Meanwhile… ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Over

Meanwhile… ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Over

Meanwhile… The final season of ‘Game of Thrones’ is officially over, but its fanbase can’t get over how much they hated it.

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77 Responses

  1. AntiFaith says:

    I am emotionally broken, depressed, and I feel betrayed on a deeply personal level. Also, GOT ended, so ya that sucks too

    • jeck jeck says:

      +Super Mojo
      Harder daddy!

    • CSharp says:

      Where has all the reading comprehension gone, long time ago? ?

    • HeresFrank Betches says:

      For those who is sad or depressed about the fact that GOT has ended:

      – Rewatch The Lord of The Rings trilogy
      – Read The Wheel Of Time
      – The new series about the Middle-Earth will be shot in several years. We have to wait and enjoy.
      – The series about the Witcher should be released this winter
      – Check the Last Kingdom series (Martin loved it)
      – TES 6 will be out one day and we will live happily ever after
      – There’s a hope that the last two books will someday be released. We will immerse in that story again, so don’t worry

      Your home task for this weekend: gather your friends and play Dungeons & Dragons ?

    • Dark Wizard says:

      that’s what game of thrones is about, ever since the death in season 1 you should of seen it coming.

    • Irgend Jemand says:

      +HeresFrank Betches Or just eat a truckload of chocolate (that’s what I did). I’m optimistic that in a month or so I’ll stop asking myself WWWHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY……???!!!

  2. Joshua Clougherty says:

    Cersei – takes 8 seasons to develop character and remove from iron throne

    Dany – 30 minutes from victor to overthrown

    • mori1bund says:

      +Ivares Kesner The end of book 5 is setting up an at least darker Daenerys, as she decides to embracy her Tararyen side from now on. This COULD be the first step. Of course GRRM will make this much smarter than D&D.

    • Eris Rotavele says:

      +KD Brat considering these people tried to kill her many times and in many cases leaving her enemies alive would’ve led to rebellion i feel her past actions were justified. She was very impulsive but she was trying not to be and used to listen to her advisers. She wasn’t mad though. She certainly didn’t get aroused by watching people burn like her daddy did. She even gave Varys a fair warning long ago. What she never did, was hurt the innocent. She locked up her dragons for the death of one child, she tried to protect the women getting raped by the dothraki, she couldn’t watch the barbaric “gladiator fights” in Mereen. She never enjoyed watching innocents suffer. So yeah, they kinda fucked up in episode 5 and 6. Her explanations and justifications were so bad, i was surprised Emilia Clarke wasn’t laughing while performing. I truly don’t mind a mad Daenerys, whats more entertaining than a crazy lady with a dragon trying to burn the world down. I just wanted a proper descent into madness. She didn’t get that. So far she has been a usurper fighting the most despicable kind of people: Slavers, tyrants and ruthless murderers and rapists and to counter Tyrions weak ass argument, that her kill list is longer than the others. All of her enemies would’ve done far worse with the dragons and army she had. Just because we had people being critical of her on the show and comparing her to her dad, because they fear she might end up there, doesn’t mean she actually showed the signs of madness. They should’ve gone with another season depicting her going mad and giving Cersei more screen time, as well as making Jon less of a wimp.

    • John Pliskin says:

      +TonyTony dany has been murdering people for the duration of the show, doing so in the name of freedom doesn’t make it any better

    • John Pliskin says:

      +Chronistic tyrion had been cautioning her since he became her hand not to push things too far

    • Ivares Kesner says:

      +Mate Jebach
      They don’t need a dragon during PMS, most turn into one.

  3. Cosmo Joe says:

    Skinheads from maine Flashback

  4. Alquimista says:

    But I do like to talk to the Uber driver! Probably its me who does the talk. If something they need to charge me an extra fee for the extra talking ?

    • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey says:

      Ikr? They’re trying to be all professional, and I’m wanting to know their entire family history and life so far on this earth….

    • Ozen the Lewdable says:

      that means you’re not an asshole. simply as that.

