Message to Mr. Trump (why I climbed your tower)

Message to Mr. Trump (why I climbed your tower)

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20 Responses

  1. Kathy Garfield says:

    further confirmation trump supporters are insane

  2. Matty Romano says:

    Love the lisp dude! maybe trump will pay for some speech therapy! YOU
    endangered people’s lives you dumb fuck! I hope you’re paying fines till
    you’re 40. Dumb ass

  3. Uplifting Core says:

    He certainly got attention…wonder what’s going to happen next

  4. Zach Bazzy says:

    Doesn’t want to be recognized, then climbs the fucking Trump tower in NYC.
    Not to bright are we

  5. Jack Black says:

    Typical Trump supporter.

  6. Robin Luich says:

    I’m a very proud Trump supporter . This guy is an attention who’re.

  7. Deeq Gessod says:

    I’m not late 20K views only I’m here before millions watch it

  8. Gloria Henderson says:

    Please americans, please stop this now. This idiocy is embarrassing all of
    us, the world included. We want your nation to have a free and fair
    election, but the constant barrage of stupidity & unbecoming presidential
    behaviour from this buffoon and the circus around him, is really ruining
    your name. It’s like you are all on some drug, that causes mass stupidity
    and acceptance of things that would make third world countries ashamed.
    Please don’t reply angrily with the usual insults that surround this man. I
    am just being honest. Please stop embarrassing the whole planet.


    *Unsheathes Katana* You have my sword

  10. Pupper says:

    “What a hero! Making a statement about Trump and how he’s so disconnected
    to the people up on his high towers!”
    *Then the liberal media find out he’s a Trump supporter*
    “This guy is a psychopath! He must be put away for a long time for
    endangering innocent people!”

  11. SAVAGE LIFE says:

    get the fuck out of here u not the one who did it that was a man that
    climbs the tower your a low cunt with no friends u dont even look like him

  12. Cyael says:

    CUT. Fuck, Leven. CAMERA. TWO.

  13. Kai Dunn says:

    If I climbed a building using nothing but suction cups I would be boasting
    my ass off but you sir made it the most cringy thing I have seen by posting
    this follow up. I watched a live stream of you climbing the building and I
    was cheering for you, now I regret it. Good luck with your mission to meet
    Trump and tell him a story of some fucked consipracy.

  14. narcovlog1 says:

    what a sweetheart

  15. Banserki says:

    So what was his fucking message?

  16. Cheif Pat says:

    watch me damage games video on this as he analysis the video

  17. KooliSkey says:

    This is the type of dude to shoot up a school.

  18. Diego Frauca says:

    In b4 this gets millions of views

  19. Dance Water Dance says:

    Is this robbie from gravity falls?

  20. Kyle says:

    Troll or not a troll