Meanwhile… Super Gonorrhea

Meanwhile… Super Gonorrhea

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s super gonorrhea!

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81 Responses

  1. The Philosopher says:

    I would love to see Stephen and Conan on that train!

  2. purplefireweed says:

    Tourists?….How about the workers that were exposed day after day?..

    • Xz0779 says:

      The whole thing it’s frigging insane , more if somebody tries to pass this as something normal

    • Marsh Wetland says:

      That’s what I thought. But it is probably a reading error of microrems versus millirems of exposure. Uranium ORE shouldn’t have that high millirem reading, but rather microrem. Harmless.

    • onikin says:

      Radiation exposure’s deadly effects is usually overblown. It’s one of those persistent myths where the public and policymakers haven’t caught up to recent science.

      It’s based on the old hypothesis that there is no safe level of radiation exposure, which is slowly dying, for multiple reasons.

      Suffice to say, atomic bomb and Chernobyl survivors didn’t all get as sick as you’d think, nor their children were born unhealthy or with significant genetic mutations, nor are people who live in high background radiation areas (such as Iran) getting sick. In fact, their cancer levels are lower.

      Ergo, don’t worry, be happy. ☺ du do du do do

    • Aharon Konforti says:

      +81986978 indeed folks mess up ‘there’ English.

    • Peaces says:

      +81986978 uh, i figured it was more polite to say waist than shit, though thanks for the miss understanding, it was quite funny. I fixed it to prevent any fatter miss-understanding.

  3. Spudanky! says:

    2:07 so I’ve decided I’m vol-cel now

    • R0wdy1 Media says:

      I mean, if you didn’t manage to find a partner before super gonorrhea is it REALLY voluntary? 😉

    • Jikook Harling says:

      +R0wdy1 Media No kids, sexual diseases, no heartbreaks, more money, more trips around the world! Heck yeah! Better do it all before all orgasms evolve to be super fatal!

    • TooTall Tim says:

      Went from Incel to Volcel over the span of a 4 minute video? Good for you, I guess.

  4. Mostly Harmless says:

    Super Gonorrhea… antiobiotic resistant bacteria. in a few years nobody’s gonna be laughing about that

    • Riri Pari says:

      I’m not laughing about it now. That is super disgusting. Regular STDs are nasty and scary enough.

    • Aharon Konforti says:

      +I_Am_Dragoon oh, come on, that’s not how evolution works. You are asking for a fish to suddenly suffer a mutation and get out to the beach and some margueritas. I guess you just like the sound of “airborne”.

    • I_Am_Dragoon says:

      +Aharon Konforti 1- Evolution works unimaginably faster in single cell organisms. Few cells to collectively adapt and evolve, shorter life cycles equal less time in a generation so, in the lifespan of a single aquatic lifeform like a fish, single cell microbes would go through hundreds of generations.

      2- Every single year that goes by we deal with a different set of flu strains. Hence the new flu vaccine every year.

      3- Given optimal conditions(Large groups of people with no vaccines to boost their immune system’s resistance to them) germs can undergo huge mutations/evolutions much more rapidly then compared the majority, if not all humans being treated with vaccines which ultimately hampers the growth rate and strength of the more dangerous strains.

      I don’t Believe it will go airborne. But I’m saying hypothetically, If it were to happen, then we would be in deep shit.

    • Shirohana San says:

      You can still get an std even with condoms…

    • Aharon Konforti says:

      +Shirohana San “You can still get an std even with condoms” – soon enough, folks are gonna need to use a body-glove to do it. That’s the ultimate distopya.

  5. Divergent Evolution says:

    Remember that time US government medical researchers infected Guatemalan mental patients with gonorrhea and syphilis?

    Good thing there is a statute of limitations on crimes against humanity……wait.

    • AZL ALV says:

      They did the same to blacks…

    • byron logan says:

      The U.S. did the samething to its own black community.

    • watersfan says:


    • Chunkboi says:

      byron logan originally the Tuskeegee experiment was legitimate…then, part way through the study, the medical community found out that Penicillin worked against syphillis. The experiment was moot, but the scientists running the experiment crossed an ethical line by keeping the study going and letting the subjects suffer instead of giving them the cure they were originally trying to find. Science bent by racism, pure and simple.

    • Divergent Evolution says:

      +byron logan Did you know that racism is the act of defining a person and or their actions based on the color of their skin?

      What you obviously dont know is that it doesnt matter if it is negatively based on their skin color, or positively. Defining a person based on their skin color IS RACISM.

  6. Nicholas Romanov says:

    Super Gonorrhea! I bet the Tangerine Turd started the spread

    • Chunkboi says:

      No, STD’s have to report it to a health professional and any contacts when they contract a case of Donald Trump.

    • R McElhaney says:

      The Tangerine Turd probably has had sex with tens of women, all of them hating his looks, but lusting after his money!