    • Black Rod says:

      +Ozen the Lewdable Well. Depends. If the driver isn’t keen to talk and is getting interrogated regardless, it’s sort of an asshole thing to do? I like to do it because I love to drive. I much rather listen to my music and just drive to where the map tells me rather than engage in conversation. I’d actually really enjoy just moving parcels around…if it wasn’t such a pain in the ass getting out of the car and making the drop. Of course, if a passenger feels chatty, I reciprocate…or that’d make me an asshole..right? 😛

    • Ozen the Lewdable says:

      +Black Rod so we’ve established there are and can simply be 2 assholes in 2-or-more different circumstances.

  5. do you like messi ? says:

    “Heartbreak, betrayal, desolution… and that’s just how the fans feel abt the writers” ?

    • Trécy Akougna says:

      I burst out laughing when he said that ahaha

    • Johan Öhgren says:

      +Do not subscribe to me- or thanos won’t like it joke? I feel like boycotting everything those writers write from here on out.

    • The Husketeers says:

      If you feel that way about a TV show imagine how bad you’re going to be when Trump is’re elected

    • Eliza Wulf says:

      +Johan Öhgren I mean, they cut the series by 2 seasons and 4-8 episodes so they could write the next Star Wars series and a series on if the Confederacy won…

      It makes sense that the folk who painted former slaves as barbaric in the final season…would go on to write pro-slavery fanfiction.

    • CD Smith says:

      +The Husketeers — because if something isn’t about Trump, Trumpers or Trump himself need to make it about Trump. Oh, and dream on, Trumper.

  6. Peoples Republic of Ninj says:

    As a proud British person, I’m conflicted about our drinking habits…hold my beer while I contemplate.

    • James Allan says:

      I’m also British and also literally holding a beer

    • Holly B says:

      +bat in the attic I loved when Roy said that! ??

    • Holly B says:

      This might mean British people have the lowest threshold? ?❤

    • declan loudon says:

      +Peoples Republic of Ninj next time I’m going home I’ll have a beer in Leeds ?

    • OldRaver1 says:

      Holly B no, they just treat a Friday/Saturday nights out like an Olympic challenge, to see how fast and how pissed they can get!

      All starts innocuously enough; a couple of civilised glasses of wine/pints, then it’s ‘fuck this! Let’s do flaming sambucas!!
      A dozen Sambucas/Tequilas/ Jagerbombs later and all bets are off! ???????

  7. Frank says:

    Really, no mention of the second water bottle sitting next to Davos and Gendry?

  8. Missy Barbour says:

    1:10 Bold words coming from a Tokienite. Bold words.

    • Amara Jordan says:

      I’m mostly just jealous they weren’t available after the Hobbit movies came out. ??‍♀️

    • Q says:

      My same thoughts

    • Rachel Cormier says:

      Literally said the same thing!!

    • lolipedofin says:

      It’s not about being fan, or even hardcore fan… But the fact you need counseling because your favorite tv series sucked.

      I mean… I now understand how much of a challenge depression is, and how vital counseling can be. But one over GoT finale??

    • Jexxer says:

      +lolipedofin I understand needing to vent over crappy writing, and I understand being so emotionally invested in something fictional that it takes over your thoughts and moods and leaves you a weeping wreck (I’m looking at you, _MCU_ ), but…I can’t imagine _paying_ someone to listen to me talk about it.
      We already pay for Internet service.

  9. Cobalt says:

    This show had everything… and just like this, Stephen turns into Stefon.

  10. DagobertX2 says:

    Better written story arc about a water bottle than what D&D could ever do. 😀

    • Dennis Heikki says:


    • Gus says:

      Oh, was just about to get mad defending dungeons and dragons, then realised that’s not the d&d you meant

    • ion77799 says:

      Exactly. Juicy HBO ad money recipients in full GoT damage control mode trying to spin why fans are upset, which is not because _how_ it ended. The problems stemmed from breaking their _own_ narrative integrity just to check off a list. That’s like saying in the very beginning, “Here is our world. Believe these rules about it.” We say, “Ok we accept this world you’ve built and its rules that _you’ve_ told us to believe.” Then they proceed to say, “Remember all that stuff we said to accept over the course of 7 seasons? Garbage. Now accept this entire different set of rules this last 8th season, but we’re not going to take the time to build it because it’s the last season.” Once the honeymoon ends, people will see it for what it is and isn’t.

