Melting All My Nude Lipsticks Together

Melting All My Nude Lipsticks Together

I melted all my nude lipsticks together and combined them into one mega-lipstick! No lipsticks were (irreparably) hurt in the making of this video. You guys know I’m a lipstick hoarder, so I thought I might as well put all my lip colors to good use – and make my own creation! Would you guys do this?

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Safiya’s Nextbeat:

Mind The Gap
Velvet Curtain
Bank Job
Captain of Love
Flower Duet
Chit Chat Polka
Move To The Groove
Don’t Hold The Feeling
Good Time
Its On You
Oohs And Ahhs
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20 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    this was difficult to do but i think the lipstick we got in the end was a good one!! what do u guys think? did u like the ending color? and, what should it be called?? xo, saf

  2. Ally Lawson says:

    Maybe a good dope might be honey love form Mac💕

  3. Lexi McFee says:

    Who thinks BuzzFeed will do the same thing or something quite similar?

  4. Faye Rose says:

    What’s that lipstick ‘mould’ (the thing she put the lipstick in when it was melted) called?

  5. Nicole Love says:

    What about naming the lipstick frankinlip

  6. Phinix says:

    You should call it: “Saf’s Sacrifice”

  7. marshmellow *•o•* says:

    U know buzzfeed is going to do the same thing and say it was a coincidence.

  8. Lazy Lilac says:

    Can I name it send nudes 😂

  9. bittersweetsymphony says:

    I don’t really understand how come you left Buzzfeed. You practically make the same videos as you did in Ladylike. Some creators, like Chris Reinacher are actually making different videos, videos that Buzzfeed probably wouldn’t make. But I don’t really see any difference in your and Buzzfeed’s videos- mostly trying out things for the first time etc. I don’t know, enlighten me if I’m wrong.

  10. Bella Rose says:

    cargo shorts defo!!

  11. Eno Rielle says:

    If anyone is wondering, the song at 11:28 is Lakmé – The flower duet

  12. Miladys Morales says:

    Coffee mate

  13. Rachel Garcia says:


  14. Phi Young says:

    Oh I really like frankenlipstick

  15. Gees Momma says:

    You should just sell that color yourself if no one has it aha ooooou makeup deal 😉👍

  16. Ashley Balbuena says:

    Was I the only one thinking “damn her smile is so beautiful”

  17. Hannah Wommack says:

    Update, I’m seeing you try dupes in the video rn 😂

  18. Jewel I wanna kms says:

    It honestly looks like one of kylies most popular shades

  19. melissa weston says:

    This was brilliant!! I wish I owned more actual lipsticks to do this!!! SAF YOURE A GENIUS!! 🤣💜😹

  20. Fernanda Sarmiento says:

    Coffee mate

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