Meet the New Most Interesting Man in the World

Meet the New Most Interesting Man in the World

The wait is over. Allow us to introduce the new Most Interesting Man in the World. His legend begins October 2016.

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19 Responses

  1. Daija Robinson says:

    I’m ready!!! ??

  2. Pedro Torres says:

    Not bad. But, who is that guy?

  3. Trill Ridah says:

    He looks like an old Michael Phelps.

  4. Kibitz says:

    Cool I like 60 year old michael Phelps.

  5. 59ersfootball says:

    Did the other one die?

  6. UltimateDailga12 says:

    what happened to the other one

  7. Greg Raines says:

    Booooooo. I like the other guy better.

  8. Malaquias Alfaro says:

    I’ll keep an open mind to this new guy. but keep the song

  9. Labraskion says:

    Doctor Strange?

  10. RazorFoxie says:

    Old Michael Phelps!? Sign me up.

  11. Mard Geer says:

    harambe is the most interesting animal

  12. Frank says:

    His worst enemies list him as an emergency contact.

  13. Buzzdash says:

    whos this fuckin jew

  14. Falcon_569 says:

    His voice is amazing ??????

  15. jimmy murillo says:

    guy mehhh idk yet but keep the music the same !!

  16. Carson Cashmore says:

    i don’t always watch dos equis commercials, but when i do, they’re on the
    youtube trending page with less than 10,000 views

  17. White Dragonfly Media says:

    Going thru a lot of trouble to get people to drink that pisswater you call

  18. Andrew Magana says:

    That lady at the end though………..damn.

  19. Cabhan Listis says:

    I once skydived in a tornado while helping an elephant give birth. Beat