MERYL STREEP TO DONALD TRUMP: “I am the most ‘overrated’ actress” Meryl Streep has hit back at Trump

MERYL STREEP TO DONALD TRUMP: “I am the most ‘overrated’ actress” Meryl Streep has hit back at Trump

BEST SOUND ⭐ Meryl Streep gives emotional speech against Trump, says she’s ‘over-berated’. Meryl Streep has hit back at Donald Trump following his comments about her after last month’s Golden Globes, calling herself “the most ‘overrated’ actress.”
Streep criticised the US President during her acceptance speech for the prestigious Cecil B Demille Award at last month’s ceremony, slamming Trump for his “instinct to humiliate.” Trump later replied in a Twitter rant, calling The Iron Lady star “one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood.”
Speaking at a fundraiser for the Human Rights Campaign (02.11.2017), Streep referenced her fall-out with Trump in a speech that robustly defended LGBTQ, civil and women’s rights.
“I am the most ‘overrated’ and most over-decorated and currently — currently — I am the most over-berated actor… of my generation,” the 67-year-old said, to huge cheers from the audience.

VIDEO: Raymond Brown/Twitter

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20 Responses

  1. Gumshoe Beaumont says:

    Hi ! Im meryl streep and not only am I overated and have lost complete
    touch of reality, but now I have no acting jobs and my ego is completely
    deflated, so Ashley, Maddona and I have decided to promote our mental
    illness for all the minions out there to see!

  2. jkwfo says:

    why can’t these known LIBTARD actors keep their shit outa politics. F’N

  3. Don says:

    She’s overrated

  4. ian smith says:

    hahahaha not one single person cares what any of these self righteous
    millionaires think…. we all know Hollywood is full thought police :)

  5. Nicholas Brewer says:

    she doesnt seem to mind that she supports Roman Polanski a convicted child
    molester. bravo!!!!!

  6. Cardshistory says:

    No one cares what some rich lady has to say about politics

  7. Eon Kowchai says:

    so stupid

  8. Jo Momma says:

    Streep supports her buddies child molestation but is against Trump
    upholding law? Need say more? Whore.

  9. Martin Ulstein says:

    Meryl Streep gives an emotional speech to cover up PIZZAGATE !

  10. Georgi Mihailov says:

    President number 45 will be forgotten. Meryl Streep’s roles will be
    eternal. The decent people are behind you Meryl.

  11. Nick and Nora says:


  12. Ava Marie Maffia says:

    And, yes Meryl, you are overrated. Being an actress is nothing to be proud
    of. After all, it just makes you rich, but doesnothing for mankind.

  13. Solocam says:

    My question to all Trump supporters is when are we actually going to let
    the world know how many of us there are?!! All these actors giving speeches
    and protests have kind of made us look like few again!!

  14. Athena Giannakakos says:

    again? oh geez stop please. we are well aware of the brave men and women
    who have died for our rights! the left seems to forget that though as they
    have always protested against soldiers and treated them like criminals.

  15. Peggy Solovyov says:

    Streep’s is disgusting, old, & deplorable. She’s a La-La Land has-been!

  16. Devin the HIGH-RISH says:

    You are the most over the hill actress your not relevant to any one born
    after 1990 you smell of butch lesbian, If The Great Donald Trump wouldnt
    have said your name no one would be talking about you just like they werent
    talkin about you for the past 15 years……go home meryl even your name is
    out of touch with reality….its 2017 I am not taking notes from any one
    named Maryl nough said

  17. TengenMachine says:

    Bitch needs to retire and never come back again!

  18. Brian Cheng says:

    Donald Drumpf is overrated

  19. Dr MAntiSToBoGgan says:

    i don’t like donald trump he’s just a celebrity*leaves and goes back to
    million dollar mansion*

  20. Killsocialmedia says:

    why did this shit come up in my yahoo? i dont care about this shit.

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