Meanwhile… The Transient Anus

Meanwhile… The Transient Anus

Meanwhile… meet the magical jellyfish-like creature with a disappearing anus.

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91 Responses

  1. Joseph Marsh says:

    Wow… I can’t even get peanuts on delta…

  2. TimeandMonotony says:

    I miss the Mooch.

  3. Jan fromOz says:

    Love the ‘meanwhile’ segment. ??

  4. Paul Ramos says:

    That pilot should be promoted! Oh wait, he’s Canadian…GOD BLESS CANADA and THE CANADIANS!

  5. stuart cole says:

    And there I was thinking that Chump was the transient anus.

  6. Max Covfefe says:

    Walmart greeters, the disabled and senior citizens who smiled at me as I rushed past them in a hurry with nary a glance… I’m a terrible human being.

  7. omi god says:

    *Transient Anus* – my new band name.

  8. TheReal008Zulu says:

    I showed my dog the segment about the the mystery pooch that ran in the race. It just looked at me as it farted. I wish it had a transient anus.

  9. Richard the Lionheart says:

    i love you Stephen you’re an angel sent from Heaven. Lol

    • DebbyAbqNM says:

      That explains why heaven is so boring now, unless one can find where George Carlin is hiding out (probably he’s wearing a robe and a long beard and sitting on a throne somewhere….)

    • MorbidManMusic says:

      No heaven, no angels. Delusion to the back please

  10. Samantha Fontanez says:

    “Garbage can that is my segment” well good thing I’m a racoon.

  11. retnavybrat says:

    The Walmart story is a little more detailed than that. Technically, it isn’t getting rid of greeters, but changing the job description to make it a more physically demanding position. Unfortunately, the new requirements will result in many elderly and disabled Walmart employees losing their jobs.

    • mandlerparr1 says:

      Yes, this is why I hate self-checkout so much. I would be fine if they did it so that employees have more time to stock and clean, but they didn’t. They did it to cut hours and get rid of workers.

    • Melissa Smits says:

      It feels weird ‘like’ing this, because I think it should be seen, but it’s horrifying

    • Lumby1 says:

      retnavybrat, Not unfortunate for the Walton family, they have $163.2 billion dollars, and they are so tight they squeak when they walk. You think they care about their employees, beyond what profits them? I don’t. Who needs 163.2 billion dollars? For what? A little more detailed, right.

    • Lumby1 says:

      +R McElhaney That would be more expensive than part time greeters, and they already have RFID tags and alarms, the cops would arrive before you left the parking lot. I could see them go the Costco route and charge to get in, but hiring any humans? There are cheaper ways, and Walmart likes cheaper ways, as long as the money rolls in.

    • Goodbye USA says:

      You mean Walmart want to get more bang for their buck from their slave labor.

  12. psycologo121 says:

    A stray dog entered himself in a dog sled race. Balto… Is that you?

    • Romantic Outlaw says:

      +Markle2k chances are they’re referring to the animated film of the same name

    • Markle2k says:

      +Romantic Outlaw It was a tortured joke, but it was meant as a humorous comment on the reality of the legend. Balto got all the credit for crossing the city limits when Tojo did the majority of the work.

    • Pat Fitz says:

      I would have enjoyed the dog segment more if I didn’t know a bunch of dogs died our of exhaustion on that race this year. Poor things! And brave silly volunteer pooch!

    • pln9fos says:

      Even the detail of the racers finding the stray near a lake somewhat fits, given that in the movies Balto lives in an old washed-up boat on some kind of (usually frozen) shoreline o_o

    • Marsh Wetland says:

      Cute pic of the dog in one of the news stories. Too bad Stephen didn’t have that.

  13. TheChristmasNinja12 says:

    I love how this “New Segment” is literally what his show used to be before Trump ran for president.

  14. james88 says:

    Transient anus sounds like a South Park episode

  15. DragoKnight says:

    Pretty good Bernie impression, Stephen has to get used to doing it. #Bernie2020

    • Chrissie K says:

      Seth’s Bernie is better, sound so alike, that i need to take a look at the screen

    • Avi says:

      DragoKnight – No thanks.

    • Eric Andrews says:

      He did it during the 2016 election, but he seemed to not take just how serious Bernie was about his candidacy (or for that matter, his supporters, some of whom Bernie probably thought took him more seriously than he takes himself & how dangerous that is).

  16. Benzaiten says:

    aren’t the Walmart greeters often elderly ppl who might not be physically fit for a lot of jobs? this is not a good development.

    • George B. Wolffsohn says:

      +Bobby Norman
      and a step away from caring about people.

    • Jonathan Kimbrough says:

      +A. Neufeld nah man he started he was rude to me and forced my hand. All old people should be dead. Change my mind

    • Donald Petersen says:

      They sometimes put themselves at risk when directed not to (checking bags for receipts). I can imagine this being one of the factors, as they do not work as loss prevention. Its a bad image for Walmart when the elderly get hurt on the job, at the entrance of their store. Walmart should pay for security but most do not. Therefore lots of people steal, and the older generations have a hard time just letting it go. So often you get the elderly, often not even Walmart employees stopping those people. Firing you greeters is no solution, they need security to solve this.

    • Pamala Dalrymple says:

      Usually Senior Citizens trying to supplement the pittance of Social Security Income. ($1200 month-not much wiggle room.)

    • A. Neufeld says:

      +Jonathan Kimbrough I’ll just let growing up change your mind ?

  17. Mark Stevens II says:

    I want that stray dog to win the Iditarod.

    • Bronz Trooper says:

      I immediately thought of Balto when I heard that headline

    • daQuietsho says:

      @Bronz Trooper …. definite Balto vibes happening there! <3

    • Lord Nanfoodle says:

      We all know the real reason that stray dog could run 30 miles without being on any team or any training is that its been surviving on Taco Bell sauce packs. That stuff is power!!

  18. Amanda B says:

    Who else is GENUINELY a fan of the *meanwhile* segment

    • R McElhaney says:

      I’m a fan of Meanwhile. But I’m not a fan of Stephen putting down Bernie Sanders on him being a Walmart greeter. He may have lost a few more viewers after that one! Stephen lost many Tulsi Gabbard fans back in January when he put her down with a remark.

    • History Geek says:

      +R McElhaney it just a joke man, I don’t think to man people really cared

    • Daniel Joyce says:

      +R McElhaney I think Bernie Sanders supporters know how to have a laugh.

  19. Speak the Truth says:

    When trump travels anywhere he’s the In-Transit Anus.

  20. Pit Friend says:

    “Transient anus” sounds like yet another excuse Trump came up with to avoid military service.

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