      No modern art is sacred once marketers and big corporations smell cash – just market data driven trash that broke their own story and became mechanical. I knew without GRRM’s books and the money they were making that the writing was going to be an afterthought.

    • Ozen the Lewdable says:

      +ion77799 We should probably transfer all those sweet HBO’s GoT money to John Oliver so that he could cover up something more relevant again, like Japan’s Chiitan the mascot. Way much better than Dumb & fucking Dumber’s screenwriting skills.

  11. European Citizen says:

    No spoilers then precedes to spoil part of the show.

    • Brick Sprickly says:

      It’s been 24 hours

    • European Citizen says:

      +M DS he said when samwell early was part of the council to pick the new rules of westoros

    • M DS says:

      European Citizen oh ya! The water bottle skit…

    • SW Comment says:

      European Citizen Better than Meghan McCain on the view…. totally told the ending and then slyly was looking at the audience and whining that she would get Beat up on the Internet for what she said. One of the other hosts hadn’t seen the ending it was visibly upset that she had ruined it and she got boos from the audience.

    • Natasha Estes says:

      All he said was that it didn’t end the way you wanted it to, so not exactly a spoiler, but pretty close.

  12. Hermes Agoraeus says:

    …sounds a lot like the Mass Effect fiasco, except that I doubt the Game of Thrones crew will reconvene to supplement the original ending with an “Extended Cut”.

    • Artem Bentsionov says:

      Nah, they’ll just have a lackluster spin-off on another continent and forget the original ever happened.

      I vote for Pandaria

  13. Ryan Holliday says:

    The new “quiet ride” feature is only available on Uber Black, among several included features on this type of ride. It’s not that the quiet ride feature itself costs more, it’s just part of a top tier service.

    Having said that, I’m just a regular UberX driver and every ride with me is on quiet mode unless the passenger does something to change that.

    • Black Rod says:

      I wish the driver had a mode to tell passengers he isn’t keen to chat. An exchange of greetings when getting on/off is adequate. I was tempted to set my app to hearing impaired at one point but felt it would be an asshole thing to do just to get some quiet.

  14. Reginald Mba says:

    The “Meanwhile” segment deserves an Emmy ???

    • Ondrej Holecek says:

      Nowhere near Last week tonight 😉

    • Ad Max says:

      Why does what someone does on his or her tv show have to be defined by a fucking award. The Simpsons took the piss out of this shit and it was hilarious despite still being nominated and winning, honestly if i wrote a great show the last thing on my mind would be “oh let me go to donald trumps america put my fucking life on the line to win something totally meaningless”

    • uegvdczuVF says:

      Yeah, it’s a breath of fresh air. Making fun out of generally funny stuff that are not related to Trump….

  15. meg1smile says:

    I loved the reference “it WILL be televised” – beautiful struggle

  16. Ryan Schmid says:

    John – “It WILL be televised”
    I caught that @ 0:33 lol

  17. Carl Bailey says:

    Canada came in third most drunken country.

    Always the bronze, damn it.

    • Harry Palmer says:

      I’m from the UK but do not drink. However…. a friend of mine went on a special group tour to a local brewery (somwhere in Yorkshire) and said that his mates couldn’t bear to go to the toilet to relieve themselves so they simply pissed themselves so they could carry on drinking. Hard core. Or “Go hard or go home” as we say over here. Still, I’m not sure I can believe that the UK “beat” Australia……

  18. A Perfect Day says:

    The logical thinking of a human being:

    Climate Change is gonna destroy our World.
    People: Meh, who cares!! ?

    Game of Thrones has ended.
    People: Nooooo!! I can’t take it anymore!!! ???

    • Only Facts says:

      Actually, there are theories that Game Of Thrones’ White Walkers are an allegory of climate change : Everyone is there bickering and fighting each other for some meaningless power, completely ignoring the upcoming winter and the subsequent creatures who will destroy them all. It wouldn’t be surprising from the writer G.R.R. Martin who is a well-known pacifist and feminist, maybe he’s engaged for this cause too.

  19. jeck jeck says:

    ‘Heartbreak, betrayal, desolution… and that’s just how the fans feel about the writers”
    It’s funny cuz it’s true.

  20. BenderRodriguez10 says:

    I was totally invested in that water bottle’s redemption arc since season 1. Dasani did not get the ending he deserved,

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