Melania Trump Really Doesn’t Care, Do U?

Melania Trump Really Doesn’t Care, Do U?

he First Lady might not always wear her heart on her sleeve, but sometimes she’ll bust out an tone-deaf message on the back of her jacket.

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75 Responses

  1. Iron Sword says:

    Oh do i miss the days when Obama was president at least he wasn’t a dick

  2. pahul gill says:

    Melangitis’s Immigration Record
    -overstayed on a tourist visa, STRIKE 1
    -worked on a tourist visa, STRIKE 2
    -knowingly LIED about her visa when she came back to work, STRIKE 3, that’s *FRAUD*

  3. StraightUpChill Saul Guddmein says:

    To the Emperor and his Ladies:

    My friend and I are weavers, and we can weave the most magnificent fabrics imaginable. Not only are their colors and patterns uncommonly fine, but clothes made of this cloth have a wonderful way of becoming invisible to anyone who is unfit for office, or who is unusually stupid. Just provide me with your finest quality silks and purest old threads, a very large sum of money, and in return my friend and I will give you the well-fitting clothes that befit the making of history at your next public procession.

  4. InkEyes says:

    She either A) meant it, or B) didn’t mean it. In which case that would either make her A) pure evil, or B) absolutely stupid.

  5. Beck V says:

    It’s even worse when you think she definitely had a message to send because who wears a jacket when it’s 80° in DC and 100° in Texas? I’ve always felt bad for her because she’s in a situation she’d rather not be in but now… you’re on your own, lady. I care!!!

    • Beck V says:

      Lindy Resnick I think she was ready to divorce him before he decided to run but then she couldn’t. Plus he probably had her sign a prenup and nondisclosures. She married for money and she’s stuck and after this stunt I don’t feel bad for her.

    • hugh jorgan says:

      Beck V…you’re right, I edited my comment. They’re doubling down on their “mistake”. Another formerly respected news media caught spreading propaganda.

    • Forest Nymph Confessions says:

      Herbert Camacho Yes…the “that’s great” comment really shows how much she cares.

    • Jim Naylor says:

      Abetzi Romero – When the FLOTUS is on a humanitarian mission wearing a jacket with HUGE letters stating: “I really don’t care. Do U?” it means something. Why are you denying this? Fortunately more of us do care. How are you able to type when you so obviously cannot see? Braille keyboard?

    • AG says:

      She is a situation she happily chose, since day 1. She is not a victim, I think they are actually more of a team than we think. Just listen to his interview with Howard Stern, with Melania right by his side. She gladly made a deal with the devil…

  6. Design International says:

    Stephen…. I have run out of tears if sorrow and sadness since the nincompoop Trump family took over the WH…incredibly heartless and malignantly immoral animals!!!

    • Peace Monger says:

      And the spineless Grand Old White Party is afraid of the bastard! Gutless Wonders!!!

    • Skyprince27 says:

      Design International
      It’s God’s way of telling you to phone up everybody you’ve ever met and make sure they vote Democrat in November.

    • heywood floyd says:

      I’m going to phone up 1000 people every day and get volunteers to round up even more new voters than ever before and even help them get registered. My first time voting for Trump was immensely satisfying, and my second time is going to be even better! I’m enjoying preparing for Round 2, and can’t wait to see the second great snowflake meltdown. MAGA !

  7. Tom Stelzer says:

    The jacket is more suited for a mindless 15 year old.

  8. wpl says:

    So she wears the jacket and then when asking about length of stay she says “That’s great”. This is the same woman who didn’t show up at the White House till June because keeping her son in school was so damn important. Her son means everything to her, these kids locked up without their parents mean nothing. 45 days in a pen like a lost puppy. “That’s great”. No it is not. It’s not great. It’s way past the opposite of great. And you should care. You really should.

  9. Elio Lopez says:

    Make no mistake, this policy was a testing of the waters. They even had Fux news reporting ‘summer camp’ conditions, much like Goebbles used to do when they started shipping people off to the camps. They didn’t expect this kind of a reaction.

    • bladerj says:

      The US already backed down from humans rights council (that they never followed anyway) so expect things to get worse.

    • Skyprince27 says:

      Their feeling is that Israel should be exempt from human rights rules. Apparently the UN didn’t feel the same way.

    • Oscar Barahona says:

      Erroneous Monk No, you’re not joking nor being serious. You’re just describing your wet dream

      Either way, I feel sorry for your brain. Must suck to have a habitual liar that calls himself president tell you how to dance. But you can’t fix stupid

    • Mark Williams says:

      Erroneous Monk
      Mr. Garand, Mr. Colt, Mr. Stoner, Mr. Browning and Mr. Kalashnikov all say your wrong. They don’t care if your joking. Oh…and let me not forget Mr. Arisaka. Buttery smooth action.

      M1. Dealing with fascists the proper way since 1941.

    • Erroneous Monk says:

      Oscar I don’t have a brain. I’m a conservative. And I don’t have a heart. Nor do I have a soul. Therefore, I can say anything I want and not be charged with anything. You can continue to call me names you’ve already called me. If you’re going to do that, I’m going to give you every reason to do it.

