMS says:

    One of the only Republicans I admired. He believed in country first then party…as it should be.
    R.I.P Mr. Mcain…yours will be tough shoes to fill.

  15. aranphor says:

    I am saddened McCain didn’t get to see the end of the Trump Abomination.

    • Harald Harster says:

      Isn’t it great?! Trump will be in the White House, Putin will be in the Kremlin, and Assad will be in Damascus all while loser mccain is in the ground!!!

    • Chris Henson says:

      Trump hasn’t done evil like mcain so read a book fool.

    • Gabriel Roque says:

      +Harald Harster wow. What the fuck is wrong with you? McCain was one of the last true Americans in GOP, he clearly stood with the country’s true values. Unfortunately we are being left with the Laughable Trump and all the Republican Asskissers that are beneath him that are driven only by greed

  16. monjapuppy2009 says:

    Donald Trumps statement means NOTHING!!

    • Peter Crouch says:

      monjapuppy2009 Guys chech out this state of the art VAPE. it’s badass β€”β€”>

    • Donkeykongfederersucks says:



    • Little hercules says:

      Trump wants to kiss you

    • Chris Henson says:

      He shouldn’t of said anything at all after all the damage mcains done to lybia,syria and iraq and arming terrorists and behind the coup attempt on a sitting president.

    • Ty Perdon says:

      Just like your life

  17. Randi Young says:

    No way in hell that Trump wrote that tweet. Firstly, he’s NEVER respected Senator McCain in any regard. Secondly, it’s spelled correctly.

  18. qwervqwe vqwevqwev says:

    Trump has no class.

    • nthnpark0 says:

      qwervqwe vqwevqwev Neither do his supporters. I loved how they laughed when Trump said John McCain “is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” when Trump himself dodged the draft like six times. Trump and his supporters can go to hell.

  19. anukkzima von says:

    Great man this nation lost, 😒😞 i keep a minute because en the last years he try to do the right thing, we lost good man.. unfortunate bad guy still here,. Condolences for the family and for all nation Requiem for a good man ..a person who really stand for USA.

  20. Quasiiii says:


    • Eliot Fesz says:

      So that also means that illegal immigrants would be able to vote for Trump as well correct? Seriously think before you respond it goes both ways

    • HighOnAmmo says:

      he understands it but you do realize when you have a large ego that resigning as the president is not an option lol kids really think trump is dumb…nah hes just not a president kinda guy…this guy seriously didn’t mean to get elected and no one believes that’s possible…seriously he got elected through random chance and the fact that over the top liberal whore was running against him and the only other choice we really had was Sanders which was a nice thought but electing Grandpa Gives Everyone A $100 aint gonna change shit. Everytime the gov’t sends me a check for some shit I spend that shit so quick like I never had it and that never helps anyone in the long run. Real shit. lol

    • mike k says:

      Well clearly they did because he was elected lol.

    • TheFatPakYak kk says:

      +Aaron Luffreno If the popular vote was the sole decising factor of an election states like Cali, NY, and florida would determine who becomes president. And that would be a horrible thing. If you dont understand that look into why electoral votes are a thing

    • Aaron Luffreno says:

      I agree, my comment was sarcasm….EC has been working fine for over 200 years, no need to change it because Dems don’t like the outcome.

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