MEGA Pokémon Battle Royale Explained! | @TerminalMontage X Gnoggin

MEGA Pokémon Battle Royale Explained! | @TerminalMontage X Gnoggin

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Mega Pokemon don’t exist, but if they did, which one would win? This video gives commentary and explains why some of the things in the animation by TerminalMontage, happen.

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48 Responses

  1. count clackula says:

    Lockstin the guy who will slap a tiny version of himself across his entire body

  2. TerminalMontage says:

    Thank you for the amusing script! I enjoyed bringing it to life! These collabs are always a blast! 😀

  3. Kaden Macdonald says:

    I appreciate how Sableye was just turned into Stitch.

  4. Deep Fried Mozzarella Sticks says:

    Everyone gangsta till Rayquaza starts munching on meteor cake with some marbles on it

  5. Kyle Yuen says:

    Gotta appreciate Aggron’s hustle, tackled Tyrannitar with no hesitation and was even able to match it for a bit

  6. Kyle says:

    Megas in X&Y: Power up your pokemon through the power of friendship

    Megas in gen 7: All of these pokemon are suffering in constant pain and you’re a monster for subjecting them to this

    • Luxray Lloyd says:

      Yeah, it was because some dude on the ORAS team didn’t like Megas so decided to make it horrible and ruin everything about them

    • DaFuzzBearYT says:

      @galning 27 and Garchomp’s claws melt in axe like blades

    • Lucas Ferro says:

      @galning 27 Why not? It’s temporary and by the way opposing trainers use their megas, like champions and evil team leaders, where they use their mega last, it’s a last resort thing or a need to power up to succeed. Besides, obviously the transformation would be painfull for some, it’d be painful to have your back split open but also, I’d do it willingly if it was needed to win a fight, specially bc I’d be doing it for someone I care, which is where the whole bond thing comes in play

    • Egg T says:


    • Oresti Ismaili says:

      And that’s why gen 8 removed the Megas it saved the poor pokemon who where suffering by their Megas

  7. xxTC-96xx says:

    it was dumb how mega dexes became so violent and nasty to the pokemon because someone on the ORAS team didn’t like mega evolution, really contradicted some of the earlier established lore with them

  8. Lincoln Hatham says:

    Let’s have a moment of silence for mega metagross who sacrificed himself because he is impulsive.

  9. Jascha Bull says:

    “It’s a dog, but its whole body melts.”
    Vaporeon: First time?

  10. Patterrz says:

    Best Battle Royale so far! loved it, wish Mega Mawile got more love tho 🙁

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