Mexico vs. Chile | 2016 Copa America Highlights

Mexico vs. Chile | 2016 Copa America Highlights

Chile defeats Mexico to advance to the semifinals of the Copa America Centenario.

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20 Responses

  1. Johan andres Cruyffiesta says:

    You know Robben has this game in his DVR

  2. emmanuel hernandez says:

    bring back el pujo!

  3. hsuq 7052 says:

    Ik new mexico was bad didn’t know they were this bad.

  4. joel fernando says:

    I only can say Mexico did their best in this game but El Chicharron didn’t
    help at all. RIP MEX. I know next time Mexico will win! Hopefully!

  5. Anthony Condegni says:

    this is all on Osorio and no one else

  6. Mr. M says:

    hahaahaha stupid mexicans always talking shi* i’m glad they got fu**ed

  7. ssep12 says:

    Piojo come back!!!

  8. Cesar Aburto says:

    We Mexicans better enjoy 7-up before it gets banned

  9. eddy910 says:

    well mexico sucks at soccer but when it comes to boxing who’s your daddy

  10. Danny Capristo says:

    10 minutes into the match, I noticed how unorganized Mexico was, and
    realized how dangerous that could be.

  11. Keshav R says:

    If Vargas plays like that for Hoffenheim

  12. JigsM8 says:

    Mexico won cup last year so it doesn’t matter

  13. Ricardo Acosta says:

    Se demuestra en la cancha de que estás hecho !!!…”talento”..donde está el
    “chicharronsito”…él tamalito Corona ?..el murciélago Herrera?el
    espectrito guardado?…Chile entro a lo que vino a ganar!…Chile le gano a
    Argentina copa América pasada!!!!…México no es un oponente para
    Chile!!! hay jugadores de talento en México!…los que son talentosos
    son del barrio!..como los chilenos!..pero la corrupcion en México nunca se
    verá un equipo vencedor!

  14. Football Is Life says:

    Be free bandwagons….. BE FREE

  15. Alec Marcantonio says:

    Why do the Mexican fans throw garbage onto the field every time their
    opponents score? What a disgrace. Sad thing is the people who have to pick
    up the garbage after the game are Mexican.

  16. polloloco911 says:

    Now where are the Mexico fans that claimed MX was a world class power.
    claiming that they wouldn’t stop louzano, tecatito, chica, guardado. Chile
    made our A+ team look like amateurs. hope this knocks some sense into these
    bandwagon fans.

  17. James Chuaycham ป้อม ศักดิ์ชัย says:

    wow…..incredible…Chile was just on the unstoppable run.

  18. Max Georgi says:

    Glad this happened…hope it humbles some of the stupid ass Mexico fans

  19. Tony Romo #9hunnit #ScrambleGod says:

    ” Mexico will go further than the USA “

  20. Nether_ Fear says:

    I heard Chile was using a type of drug is this true