Melissa McCarthy and Kanye West Are Ready For The Biggest SNL Ever

Melissa McCarthy and Kanye West Are Ready For The Biggest SNL Ever

Melissa McCarthy hosts Saturday Night Live on February 13, 2016 with musical guest Kanye West.

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20 Responses

  1. Mavis Abe says:

    He has a terrible voice but makes decent music.

  2. The Countess says:

    I bet he’s gonna make that bitch famous, too!

  3. SantaClaus HawkeyeNJ says:

    Is this part of that affirmative action stuff?

  4. Mark Nava says:

    And now, a few words from Kanye…

  5. Jennifer Vu says:

    Somebody’s got RBF…

  6. Like It Iz says:

    I see what they did there. That was a subliminal shot at Kanye West, with
    them saying it’s the best ever. “Happy Medium” aka “Take it down some
    notches egomaniac”

  7. A D says:

    Kanye done got fat.

  8. KochisarliHD7 says:

    kanye looked the most intelligent out of the 3 by not using any words.

  9. L says:

    kanye was pissed

  10. holdingcompany says:

    Cant can suck it.

  11. Alex King says:

    they have to do a skit of kanye in different places doing the smile then
    realizes the camera is on him and becomes instantly pissed they will end up
    doing close ups of his face

  12. Кумыс LIVE says:


  13. Pacific-Chaps: NFENTHEKID says:

    nice dress kanye

  14. Baron Münchhausen says:

    Nigger West don’t talk because he is a faggot.

  15. Wesley Moore says:

    All that money and Kenya still acting like a chump.

  16. SBDZelda says:

    Guy actually shut his face for once.

  17. Justin Jones says:

    dear kanye thank you for this captain crunch I’m about to eat, thank you
    for this beautiful day and thank u for my beautiful face and hair. amen. ?

  18. Red Like Tomato says:

    Waiting the album “The Life Of Pablo”:

  19. TatianaOnegina2 says:

    Well said, Kanye!

  20. IzanagiXZ says:

    kanye looks like he got lost