Men React to Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled | Cosmopolitan

Men React to Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled | Cosmopolitan

What happens when these boyfriends see their girlfriends getting catcalled on New York City streets?

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Men React to Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled | Cosmopolitan

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20 Responses

  1. MrClassified123 says:

    Hence we see that BFs don’t like when their GFs get catcalled (and probably
    vice versa if men ever get complimented like that which usually doesn’t
    happen) which is completely natural. The more interesting thing to think
    about is would these BFs catcall other girls? How did they even “secure
    their prize” in the first place? It could be other ways, I’m not accusing,
    I’m raising a point. It is not fair to say how come people do something if
    u do it too. Bad habits. 

  2. Mission Dan says:

    american men have zero class, where are your manners? im proud to say this
    would be extremely unusual in the uk

  3. Lachy Bell says:

    audios fucked.

  4. Jill Montegomery says:

    Women walk around in skin tight clothes, with their breasts ballooning out
    of their tops, in clothes that are intended to show every cringe and curve
    of their bodies. Sometimes the legs are on full display. You dress to
    arouse the sexual instincts of men. Dress modestly and see how many
    catcalls you will get. I am not defending the men, but I am highlighting
    your role in this. Stop enticing the poor depraved guys. It’s like if a
    millionaire who lives in a poor neighbourhood puts their wealth on full
    display and then gets angry when people knock on his door to beg. Secondly,
    women only complain about cat call because women love playing victims.
    Inside they love the cat call, they boost their self esteem. That’s why
    they will take the route that guarantees the most cat calls, they love
    showing off their stuff and cat calls are a form of approval. Stop the
    hypocrisy ladies.

  5. Clare Vorreiter says:

    Not because she’s someone’s sister, mother, or daughter. Because she is a
    fucking person. And “not standing for it anymore”? When have women been
    okay with the fact that their bodies are treated like public property.
    Never. I get what the video was trying to do, but it makes too many
    mistakes in getting the point across.

  6. SMGxPrincess says:

    Little boys be calling this “feminism” lol Grow up and realize the problem
    before it’s too late. Might happen to someone you know or love. <3

  7. Angel Dust says:

    that blondie is super pretty :O a white girl with those curves…..perfect

  8. wobbly868 says:

    This is so blatantly setup.

    Anyone that says they saw someone getting catcalled, or were catcalled
    themselves, are lying through their teeth.

  9. Ferry Pranata says:

    Only in America..They dont do this in Australia

  10. kvmftOriginal03 says:

    Only in NY

  11. aQmohra says:

    Now if it was one of those One Direction phaggots catcalling you on the
    street ” hey girl nice ti…” Before he could even finish his sentence most
    girls would be on their knees sucking his cock vigorously like they trying
    to get some Robotussen out of his dick.

  12. giggleoriginal says:

    I do like her hair

  13. Sticky Dicky says:

    Fuck you americans really are perverted losers, no wonder your women date
    foreign men.

  14. Ayah Al-Sibaai says:

    How do you start a relationship if you don’t find this acceptable ? 

  15. honeybunnybabiii says:

    Her titties were nice tho…

  16. Quiet Ackshon says:

    Why can’t you see the mouths and “voices” at the same time. Oh because
    they’re blurred out, convenient. It wouldn’t be fake audio surely? I’m sure
    that there are bf’s who feel secure in their relationships and know that
    their delicate little flower can handle the bad nasty men. Grow up you
    bunch of narcissistic whiny babies.

  17. AFG VTEC says:

    If that was vicevera we man wouldnt complaint. 

  18. Mitchell Kidd says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  19. Mo Afzaal says:

    Try dressing up in a slightly more conservative manner; problem solved!

  20. Charles Wade says:

    Its one thing to be rude or primal in your approach to a woman, but it
    shouldn’t be an issue if someone is just complementing you or trying to
    strike a conversation in a way to get your attention to get to know you. As
    long as it’s respectful it shouldn’t be looked down upon

    Who wants to be with a person of the opposite sex who gets no attention