Michael Strahan Farewell Words After the Show

Michael Strahan Farewell Words After the Show

Michael Strahan says some farewell words after his last show at LIVE.

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19 Responses

  1. Party Brandenstein says:

    She’s obviously trying not to cry

  2. theMcWOPPER says:

    What was that goofy ass hand gesture Kelly does at 0:15?

  3. 84chevypickup says:

    michael gave her that long dick lovin before the show just to control this
    bitch for a few minutes

  4. jonb5150 says:

    He shoulda put his gold heels on (the ones on the table) and kicked her in
    the arse.

  5. reFramerist says:

    I predict the show will be cancelled the next time network execs get the
    chance. They let Kelly think she “won” but I bet they will they will get
    the last word. They can’t afford to let contractors / “stars” think they
    have this much power. They’ll find some excuse especially if ratings drop.
    I personally haven’t been able to watch this show since the 12 year-old
    mentality known as Kelly took over.

  6. Jerardo Vasquez says:

    what a DORK both of you ?

  7. Jeremy Williams says:

    Why is Micheal leaving?

  8. Matt B says:

    Hope Michael does great at GMA. He stayedt professional throughout the
    whole drama that went down. Kelly wasn’t very professional, she acted
    pretty childish the whole time. But I’m sure everyone already knew she
    would act like that.

  9. steve johnson says:

    that dick was like crack to her .that’s why she wascrazy like that

  10. nyc nyc says:

    I stop watching 4 years ago.

  11. Ray Mack's Kitchen and Grill says:

    Mike your the man…

  12. daniel coleman says:

    Friendly awesome!

  13. Nicole Mathers says:

    You could cut the fakeness with a butter knife

  14. Tokin Taylor says:

    He must’ve been so happy to leave all of that bs behind lmao

  15. kennedymeow says:

    I can’t believe people still watch this show.

  16. N Spirit says:

    I thought Kelly had to go through a long process of hiring Michael Strahan,
    SO how did GMC take him with no contract dispute to another show.

  17. johnniebbro says:

    I bet it was a whole bunch of fuck you eat a dick ect. all with that long

  18. bibby42 says:

    Bring in Peyton Manning to replace him, stat!

  19. jerel says:

    It wasn’t Michael’s decision to quit Live, the producers on ABC wanted him
    on Good Morning America full time to compete with NBC, so he had no choice.
    It’s not Kelly’s place to say anything because she doesn’t own this show,
    they can get rid of her too. She’s an employee, not the boss.