Messi, Argentina outlast Colombia in penalty kicks to advance | 2021 Copa America | FOX SOCCER

Messi, Argentina outlast Colombia in penalty kicks to advance | 2021 Copa America | FOX SOCCER

After regulation ended in a 1-1 draw, Argentina defeated Colombia, 3-2, in penalty kicks to advance to the Copa America final. Messi scored in penalty kicks and assisted on Lautaro Martinez’s goal in the seventh minute. Argentina will play Neymar and Brazil in the final.

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Messi, Argentina outlast Colombia in penalty kicks to advance to Copa America final | FOX SOCCER

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52 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Who will win: Brazil or Argentina?

    • Adrik Dutta says:

      @The Real King James neymar has consistently gotten worse since he left Barca

    • ChampionGunner says:

      @Salis Eduardo you can start dreaming buddy🇦🇷🇦🇷

    • David M says:

      Vamos Argentina. Messi va a tener esta copa america

    • ChampionGunner says:

      @Asweel KK then what about Aguero? Rn i am pretty sure they are playing a 4-3-3 and they have Lauturao as a foward why not add Aguero? He knows to finish in desperate times and calm and steady

    • eiupanther2012 says:

      Maybe if you let people in America watch this game on cable TV, we would know…. but you have it only available via streaming, so we will not be able to watch… that’s Fox for screwing everyone over.

  2. Geoffrey Toussaint says:

    this is messis best chance at bringing a trophy to his country

    • Nano says:

      Argentina could of won against Chile, this is Brazil’s again🤷‍♂️

    • rag e63 says:

      @the best , what r u talking about ???

    • 100spurs says:

      Idk. Brazil beat Argentina 2-0 without Neymar. This is gonna be difficult.

    • Otter says:

      @CampInACorner he should have won in 2006 surrounded by the most talent he’s had and arguably the best coach, then again in 2010 when he had legit strikers that didn’t need him to make plays for them and drew legitimate defensive attention and probably one of the most secure PK goalies he could have asked for that made up for a mostly lackluster defense, granted winning from 2014 and onward with a less talented cast is more impressive, but his adversaries got a lot better as teams in that time, specially in the SA tournaments.

    • battlefield/socom ps says:

      @CampInACorner the problem is not nessi, but the whole team. Argentina should’ve won at least 1 wc, and 1 cop America.

      The chances that the team misses are crazy, specially higuain against Germany

  3. Έμε στο Σπιτι μου says:

    Martinez stopping minas pen then celebrating is just perfect.

  4. Nathan Watson says:

    Crazy Colombia goal.

  5. jeff Blaxk says:

    Arsenal literally sold their best keeper 😂. Banter FC

  6. Michael says:

    History repeating itself again. Argentina and messi might break their curse

    • Vik Sinha says:

      @Jorge Soto Which curses?

    • Jorge Soto says:

      @Vik Sinha Cruz Azul won their league title for the first time in 23 years, Brentford is moving up to the premier league for the first time in 76 years, Sporting Lisboa won their league for the first time in 19 years, Colon de Santa Fe won their league time for the first time in their 73 year history, England beat Germany for the first time since 1966. There is several more but those are just some of the longest curses to be broken this year.

    • GeorgiaBaller88 says:

      Neymar is gonna flop his way to Copa America 🏆

    • Vik Sinha says:

      @Jorge Soto Got it

    • Vik Sinha says:

      @Jorge Soto And also Man City made it to their first UCL and Man City beat Liverpool at Anfield for the first time in 18 years

  7. Shrivatsan K Chari says:

    Lol two ex arsenal goalies in a south American semi final never thought I’ll see that

  8. Will K says:

    How is there a 17 minute highlight video that doesn’t show the full pk shootout?

  9. fullmetaljacket30 says:

    Messi shouted “Dance now!” after Emiliano Martinez saved Yerry Mina’s penalty. 💀🤏

    • SJ Ronaldo says:


    • VP3X DLO says:

      Emi Martinez really showed what he’s about many people thought he couldnt play like this

    • GeorgiaBaller88 says:

      That was messed up from Messi. How would he have liked if one of the players from Chile yelled, “Don’t cry now!” after he missed that penalty in the 2016 Copa America final?

    • eclipse says:

      @GeorgiaBaller88 its because yerry mina is too full of himself this is why messi said it btw being cocky and crying are two different things lol i dont think any football player would yell at their opponent who is crying ….

    • Argentina Mafia says:

      @GeorgiaBaller88 2 completely incomparable scenarios lol

  10. jems says:

    Anyone besides Messi misses:
    Messi: can I trade y’all?
    Lebron James: sneezes 🤧

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