Melanie Martinez – K-12 (TV Spot)

Melanie Martinez – K-12 (TV Spot)

K-12 ? SEPT 6

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60 Responses

  1. MiniMorgan says:

    this is gonna be the best comeback of 2019

  2. Eva Morales Espejo says:

    The best 30 seconds of my life, 80 days left to k-12??

    • Angelica Resendiz says:

      I’m so ready! I keep telling myself I’m so ready for summer to be over. ??

    • that one emo kid says:

      WAIT JUST 80? THATS TOO LONG FOR ME I NEED IT NOW (but like whatever Melanie wants its cool just as long as She’s happy)

  3. a slut for sabrina spellman, says:

    literally no one:

    the comment section: *billie* _eilish_

  4. Raven The Weirdo says:

    “Wanna go play tennis?”


    *casually drops shovel and runs away from grave*

  5. A N says:

    THIS is what we waited so long for, and it was worth it. Mel went all outt and this looks so unique and incredible i-

  6. Sweet Despair says:

    An album and FILM!! Written and directed by HER!!! I can’t wait for this ??

  7. 회색••Tevitha says:

    *i clap*
    Wait… where are my hands?

    we talked about this…

  8. fairy puddles says:

    How can one human be so magically talented?! I’m so excited!!!!

  9. Meghan Potter says:

    I love Billie and all, but it’s time for Melanie to reclaim her title as the queen of creepy, creative, and awesome music! The countdown for 9/6/2019 is on!

  10. puppies puppies says:

    I have to wait 3 months!!!!!!

    I gonna go into a coma until september sixth

  11. sophia lmao says:

    Someone help me

    I don’t know how to stop replaying this vid

  12. Luiz Renan says:

    Nossa! Que massa ???✌ bem American Horror Story in Scholl hehe loved

  13. ShaunysPackage । says:

    Doctor, Doctor, please listen:

    I can’t stop replaying this help

  14. Blazetail 101 says:

    ME: oh this looks like a great movie
    Melanie: starts lip synching to the song
    ME: wait a minute, that’s MElanie’s voice!

    i feel so dumb XD

  15. sadッboi says:

    everytime they say k-12 at the end it sounds like demons are in my ears ?

  16. Aloha it's Ahona says:

    melanie: shows up with all these teasers
    me: plays the crybaby album on repeat to get ready

  17. Juicebox _ says:

    Me: watches this 50 times cause the songs already a bop ?

  18. p e a c h says:

    everyone: comparing billie and melanie for some reason

    me: *yo why tf is the bus underwater?*

  19. Maggie M says:

    This is my favorite song and I’ve only heard 25 seconds of it

  20. Prichu Guzmán says:

    Take me home
    Give me that pink slip of permission
    This is all
    I’m tired of wishing I was ditching
    I love song♡

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