      My wet dream would be for liberals to leave and move to Yemen or Russia or hell, even Canada, like you all said you would when Trump was elected. If you’ll just go and take your gender benders with you, I will gladly accept the illegal immigrants as your replacements. At least they are normal and don’t foment the overthrow of a duly elected president. They just want to live in peace. You assnuts want to destroy peace.

  10. dbabeh41 says:

    For all of those who try to make excuses for Melanie,please don’t anymore. She is as evil as Trump the husband. First, she was a birther, then supported her husband after all the sexual accusations brought against him and has been silent on the Stormy Daniel scandal. She is showing her real self with this jacket. There is a special place in hell for people like her.

  11. Patty Cakes says:

    It should have read in all caps, “HEY DON, YOU REALLY DON’T CARE, DO YOU?”

  12. k a y l e e says:

    I just don’t understand what is going on anymore.

    • hugh jorgan says:

      Forest Nymph Confessions,..I never tried to “discredit” the events of the past week. I simply provided some facts and perspective regarding the reporting of these events. I encourage you to read and understand comments before replying.

    • Judi O'Regan says:

      James Williams – hey mate, I second that motion. If I see a Trump report come up on BBC news, I go and find a cushion to hide behind. Better than the Horror channel!

    • AF5IU says:

      Christena, if only the Trumptards would realize this. Trump could murder a new born baby with his baby hands and his followers would look blindly by with blank stares.

    • floobuscanoobus says:

      Sick Game SquadI’d say that  you, sir, were brainwashed but apparently a moist towelette did the trick…

    • Lisa Dawn says:

      pure madness unleashed…

  13. Cas sandra says:

    This administration is a disaster!

  14. Courtney Fleischman says:

    Even when Stephen was showing the pictures of Melania wearing that jacket I was thinking “No… there’s no way… this is some elaborate joke…” Wtf are you kidding me right now? If you don’t care, just leave. Literally. We don’t need you involved in any of our politics. This whole administration is a complete disgrace.

    • Forest Nymph Confessions says:

      I was hoping she was going to the border to turn herself in.

    • Lindy Resnick says:

      The authorities don’t know who children are who’s. Nothing documented. I think something sinister was in play. Hiding these kids all over the country.

    • Forest Nymph Confessions says:

      Abetzi Romero Clinton has never spoken in a derogatory way about Latinas or females. Trump thinks you’re a criminal.

    • Forest Nymph Confessions says:

      Herbert Camacho Where do you think the unaccounted for little girls just ended up?

    • Judi O'Regan says:

      Abetzi Romero – Melania was heading to a child detention centre in Texas. The wording on that jacket was highly inappropriate, deliberately incendiary and downright crass. Cannot believe I actually have to spell that out to you. Really incredible.

  15. Matt Kovach says:

    Melania’s jacket was clearly staged. The regime is sowing discord and causing distraction, to keep you angry about things that don’t matter.

    If you’re a member of Trump’s base, you just got a fresh dose of “look at how angry those liberals get about poor Melania. She should be able to dress as she wants. How irrational and mean. I’m glad I’m on the other side”. Meanwhile you’re wasting your valuable mental energy hating on a staged event.

    As much as you can, try to find and call out the fabricated drama that is pumped out daily by this regime (see: misspelling the executive order yesterday, yeah right). It’s all intentional and part of their strategy to undermine you, the media, wear you down, and to spread division between their base and everyone else.

    • hello jaja says:

      Nailed it. Great observation.

    • WileyCoyote69 says:

      Matt Kovach Bingo. This was to give the base a new hook to attack the media and “Liberals”.

    • Christopher Windsor says:

      It should seem obvious. Dangle a carrot with one hand in front and pound your ass in the back. Yet again, the outrage blinds any real analysis.

    • AG says:

      You are absolutely right.

    • Joshua Clougherty says:

      Matt Kovach If she went down without the jacket it would have been a 15 second blurb. Now it’s a major part of the news cycle that she wore a jacket while visiting the kids. Most people wouldn’t know that she made the trip, now everyone knows. The Trumps are playing the media like a fiddle once again.

  16. stephanie brown says:

    this is another attempt to confuse

  17. Lyla Lolliberry says:

    So Melania is either completely oblivious or incredibly callous. Even if she was just strolling on the WH lawn, to wear such a sentiment is so inappropriate and beneath the level of the office. What a travesty.

  18. William H. Baird says:

    Trunp’s EPIC FAIL! Vote Blue!

  19. adult swim bumps says:

    I’m so sad these days – just not sure how to laugh anymore.

    • Joey M says:

      adult swim bumps, don’t pay this mess too much attention, which is not to say, be ignorant. There are good people doing good work right now to combat the heartlessness and evil out there. Things may appear bleak, esp when theres a banana for a world leader, but i think you can find laughter inside and outside this debacle of political history.

  20. Lashan says:

    The Onion’s writers saw this jacket and resigned en masse.

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