Meryl Streep on Mariah Carey ‘Bitch Stole My Seat’

Meryl Streep on Mariah Carey ‘Bitch Stole My Seat’

Meryl talks about Oprah’s Golden Globes speech and potential presidential bid, and she reveals how she really felt about Mariah Carey stealing her seat.

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Meryl Streep on Mariah Carey ‘Bitch Stole My Seat’

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58 Responses

  1. bunnyblurrz says:

    She’s wearing jerry’s pirate shirt

  2. Michael Ares says:

    Will she still clap for Roman Polanski? #Hypocrisy

  3. Meebles Sporella says:

    BOOOOO or YAYYYY?????

    • Fadhil Ramadhani says:


    • Wendy Knox-Leet says:

      I am still horrified at how she sucked up to Weinstein and I felt that she was diminishing Oprah in this clip. For my money, Oprah would be a far far better candidate than Hilary. Does Meryl reek of white privileged? She got in bed with the power brokers years ago and seems to be desperately clinging to her status at the cool kids table. I am done with her politically.

    • iLLSHa Cephied says:


  4. greynox says:

    I hope Oprah would do it!!!

    • Skibi says:

      As someone who wants Trump out of office, please stop this silliness. You’re gonna get him re-elected. Get a real person.

    • Oliver 2000 says:

      Think she’s a great person, but is just nowhere near qualified. Imagine a white female talk show host running for presidency, would just be ridiculous. I’d honestly prefer the Royal family rule the country again in Britain if we became like America…

  5. Read more says:

    “Sucking up” takes on a whole new meaning

  6. Michael Kao says:

    So Jesus sat on God’s lap and no one photographed it?

  7. Christina Stork says:

    I loooooooooooooooove her so much! I’m really pissed she lost at the Golden Globes last night. She’s mesmerising in ‘The Post’.

  8. Eugene Sidebottom III says:

    Roman Polanski salutes you!

  9. JAYANT srivastava says:

    3:13 damn that laugh

  10. Xi H says:

    Jimmy Kimmel for Vice President!

  11. Superlosia says:

    Oprah 2020!!!

  12. HappyDepressedAtheist123 says:

    Get ready for the dotard supporters trolling!!!!!

  13. GaLoS says:

    I wonder how many women she helped Harvey molest?

  14. New Message says:

    If a black woman gets into the Oval Office, I think the GOP will spontaneously combust.

    I mean it.. Literally.. it’s a fire hazard.

    Most of them are either dried up old sticks with pockets full of coal dusted money, or oil soaked lard buckets with a pocket full of tobacco rolled in hundred dollar bills.

    We’ll need emergency services on standby.

  15. Panagiotios says:

    So Meryl Sat on Mariah’s Lap, so Iconic.

  16. Ryan T says:

    Meryl Streep is a wonderful & talented woman. She will probably be nominated for another Oscars this year for the Post.

  17. Jordan Jonah Sparks says:

    thumbs up if MERYL IS SNATCHED at 70!

  18. Jianfei says:

    Mariah Carey

  19. fiachra Foley says:

    This Woman describes woman Polanski as a ” dear friend”

    • Bran Hugh says:

      thekid26 this woman sympathises with renowned sexual predators. There’s your fact, buddy.

    • thekid26 says:

      Yeah? You going to stop watching all the movies put out by miramax and the Weinstein company? Or just hating on Meryl because our fearless leader sent. you.

    • Norwegian Chill says:

      She kinda comes across as someone who has been more than willing to overlook the dark side of Hollywood in order to gain fame. I presume it’s especially been the case as she gets older, when it becomes harder for women to get big roles. As many times as this lady has won awards, you could probably put together an entire complication of her thanking Weinstein.

    • thekid26 says:

      Norwegian Chill her and how many other women and men were complicit in their endeavors to fame. Let’s stop pretending everyone who wore black that night didn’t have some small part in the Hollywood black market.

  20. Mukund Gujjar says:


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