Michael Phelps Gets a Life-Size Cutout of His Angry Olympic Face

Michael Phelps Gets a Life-Size Cutout of His Angry Olympic Face

Michael Phelps explains how his angry face during the Rio Olympics became a meme, breaks down what Rio was really like despite Brazil backlash and Jimmy imitates his famous pre-race backslapping.

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Michael Phelps Gets a Life-Size Cutout of His Angry Olympic Face

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20 Responses

  1. Mr.Henro888 says:


  2. Amazingx Bc says:

    Why am I so early?

  3. Elion Ibraimi says:

    Michael Phelps should be Aquaman#

  4. Gordon Chang says:

    I wonder if Michael was listening to “Seven Nation Army” behind that face (
    ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Elizabeth Kowalczyk says:

    New sound when you comment? I can’t hear it.

  6. Pablo Henriquez says:

    Omg jimmy you’re a savage

  7. derpinated says:

    When jimmy does that noise, it sounds like Donald Duck saying ‘quack’

  8. Michael Buttgen says:

    “Other people chose other things to do.” Gee, Jimmy, what are you talking
    about? Who do you mean? :-D

  9. Francoberry says:

    This is going to be a new vic Berger video

  10. 365saturdays says:

    That’s a thizz face that would make Mac Dre proud

  11. Pl Shlez says:

    Jimmy never let’s his guest a a word in. it’s so annoying!!

  12. Em H says:

    It was so funny when jimmy was doing the arm slaps cause all I was thinking
    was why is he making duck noises? But when phelps was doing them at the
    Olympics my mom and I were laughing at how funny it would be if he hit the
    official behind him

  13. Bonnie Yarbrough says:

    Jimmy is too much ??

  14. The Doctor says:

    He looked like he just received the call to execute order 66 in that hoody

  15. Sachin Nikam says:

    Other people choose other things to do…. hahahahaha like Sex In The
    Olympic Village.

  16. Dhruv Bhatnagar (Azor_Ahai) says:

    shape of Jimmy’s ring finger is a bit off. but atleast the doctor’s could
    save it

  17. Matt Underwood says:

    Michael’s cut-out looks like someone’s not putting Respeck on his name

  18. tyo789 says:

    Somebody make a gif of jimmy at 1:30 lol

  19. LongBeachProductions says:

    jimmy interrupts him so much :/

  20. cool5529 says:

    My uncle looks exactly like Michael phelps it’s crazy. I wish I could put a