Meanwhile… Corona Hard Seltzer Launches At The Worst Possible Time

Meanwhile… Corona Hard Seltzer Launches At The Worst Possible Time

“Coming ashore soon” reads the tagline of the ad campaign for new Corona Hard Seltzer, in perhaps the worst-timed product launch of all time. #Colbert #Comedy #Meanwhile

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78 Responses

  1. Cinna Prism says:

    Those pants are oompa loompa rip offs. Edit: People who associate Corona beer with the virus are beyond stupid and probably watch Fox news.

  2. Razelluxe says:

    “I can’t do it.”

    The only acceptable reaction to a bag of tater tots up the ass.

  3. Dimitry Ttt says:

    That Corona CNN article was misleading. Should not have used it. The survey asked ~700 ppl if they drink Corona at all (nothing related to thr virus). After that the survey was misleadingly represented.

    • Ben Willems says:

      So pretty much as is standard.
      Quick, call John Oliver :p

    • Eric Hoberg says:

      Is it true about the potatoes thawing out quicker up the arse? I’ve got half the bag up there now and don’t want to waste my time putting any more up there if it’s not true.

    • Derek D says:

      @Eric Hoberg Oh, it works. Pack ’em in there, bro.

    • CSharp says:

      Dimitry Ttt CNN aren’t the only ones who reported it that way. The survey was conducted by a pr firm, not CNN, and the CNN article does mention the poll was of 737 people. And the firm that conducted the poll apparently did mention the virus.

    • Vetreas says:

      @CSharp Mentioned it but not necessarily in connection to the 38% negative response. In fact, the small sample size and the fact that we don’t know exactly what questions were asked, how they were phrased and who they were asked to kinda shows a lot of flaws with this. It was designed to be a viral campaign and it worked with CNN not doing due diligence and actually posting this rubbish without y’know — actually investigating it.

      To put it another way, if they were to ask 1000 children between 10-13 years old if they would still be drinking Corona after the outbreak, the result being 100% negative (hopefully) wouldn’t tell us much because:
      A) they’re children and aren’t supposed to drink to start with
      B) 1000 is too small a sample size
      C) The question is inaccurate — it doesn’t establish causation, only correlation and timing.

      That’s why we are relying on the people who report this sorta shit to do due diligence and that’s why CNN dropped the ball. Sure, it’s a joke thing, but it doesn’t stop some people from believing it’s true without checking further and it leads to CNN’s name being dragged through the mud even more than it already is.

      In short: 10/10 reporting, would get deceived by major media again!

  4. LapinBeau says:

    LOL those pants… that is LITERALLY the stupidest outfit I have ever seen in my entire life!

  5. fatmn says:

    Nah, those 38% don’t want to be drinking Corona at the party that starts the outbreak in the US 🤣

  6. Petyr Kowalski says:

    Those pants make MC Hammers pants look like skinny jeans :-))

  7. DarkSoulSama says:

    Nobody is immune to the infectious flavour of Corona Hard Seltzer

  8. Lizmol Antony says:

    Well… that beer story, .now i know why trump is america’s president….

    • DRSNova says:

      That’s the sad truth. People not buying a product because it sounds like a completely unrelated thing that’s bad – they’re the same kind of unquestioning morons that believe a president is a genius at everything because he markets himself as just that.

    • feelingReckless13 says:

      Phil Defranco also covered that poll on his show this week, the poll had nothing to do with coronavirus, it was just about the brand itself – as in, people were not asked about the coronavirus, only corona beer. I’m not fond of the term ‘Fake News’, but it definitely seems like news outlets – and late night hosts, apparently – are perfectly willing to ignore context if it suits their ‘America is full of idiots’ narrative.

    • mr anderson says:

      Well he will win again so dealmw it

    • MrToasty says:

      Honestly I’m ashamed to be a part of America and how stupid people are. Like I literally could not believe my eyes when I saw that trump won the election. Like how can the average American vote for a person like that. AND THEY ARE DOING THE SAME THING WITH BIDEN. America pisses me off. The entire system is just terrible.

  9. Yasmin Stadler says:

    My mom watered an artificial orchid for over half a year – and we all assumed it was real bc of the looks 🤣

    • Connie Plum says:

      My dog was so convinced that my artificial tree was real that he lifted his leg on it. And then he thanked me for making his life just a little bit easier.

    • RK SMLMN says:

      I bet both women voted for trumpy, he is a fake POTUS

    • g mun22 says:

      @RK SMLMN
      The Mirror is a British tabloid newspaper, and the commenter above appears to be Swiss.

      How much would you like to bet?

    • Connie Plum says:

      @RK SMLMN …What? Not sure what your comment means but it doesn’t sound like you put much thought into it.

    • Creative Designation says:

      No offense to your mom, but how in the world can people not distinguish plants from plastic or fabric? I get, that it might look real, but have people not heard of using there other seses? Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone smart enough, to comprehend all the incredible stupidity people exhibit on a daily basis.

  10. U HU says:

    Just rename the beer Corona Vaccine. Problem solved.

  11. pepsidude2007 says:


    Me: “Someone in Florida” 🤣

  12. Gábor Králik says:

    Those pants give rise to the phrase “He wears his balls on his sleeve”.

    • Sanctum Sanctorum says:

      Ummm that’s not a phrase I’ve ever heard used.

      I have heard of or the phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve” but balls?


    • Moon Rise says:

      Never heard that phrase. And a sleeve is part of a shirt not pants

    • Gábor Králik says:

      @Moon Rise Of course you never heard that phrase since I was joking.

    • Herne Webber says:

      To those who never heard it before, DUH. He just made it up, hence the phrase, “give rise to.” Ya might wanna check your meds.

  13. Kate says:

    That model in red looks like he thinks his career has just ended.

  14. Amber Ambwee says:

    The blow up pants looks like when Randy gave his balls cancer to get medical weed. 😂

  15. Pit Friend says:

    People joke about Corona beer and the coronavirus. I remember back in the early 80s when AIDS was starting to take over the headlines and there used to be a product called Ayds candy that was supposed to help you lose weight by controlling your appetite. That was some unfortunate timing.

    • DragonSword says:

      There was also an “Aids” oreo type cookie product too.

    • d b says:

      How about, in the early 2000s, when dumbass Republicans were all anti-French (cuz they rightfully called bullshit on the lies the Bush administration were using to start a war) so retarded ‘Mericans started “boycotting” the French … Freedom Fries, Freedom toast, and other useful nonsense, was accompanied by the French’s mustard company needing to put out full page ads explaining that they were an American company and that their founder simply had the last name of French … cuz that how stupid ‘mericans roll.

    • Nate Higgins says:

      The question was “Would you buy corona beer now?” with no reference to the virus. I don’t drink beer, so my answer would be no. It’s bullshit.

  16. M. P. says:

    I bet that’s exactly what this designer sounds like when he talks…

  17. Chup Smith says:

    4:15 ; Anybody out there remember the chocolate weight lost supplement from the 80s called……’Ayds’…..really, no joke ^_^:

  18. Eliphas Leary says:

    You drop in the pool wearing those pants, you’ll drown feet up.

  19. Glenn Conklin says:

    Years ago when I was a kid staying at my grandmother’s she asked me and my sister to water all her plants for her. She did it every day, it was then we realized they were all plastic. That’s when we started watching grandma a lot closer.

  20. sfbuck415 says:

    I guess that means skinny jeans are done. and now there’s something worse.

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