    • CloudsGirl7 says:

      On one hand, I dislike when there is mention of said turd in the comments of a “Meanwhile” segment.

      …on the other hand, when you just have the ball lobbed to you, I guess you have to hit it… ?

    • bUH sNUH says:

      no, it was definitely a libsmollett.

  7. ozwolf01 says:

    Don’t give super-gonorrhea to Thanos! He has a nasty habit of touching half the universe.

  8. adelaamarante says:

    Let’s put senior bingo on an all-you-can-drink Cuervo train and see what happens.

  9. Muhammad Fathoni Hanif says:

    The question is who put three paint buckets full of uranium in that building years ago?

    • Zer0 Bin0pse says:

      ​+blairbushproject “i know better, but look for it yourself” yeah… totally not condescending at all XD

    • blairbushproject says:

      Zer0 Bin0pse I’m so sorry that is the way you feel. We have a snow storm. My YouTube is just spinning. I can access the comments but I can probably post it once the snow storm clears. We are 250 miles away from the nearest urban area so our internet isn’t very agile. I can understand you might think that way. I blew a gasket in the earlier commenter who was a uranium impact denier. But the other commentor lent me his prayers and all’s good.

    • Zer0 Bin0pse says:

      +blairbushproject thanks for being cool about it, and explaining the story… i hope things get better there soon!

    • Dark Eagle says:

      +blairbushproject I hope y’all are safe now. My prayers to you and all those affected

    • Aharon Konforti says:

      +blairbushproject sir, after such a deserved putdown, I decided to write my respect. As we say back there in Brazil, “the smarty-pants main failure is to assume that everybody else is dumb”.

  10. zygas25 says:

    Okay, i have several questions starting with why were there buckets full of uranium?

    • Aditya Waghmare says:

      Cause who doesn’t wanna bath in Uranium

    • Gunsandrosalina Padtwo says:

      +Alluvium they used to use uranium in glaze for dinner ware

    • Lord Fluffykinz says:


      That is all.

    • MrDino1953 says:

      I’m no expert but something doesn’t add up with that story. Uranium emits a type of radiation called alpha particles (helium nuclei). They have a very short range in air (a few centimetres if I recall correctly) and are easily stopped by solid barriers. It’s a little hard to imagine how a typical tourist could be so badly exposed unless they spent hours standing right near those buckets.

    • Marsh Wetland says:

      they were rocks. the grand canyon is rocks.

  11. 9 8 says:

    Super Gonorrhea, one more reason wanking is an awesome idea.

    • Dark Eagle says:

      +Alex Griego well said

    • Odd Fish says:

      Alex Griego
      Jesus actually did. Matthew 5:28 for example.
      Why would you respond that way when the truth isn’t even on your side. Just a simple reading of Jesus’ words show that what you wrote was incorrect. So why post misinformation regarding Christ?
      Where are you going to go when you die?
      Do you know?

    • Michelle Smith says:

      Odd Fish same place you go. In the ground and eventually forgotten. The idea there’s a place you go when you die is so dated and fear based its sad.

    • bUH sNUH says:

      aside from your soy-damaged libface

    • Aharon Konforti says:

      +Chunkboi Even if thy neighbor is black, gay AND jewish!

  12. Cypresssina says:

    All you can drink tequila? That would be a short, one drink ride for me.

  13. Inquisitive Cameron says:

    Tequila and motion sickness.. sounds like a great combination.

  14. Cypresssina says:

    Super gonorrhea, sounds like a great time to be in a loving, monogamous relationship. ?

    Well, where’s that tequila train again?

  15. Dominik Beitat says:

    Doesn’t matter when I get on the tequila train. At my age, it’ll ruin the whole day AND night. And the next day, next night, I’d have to re-schedule the whole week after that.

    • Christel Headington says:

      Once upon a time,when my sister did something dumb,after drinking tequila, Mom yelled a her,”You drink that stuff, and the cactus needles poke holes in your brain!”

    • Aharon Konforti says:

      +Christel Headington that must’ve scared the bejeezus out of sista!

  16. Kyïv stuff says:

    Scientists from Eliava Bacteriophage Institute in Georgia (country) treat antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. They’ve been researching bacteriophages – the natural enemies of bacteria – since 1920s.

  17. Graeme Carter says:

    How tf does one just leave buckets of uranium lying around?

  18. Drogone says:

    Um… whos gonna give thanos super gonorrhea? The hulk? Loki? Death herself?

    … o_O deadpool, definitely deadpool. ?

  19. Tito Chdry says:

    “gonorrhea & girl scouts” in the same sentence, it is a rather difficult combo to explain.

  20. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : says:

    Now everyone can have their “Personal Vietnam” experience with the spread of Super Gonorrhea!

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