Meanwhile… The New 007 Is A Black Woman

Meanwhile… The New 007 Is A Black Woman

Meanwhile… the 25th Bond film is going to be filled with firsts.

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72 Responses

  1. Susie Fairfield says:

    Gators aren’t meth heads, because you don’t see Gators rearranging items on the shelves at 7-Eleven at 3 a.m.

  2. Jackie K says:

    ??The Dalai Lama’s accurate description though ??….. #Stephencolbert You win ….. meanwhile…… ribs ?

    • Victoria Baker says:

      @RaiStorM RS It was self-deprecating humor, meaning– I’m not attractive, so the next DL should be. The DL has already apologized for it, recently, saying that an attempt at humor fell flat in the wrong context and that he never meant to encourage attachment to surfaces. The interview took place in 1993.

    • Victoria Baker says:

      @Nadim Kayali Yes, it was self-deprecating humor and that interview is from 1993. He’s recently apologized for it too. I thought Colbert’s take on this was unwarranted.

    • Spiritual Anarchist says:

      @Nadim Kayali The man is a 80 plus year old monk who makes old man jokes,Not some bigot old pimp for god’s sake. He never hurt a fly and is known for his compassion ,.He even preaches non-hatred towards to the Chinese who invaded his county, ,It’s about someone’s intention . So yeah no worries,. He is Okay and It’s Okay.

    • Spiritual Anarchist says:

      Jesus & Buddha weep…This is getting cringeworthy, This is not about ‘P.C’ or not being P.C ,proper versus improper jokes, or whatever pro-contra division nonsense,. Everyone who knows something about the Dalai Lama life, religion and world views should know ‘ attractiveness ‘ is the last thing on this old monk’s mind..

    • RaiStorM RS says:

      @Nadim Kayali He was always a friend of “stupid questions deserve stupid answers” how about getting mad at people who actually are sexist/racist and such ?

  3. mark H says:

    How much cocaine does TRump keep under his hair??

  4. randomperson8571 says:

    Seeing that KFC cheeto burger thing makes me actually GLAD that I’m trying to lose weight… wouldn’t eat that thing even if I wasn’t

  5. Coach Kandy says:

    “It’s a popcorn dropping moment!”

    “Which is why we will already announce it and not keep it a twist!”

    • Ernesto Marcos says:

      Maybe they’ll just go around theatres dropping people’s popcorn.

    • Coach Kandy says:

      @Ernesto Marcos Imagine if they hire people to go to diffrent cinemas and when the scene happens they just run over and slap it out of your hands!

    • sur-taka says:

      yeah, these people dont seem to know what a surprise is. i would make it look like its another daniel craig movie in the first 5 min until its revealed that he just did his last mission and the new bond is introduced.

    • Tyler Hackner says:

      Right? Why would they tell us how the film begins? That’s my question

    • dpd604 says:

      are you new to the internet ? some movietard somewhere will ruin every movie coming out…and then shitpost online when it does

  6. Chris R says:

    A KFC Cheeto Burger? Is it called the Trump Tower?

    That’s a Zinger! 😉

    • ꧁Тнэ СфммциIsт꧂ says:

      Chris R
      Orange enough? *check*
      Repulsive enough? *check*
      Smells like diabetes? *check*

      Give that sandwich the nuclear codes and an office with no corners.

  7. GusMcGuire says:

    4:46 – “Those grandma, bingo-hall glasses.” …..well there’s the pot calling the kettle black ?

  8. DagobertX2 says:

    Cheetos fried chicken, I want to puke. Should be called the tRumpburger.

    • ꧁Тнэ СфммциIsт꧂ says:

      Orange enough? *check*
      Repulsive enough? *check*
      Smells like diabetes? *check*

      Give that sandwich the nuclear codes and an office with no corners.

    • b do says:

      But it’s not a burger though

  9. TheReal008Zulu says:

    Movie popcorn is too expensive to drop here in Australia. I am still paying off the personal loan from when I went to see Avengers.

  10. Abedeuss says:

    The only way it would be “popcorn dropping moment” is if the identity of Bond was kept a state secret until the moment it aired in cinemas. No trailers, no posters, no promos.

  11. Gábor Balogh says:

    how exactly does one make something a popcorn dropping grand reveal when everyone knows about it for months before the movie comes out?

  12. Nelson Gonzalez says:

    KFC Cheetos sandwich? That explains Trump’s interesting complexion ?

    • Nick-E Nicole says:

      “Interesting complexion” is a nice way of saying gross leathery cheetos skin that has more potholes in it than all the roads and 50 million highways in Disgusting Detroit.

    • Mint Julip says:

      Nelson Gonzalez, hahahahahahaha!

  13. Insane Troll says:

    NOT the first female 007. There were four in Casino Royale.

    • Nick-E Nicole says:

      @Collex …thank you for stating it in full until like the OP.

    • Vir Quisque Vir says:

      Insane Troll – 1967 Casino Royale – best James Bond film of all time starring Orson Wells, Peter Sellers, Deborah Kerr, David Niven, Ursula Andress, Woody Allen, John Huston, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jacqueline Bisset… Everybody in this film is 007… Groovy, baby!

    • Game Glitch says:

      @Collex I honestly have never seen that one, never knew it even existed, thanks for the heads up

    • Chris White says:

      no they weren’t 007 agents!

    • Game Glitch says:

      @Chris White yeah I went and looked that up, there are only 1 of any given 00 agents at any given time, 001- whatever number they need, there wasn’t multiple 007’s and the 007 before bond’s character was never officially named

  14. Wulframm Rolf says:

    you don’t want a black dude? fine here’s a black women. LOL

    • Behizy says:

      I don’t mind the white dudes.

    • Kilroy says:

      A black Woman for one of the most famous White British Male roles around today… talk about social justice warrior gone insane lol

    • 16driver16 says:

      @Kilroy yea! Whats next? a female doctor who, or a female version of the crew of red dwarf? Oh no!!!

    • Craig Corson says:

      @Kilroy Is it impossible that a woman could do Bond’s job? I think not. I’m sure that MI6 has a good many women on their staff already. It’s not ‘insane’ to think that a woman could rise through the ranks and become a 00.

    • Andrew ! says:

      @Kilroy James Bond is a fictional character. and how is making a character who is white and male black and female insane? It’s a pretty minor change unless you think being white and male was a really important part of James Bond’s character.

  15. Josh B says:

    “Makes me want to rid myself of material possessions starting with my pants!”

    Just choked on my coffee.

  16. RockBandRS says:

    Damn, I was hoping for Idris Elba to be the next Bond.

  17. MinimumEffort says:

    To be fair, the current Dalai Lama is a total beef cake, it’s just continuing tradition.

  18. a m p says:

    Whoever wrote “makes me want to rid myself of all material possessions, starting with my pants” deserves a raise.

  19. _ Bob says:

    Hollywood is basically just trolling us at this point.

    • The Crappy Robot says:

      It’s been 4 hours and I’m surprised no one has called you a sexist and a racist…This is the late show after all….It is a toxic place of woke identity politics.
      Take this (Haz suit.)
      You will need it.
      God speed.

    • _ Bob says:

      @The Crappy Robot
      *Puts on hazard suit
      Thanks for the suit bro.

  20. The Nothing Nobody says:

    …I’d watch a sitcom with all the old Batmans (Batmen?) living together.

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