Meanwhile… America’s Record-High Cheese Surplus

Meanwhile… America’s Record-High Cheese Surplus

Sometimes you have to read past the headlines to learn about the lesser-known news stories. Or just watch this edition of ‘Meanwhile…’

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77 Responses

  1. Justin D says:

    Meanwhile the white house ordered 500 cheeseburgers to feed the Clemson football team. I suppose trump’s way of helping out the cheese industry.

  2. Tracymmo says:

    I’d love to see the Capitol wrapped in cheese. Could be a Jeanne-Claude and Christo art installation.

  3. Giovanny Rosales says:

    meanwhile am off to go buy Pringles and wine and maybe a hamberder

  4. Ryukachoo says:

    If wine Pringles woman was from any state OTHER than Florida I’m going to have to re-evaluate my entire world view.

  5. New Message says:

    America: Where cheese is sold by the yard.

  6. New Message says:

    ‘Chef’s Banquet’ is an emergency/prepper ration company. America’s preparing to hunker down and survive an apocalypse, and come out the bunker fatter than it went in.

    • Thread Bomb says:

      Is that the same junk Jim Bakker sells on his show?

    • Hans Kjerulf says:

      Or perhaps die of cardiac arrest inside of their bunkers.

    • Collin McLean says:

      +Thread Bomb Yes and that stuff is so bad it makes MREs seem like a gourmet meal…

    • HPWPAO says:

      +Collin McLean MRE aint too bad though, Id take em over pizza hut or Applebees anyday

    • Dan1984 says:

      Thread Bomb

      Indeed it is haha.

      It’s hilarious watching Bakker, and his followers; who look like extras from Cocoon, trying to sell buckets of slop to geriatric religious survivalist fanatics, who think the world is going to end.

      If the world did end, I’d rather go out with it, than have to subsist on those giant buckets of…well, shit haha.

      I don’t know how anyone could believe a word Jim Bakker says about anything. I wouldn’t believe him if his tongue was notarised.

      I mean; when even scumfucks like Jerry Falwell call you a liar, embezzler and a sexual deviant, you must be one horrible bastard haha.

      Falwell was also a wretched human being.
      I remember, when Falwell died, Christopher Hitchens said: “If they gave Falwell an enema, they could bury him in a matchbox” – which is one of my favourite quotes of all time haha.

      But, back to Bakker.

      He’s a convicted fraudster, who should probably still be in jail now, for all the shit he’s done: praying on the gullible and the stupid, to enrich himself, with the ridiculous, immoral “prosperity theology”, that he used to preach.

      And he got away with a lot more, than he was actually convicted on.

      I mean, he paid off a women, with funds funnelled from his company, and was forced to step down.
      The woman claimed Bakker, and another arsehole preacher, had drugged and raped her in a hotel room…holy fuck!

      Bakker claimed it was a setup, and that the sex was consensual.
      But, knowing what a corrupt, lying fraudster he is, I find it rather difficult to believe the narrative he tried to spin.

      Especially when you consider the fair old chunk of change he had to pay, to silence her: it was somewhere in the region of a quarter of a million dollars; and those are early 80’s dollars.
      Probably be closer to a million, with today’s rates.

      Anyway, I’ve droned on enough about scumbag preachers: I just always enjoy watching these liars get caught with their hands in the cookie jar…or, in a lot of cases, with their hands in another man’s pants haha.

      I’m just glad someone else thought of that old fraudster, when Mr. Colbert brought up the buckets of slop: it was the very first thing I thought of haha.

      All the best.

  7. Terra shine says:

    Mr.Colbert is as awesome as he is funny.
    Greetings from my country Mr.Colbert.

  8. New Message says:

    I do love me a can of Drinkles.

  9. Dan1984 says:

    “This is how she started her day!”

    I think it sounds more like how she continued her previous night’s activities.

    We’ve all been there: when the quiet evening out, turns into rather large night out; then, before you know it, it’s 9am, and you’re riding a cart around the supermarket, drinking wine from a Pringles tube…

    Actually, that sounds very similar to how a lot of my university friends handled their studies…

    • Therese Martin says:

      Dan1984 Maybe she just works the graveyard shift and the mornings are really her evenings…sometimes you need a drink after a hard days work since no bars are open at 9 there’s always Walmart!

    • C Lockett says:

      I think they left out that she was wearing a maga hat and shouting, “what the hell did I do”.

    • Mike Hegarty says:

      +Therese Martin that’s possible, I’ve gotten plenty of looks and comments while drinking a cold one in the motel at 8:30 am after a 10-12 hr shift. Most ppl chuckle as I explain it’s my 5:30 pm.
      Another possibility is she drinks like that all day every day. Who knows for sure. I’m thinking the latter since she carries it everywhere she goes and disguises it. Sounds like it’s not her first go round. I don’t think she bought it there or she wouldn’t have gone back into the store to do more laps. Lol

    • David Cappadoccia says:

      C Lockett stole a MAGA hat for one thing.

    • C Lockett says:

      +David Cappadoccia I’m confident she didn’t arrive at the Walmart with the Pringles can nor the wine

  10. Tracy Forbes says:

    Donate it to Donald, he could use it to begin his wall.

  11. Steph Anie says:

    It’s PRESIDENT Nacho Dumpster to you, sir.

  12. Juliet V says:

    I want some ? Oreo cookies ? ? now

  13. Der Weber says:

    Hate to break it to you, dear brothers and sisters across the pond, but your cheese sucks! Bearly edible at best. Thank god you kinda seem to realize this : >
    A swiss person

  14. Darren Krivit says:

    That Walmart lady IS America!! ??

  15. Mumsiken says:

    Maybe we can put the cheese ? in the doomsday bunker along with the Mac n cheese.

  16. 1kparmar says:

    Shopping cart with Pringles and wine, then stop for a quick joint, then off to the Whitehouse for a hamburger 🙂 Living the American dream hehe.

  17. Kathleen Chapman says:

    Trumps problem solved build a cheese wall job done.

    • DuhIdiot says:

      But the army of terrorist rapist muslim bad dudes would just eat their way through the wall and…

      *look of awe as realization dawns*

      …die of massive constipation before they can come take our jobs and genocide our whites! Fiendishly clever!

    • NaN says:

      Make the cheese so it’s not haram, problem solved.

    • Moonlit says:

      Mmmm. In the hot sun, just walk up to it with a bowl of chips and have a good time.

    • David Cappadoccia says:

      DuhIdiot that’s making the best of a stupid idea! Let’s make more! Seriously.

  18. cycoklr says:

    “….marijuana’s popularity among seniors.” Woodstock happened in the summer of 1969. Those who attended Woodstock are how old now?

  19. Luc Bac says:

    I almost chocked on a Pringle, then had to replay that.

    A woman riding a shopping cart drinking wine out of a Pringles can.

    First nominee for person of the year 2019.

  20. Robert Hilden says:

    Have they had the two young adults who run RLC, Robert and Margarita, on the show yet? RLC, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, brings unused food from the Colbert studio to people who need food. Colbert studio is one of many places that donated their leftovers, RLC has relocated enough food to make 1.7 million meals already. Give them the credit they deserve, and give them a shout out on the show, please!

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