Mexican People Try Taco Bell For The First Time

Mexican People Try Taco Bell For The First Time

“It’s an explosion of flavor!”

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Hacer El Plan
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20 Responses


    what color is the rice supposed to be… purple?


    those to girls were so sassy like you know u eat Taco Bell 

  3. Beatrice Milne says:


  4. dip1955 says:

    I prefer Del Taco over Taco Bell. But either one is crap. 

  5. ThePoohbear8899 says:

    Buzzfeed should have a Hot Pocket taste test! The regular ones to the
    limited edition weird flavors!

  6. Bridget says:

    I do prefer authentic Mexican food to Taco Bell, but then again, I don’t
    know anyone who would go to taco bell thinking that it is authentic Mexican
    food…..that’d be like ordering a mcRib from mcYucks and thinking you just
    ate authentic Baby backs from Memphis. 

  7. Mindless Sprites says:

    what was the bright red thing in one of the tacos? it looked artificial af

  8. Cyanea says:

    Asians try Taco Bell

  9. edroivas says:

    My favorite part was “La tortilla es de….(something something)

  10. Denise Andrade says:

    I’m Mexican, I eat my moms Mexican homemade food everyday, but I still like
    to eat Taco Bell hahaha oops 

  11. Justin Phan says:

    I’m Pretty Sure Taco Time Is Owned By a Bunch Of White People… And I
    THINK Half The INGREDIENTS Aren’t Even Authentic

  12. bones020694 says:

    people get so worked up over this… TACO BELL IS NOT MEXICAN FOOD. its
    Mexican influenced. its not claiming to be authentic, just trying to taste
    good for not so much money

  13. Krissy Meyer says:

    The young ones are so fucking snobby 

  14. StupidSoldier says:

    Im so happy that i can Talk : English and Spanish 😀 Sooo Usefull
    sometimes 😀 xD

  15. Jennifer Jimenez says:

    Hey, Buzzfeed! >>> Americans Try Authentic Mexican Food!!!! <<<< You have enough resources in California to make this happen. 

  16. Bethany Francia says:

    Next: Filipinos try Jollibee! I know it’s a restaurant that’s actually
    based in the Philippines but I want to know what Fil-Ams think of it. 

  17. Alex Coulthard says:

    I know its not authentic Mexican food, but just go to Chipotle and spend
    the extra money….

  18. Prithvi Shetty says:

    Mexicans eating Taco Bell for first time is like black people having KFC
    for first time !!

  19. Pauli Sharma says:

    In all these types of videos, the elderly people that are actually from the
    country actually like some of the food, while the younger kids who are
    actually American are judgmental pricks that hate on everything. 

  20. matthew2016 says:

    wait so Taco Bell didn’t come from Mexico?